The gift of fruit!
by Nicole White

Sugar is EVERYWHERE and before you get me started on the Artificial Sweeteners, let’s dive into why FRUIT is a much healthier snack than almost any sweet snack on the market.

FRUIT is delicious and satisfying. It helps regulate blood sugar without the pitfalls of refined sugar. Organic fruit is full of vital nutrients, fiber and nutrients. It’s also DEEEE-LICIOUS!

Why is refined sugar so prominent at schools, malls, community functions, hospitals, offices and in peoples’ refrigerators? 
It all comes down to marketing and advertising!

They do a great job of convincing us not to look under the hood at the ingredients, and to just focus on the smiling, beautiful people they have on their billboards, TV commercials, and packaging.

Don’t believe me?

Look at the ingredients of foods that celebrities promote. Do the research for yourself - you will be shocked!

I think sugar companies own holidays… what do you think?

Every holiday is another opportunity to sell SUGAR!

Holidays are riddled with oh, just ova fun, give in, indulge… it’s about food which means it’s about love and laughter and happiness (so the commercials and packages who us). This was not the intent of the real holidays!

Upgrade your thoughts: Begin to look at food commercials and advertising with a critical mind. Look at what they try to sell you and ask yourself: Do they care about my health, or the health of my child? Or do they care about profit? HINT: They care ONLY about profit!

The words “nutritious” and “natural” are key words that large companies proudly advertise. They BANK on you TRUSTING them, and they BANK on you not questing their ingredients.

My jaw is on the floor every time I watch a commercial. Begin to really listen to the side effects of the medications advertised as well. I also encourage you to go to the store and READ the INGREDIENTS on any of the foods advertised on TV. You just might be horrified.

Did you know that there is OVER 300 different names for food producers to hide sugar?

Did you know that HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) container unregulated amounts of mercury??? Say What??? HFCS is also one of the main culprits in childhood obesity and childhood type 2 diabetes! Scary!

Why do they make the food look so fun? So colorful? So delicious? Why is it being advertised to children? Hint: Greedy PROFIT!

Why risk it? Food coloring, processed and refined sugars and fake ingredients contribute to ADD, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Mood Swings, chronic illnesses and so much more. Why risk it when you can feed yourself and your kids the natural and delicious sugar that is found in fruit.

Fruit is not the enemy people are making it out to be. It is full of VITAL nutrients. It’s just as easy and portable as the other snacks when you set your mind to it.

If your child has attention issues, mood swings, anxiety, skin issues, chronic sickness - then switch those snacks to fruit.

The old saying goes “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”... Also, try to get organic whenever possible! Your health and the health of the children will improve!

Article from Nicole White, Author - Upgradeology - Upgrade Your Food, Upgrade Your life
Nicole White, CHHC, AADP, E-RYT, Author is a certified yoga, meditation, and qigong instructor, certified holistic health coach, art and life coach and facilitator. She has taught art classes since 1997, health and movement classes since 2005. Nicole loves to encourage people to express themselves.

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