J.O.S.H Support Group

J.O.S.H. is a distinctly Christian support group whom God has raised up to encourage and equip Homeschool Families as they lead this next generation of children to serve the LORD and glorify Him in all they do.

J.O.S.H. exists primarily to minister to Homeschool Moms, who are serious about the call to home educate, and are decidedly committed Christians to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Focus is also on new homeschool moms and/or isolated homeschoolers, whether new or veterans.

This is a closed, member-only group. Homeschool moms must join the group officially with registration form & fee and signed Statement of Faith form for the new school year 13/14. Post questions, curriculum for sale or seeking, field trips, events, discussion, chat and generally get to know each other better.


Homeschoolers of Pinellas

HOP is a homeschool co-op and support group whose purpose is to provide support and opportunities to enrich the homeschooling experience. We welcome all homeschooling families, regardless of homeschooling method or educational philosophy.  We aim to foster a community that supports tolerance and understanding for people with differing beliefs and experiences.

(727) 560-3545

Homeschooled Kids & Co.

A support group for families predominately from Escambia counties Florida and Alabama, we currently have 63 member families representing 140 students K-4 through 12th. Families pay a yearly membership fee of $30 to participate in member-run activities such as mom's meetings, field trips, extracurricular classes, organized P.E., parties, and service projects.


Home Education Resources and Information (HERI), Inc.

We are a resource and support group that promotes home education in NE Florida. We provide the following services - a monthly newsletter, used book sale, graduation, annual curriculum convention, testing, homeschool library, and other supportive activities for groups and individuals families.

(904) 783-8197

Home Circle of Hernando

Home Circle of Hernando has been serving families for over 35 years. Home Circle was created by a group of mothers longing for relationship amongst like-minded women. 

These same founding moms wanted to foster a community of women that would take on each others burdens while encouraging one another in this endeavor called home school. Like many of us, they knew God had called each one of them to pursue the path of home education. 

This is our same desire today. We desire nothing more than to walk along beside you in this journey.


E3 Kids Club

We are an inclusive group for grades 3-7 (or siblings of any age). All members are welcome regardless of learning styles, teaching methods, and beliefs. This group provides homeschoolers a place to share ideas, organize play dates and field trips,and support one another through this wonderful journey. Active participation is greatly encouraged.