Resisting Change is Futile But...
by Amanda van der Gulik

Do you find your child resists change or goes with it easily?

How about yourself?

Are you stuck in the 'this is how it's supposed to be' mentality or do you allow the events in your life simply happen and deal with them as they arrive?

Did you know that stress is the number one cause for almost all ailments known to humans?

You're a parent, right? Well, who do you think has more stress than anyone else?


Not only do you have to live your own life and make sure to take care of all of your own needs, but you are relied upon to take care of all the needs of your family, your children.


That's a big responsibility and guess is also a major cause of stress.

Sure we love being parents but wow, it's a lot! And guess what else?

Life will always throw you a ton of changes...especially those that you truly weren't expecting to happen, and most definitely ones that are not easy to accept.

To give you an example, a few years ago I was in a loving marriage, working from home, homeschooling my kiddos and building my own online empires! I had rental real estate and enjoyed traveling the world with my family.

Then 'Life' happened!

I met up with my highschool sweetheart...realized that I was meant to be with them and that I was only going to live once. That I had another purpose on this earth.

YIKES! That was BIG change. And boy oh boy did I ever try to resist that!

But then I honestly felt my soul trying to escape my body, it was insisting that I follow its lead and take on a new course in my life.

Talk about MAJOR STRESS!

I lost about 30 pounds in a month! (Not that I'm unhappy about that, maybe not the healthiest way for that to happen but hey, gotta take all the good you can get right?) ;)

Anyway, as a parent, I had a tremendous amount of stress. I loved my husband, and I loved my kids. I wanted to simply stay as I was and resist the undeniable change that was entering my world.

I liked my life! I didn't want it to change!

But life has a funny way about it, it doesn't care if you like change or not, if you resist, it simply pushes harder!

So I decided to accept the change. And I was even happier. But talk about stress...about 1000% more!

And on top of that we had a fire in one of our rental properties at the same time, that ended up costing us not only that property but all of our properties including losing all of our own personal possessions and mementos, even my kiddos baby pictures!

I ended up having to put my kiddos in school and work for someone else.

My kiddos were real troupers, they taught me a lot about not resisting change but allowing myself to go with change.

And guess what?

Nope, life didn't get easier, it got WAY harder!

But I felt more fulfilled. I felt I was now truly living my life to its fullest purpose. My new life was giving me a tremendous opportunity to help so many other people around the world, especially teens and kids!

The best thing about change, when you choose to accept it and not resist it, is that it will then reward you with more golden opportunities to grow.

I decided not to hide my changes, but to embrace them and suddenly doors started to open that had been closed before. I was making a real difference.

Am I done? Oh not even close! My new life has a purpose and mission, and it will be tough, and it will be an uphill climb but it will be worth it!

Oh don't get me wrong, I have horrible days when I honestly feel that I just can't cope any longer and wonder when I will be relieved of my stresses...

So how do I cope with those bad days? What tools do I use to help me through my darkest hours? How do I make sure that my bad days don't ruin my children's days too?

I created a video, a sort of mind movie,  to inspire myself, to keep me motivated, to help me to look beyond the current troubles and see the end result. I call it my "I am happy" video.

It's like a moving vision board of what I want to see happen in my life, what I want to be, do and have, and how I want to empower others.

And I wanted to make others happy too, to help people like yourself stay motivated, get through those dark days to make it to the other end to see the happy days.

I wanted to make something that kids and teens could enjoy and feel good about too. Here take a look, I hope it will make you feel happy and maybe even inspire you to create your own "I am happy" video.

So if you're facing change right now and are trying to resist it, please know that you will be so much more successful and happy if you learn to embrace it. Watch my video and then click on the link under it to see how you can make your own as well. They are so much fun! And they just make you feel amazing and ready to take on the world!

Here’s to change, and learning how to embrace change, to stop resisting but to really make change your friend. Here's to your own happiness and to your child’s success and happiness too!

Cheers…Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)
Best-selling author, Amanda van der Gulik homeschooled her own two children for over 12 years. As founder of, Amanda is constantly being interviewed for parenting shows, like Radio Disney, on TV, radio, in newspapers, magazines and blogs all over the world. Visit Amanda’s site today to grab your FREE copy of her eBook, “Goal-Setting for Families", her "Mindmovies for Kids and Teens” or her “The 6 Magical Piggy Banks” cartoon to help give your child some great ideas of how they can earn their own money!