Military Scholarships May Hold the Key to Your Future
by Elizabeth Hartley

With our recent activity in hostile areas, people have been less inclined to look at military scholarships as an option for funding college.  While these scholarships are generous, they come with a serious commitment and should not be approached lightly.   However, these scholarships may be a perfect opportunity for some students.   Here are a few lesser-known options than the typical ROTC scholarships.
Undergraduate Options:
Traditional ROTC and National Guard scholarships are two of the best options for students who need college funding and who are willing to commit to some amount of military service.

Traditional ROTC scholarship - The traditional ROTC scholarship is what comes to mind for most people when they think of military scholarships.

Full-tuition ROTC scholarships are available based on how much time you have left to finish your degree (2, 3, or 4 years).  Notice these scholarships do not cover room and board but you may have an option to have the scholarship cover room and board instead of tuition.  Additional allowances are available for books and fees.

Army ROTC scholarships also give monthly allowances to the student, based on your year in college.
•    Freshmen get $300 per month
•    Sophomores get $350 per month
•    Juniors get $450 per month
•    Seniors get $500 per month

The GoArmy website also states that non-scholarship Cadets who are enrolled in the ROTC Advanced Course can get these monthly stipends in their junior and senior year.

Army National Guard - National Guard scholarships can be a great opportunity for students who need college funding but who would rather serve out their service obligation without going into active duty.

The Army National Guard offers 2 types of scholarships:
•    Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty contract (GRFD), and
•    Dedicated Army National Guard scholarship (DedARNG)

The DedARNG scholarships covers full tuition all 4 years, plus $1200 per year for books and a monthly payment to the student ranging from $350-$500 per month.  Students can also get monthly pay of around $250 if they enroll in the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP).  In return, the student serves 8 years in the National Guard after graduation.
The GRFD scholarships are similar to the DedARNG but are only for students entering their junior year of college who have at least a 2.5 GPA.
For more details you can visit
Graduate School Options - The HPSP scholarships through the Army will pay for all of your educational expenses plus salary and benefits for you to become a doctor, veterinarian, optometrist, psychologist or dentist.  Afterwards, students must serve on average 6 years in service to the military as someone in that profession.

Visit for details.  Again, this option is not for everyone but for many students committed to the medical field, the HPSP scholarship has been a viable option.

Again, scholarships with ties to military service, or potential military service, are not for everyone but they are an excellent option for some people.  It can be a way to get a college education and be of service to our country while incurring few or no student loans.
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