Preparing a Transcript that gets Your Student in College
by Ronald E. Johnson, C.PH.C

Ending the school year well means assigning transcript credit for courses completed for a high school diploma.  Home educators are wise to prepare an official transcript that is similar to those used in state public schools.  This is important for students who plan to submit applications to college registrars who need tangible evidence that the student applicant is a viable candidate for the college.
Official transcripts from your home school academy should have an official name that depicts a professional-level academic education.  You can use such names as "Jones Academy", "Leadership Academy", "Character and Science Academy", "Rural and Urban School of Leadership" or a similar title.  You might be wise to avoid the words  "Home School."  Some registrars simply do not know how to process applications from home school students.  The total number of academic transcript credits should equal or exceed those required for college entrance (usually at least 22).
Moreover, the student applicant is wise to obtain a catalog from the college of intended enrollment to ascertain that all requirements are met.  Most colleges require the following course credits: four English, four social studies, three math, three science, and electives such as physical education (1 ½), health (1), foreign language (2), speech (1), and electives such as art, music, agriculture, home economics, shop, theater, etc.  Most college registrars look for "value-added" evidence that sets the student apart from other applicants.  You may be wise to include unusual courses such as "Literature and Philosophy", "Leadership for Home and Career", "Debate and Public Speaking" or "Studies in American Culture."  You can get help by checking the catalog by Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum, P.O. Box 3159, Early, Texas  76802.  You can also check our website or e-mail for assistance with a transcript or recommended course of study for a high school diploma.