AP Classes
by Elaine Sigal

Many parents do not understand the difference between AP classes and the SAT Subject tests, as many of the class topics cross between the two.

AP - Advanced Placement - are courses that have a final exam during two weeks in May.  Students from across the country and from all realms of schooling take theses tests to determine if, when they get to college, they can place out of certain classes.  The benefits to doing these courses and tests are that 1) students could spend fewer years in college, 2) students could take more difficult courses in college, and 3) students can take other subjects than the required school curriculum.  These tests are scored on a basis of 1-5, with 5 being the highest level of proficiency.  It is acknowledged that a 3, 4 or 5 is a passing grade.  It is up to the individual school as to whether or not the student gets to place out of a course.

SAT - these Subject Tests level the playing field.  It lets the colleges know what a student knows about a certain course.  So an A from a student at one school - or in this case no school - could be compared realistically to the same grade from another student at a different school.  These tests are administered through the SAT and are taken on the same day as the SAT - however, students may not take the SAT and the Subject Tests the same day. March/April is reserved just for the SAT I.These tests are scored on a scale with 800 being the highest grade.

These are VERY DIFFERENT TESTS and students need to prepare differently for them.  It is acknowledged that a student who is in the 4 or 5 range on an AP test will easily get in the 700s on a Subject Test.  However, the studying to take the test and the format on the the tests is different.  Use appropriate test prep books and ask for help if you as the parent need it!

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