How to Travel the World and Educate Your Kids
There’s always more than one way to do something and that includes educating your kids. Having kids doesn’t mean being stuck in the same country, the same state or in the same neighborhood to get your children educated. Travel within itself is a learning experience for children and adults. More and more families prefer living on the road with their kids in a recreational vehicle (RV), escaping the corporate and everyday life routines, while exposing their children to different cultures and societies that wouldn’t be possible in a traditional school setting.

Traditional schooling is still the most popular form of education, but it’s certainly not the only one. Have a look at the other ways your kids could get the education which provides the basics of formal schooling, while also adding a lot of culture and knowledge that comes with travel.

Homeschooling: The homeschooling method of education typically implies parent-led instruction. Research between 2016 and 2017 estimated that there were 1,689,726 students of ages 5 – 17 being homeschooled and the numbers continue to grow, meaning that homeschooling is not just a passing trend. Homeschooling is legal in the states, but some states are stricter and may require standardized tests, submission and approval of curriculum, professional evaluation of students, and in some cases, even visits from state officials, so it’s important to adhere to the laws of your own state.

Online:  If you’re open to the idea of your children learning with a greater degree of independence, then online learning might suit your goals. There are several sites that provide education for all levels from KG to high school. In both homeschooling and online learning, you would need to set up your RV in the most comfortable way possible, plus have everything ready for your kids to be able to get online. You might need the expert opinion of Robert Mahon on RVs and the type of equipment you’ll be needing it. On his site, you can find comparisons of RV gear and equipment and lots of tips on how to live out your RV.

Tutors: The increased flexibility of online learning would need kids to be self-motivated, which isn’t that easy, so you might think of hiring a tutor. Anywhere you travel, you’ll always find tutors wanting to teach which is helpful because children just might learn better from a stranger than their parents.

Unschooling: It’s not the best wording to describe this type of education, but it’s a category of homeschooling. Homeschooling is parent-led, so the parents choose which curriculum to use, how to implement it, and what to focus on. Unschooling is child-led, which means the child's interests at any given time determine what the child will learn with the guidance of parents.

Learning happens all the time

Learning often happens when we don’t even realize it, and that can be our best learning experience. If you’ve chosen to travel with your children, you know now that there are several ways to guarantee their education. Almost anyone can teach kids how to read and write, but not everyone can provide them with a rich and educational travel.