Fitness 4 Homeschool

Fitness 4 Homeschool is a physical education workbook. It incorporates physical activity with language arts to teach physical education, health and nutrition concepts.
This workbook has 2 components. The first is physical activity. There are fun warm up and cool down exercises to begin and end your lesson. These can be performs indoors or outdoors. Video links are provided to demonstrate the exercises.The second part of the program is written.

The vocabulary words that are introduced with definitions. This is a great way to introduce health, nutrition, exercise and to have discussions about the different topics. Some of the words will be very familiar to the student, others are new and will help to challenge them. The child then has the opportunity to practice these words with word searches, matching activities and  crossword puzzles. There are also flash cards to use for visual input.

We enjoyed using this product. My first and third grade daughters enjoyed the exercise portion of the program. I think they enjoyed taking a break from sitting at their desks and getting the chance to move around a bit. Their favorite exercise has to be the Alphabet Ankles. These are leg raises but you write each letter with your toes in the air. Getting to Z was a great workout even for me! For a preschooler this would be a great kinesthetic way to practice their letters.

Only my third grader completed the written portion, though my first grader would sit in on the discussions. Some words were very familiar to her, others were brand new. She enjoyed that combination. She loved doing the crossword puzzles, but doesn't really enjoy a word search in any form, so she didn't complete too many of those. The words chosen were perfect for her age, ability and interest level. My only criticism is that the lessons would focus on one topic, for example healthy eating or sports. Instead they span all physical education, health and nutrition topics and it can get overwhelming at times. But this is my opinion, my daughter didn't seem to mind.

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Reviewer Biography

Lori Spielman has a degree in elementary education and has worked with children from ages 3 years old to high school for the last 18 years in various areas. She homeschools her two daughters, who are in first and third grades. They have been homeschooled since kindergarten. She feels the greatest thing about homeschooling has been teaching her children to read and spending so much time with them.