What Type of Learner? Multiple Intelligences
In the 1980’s, Howard Gardner went on a quest of sorts to answer his question” Is intelligence a single thing or various independent intellectual faculties?”(Gilman) While working with adult stroke victims and children as part of Harvard’s Project Zero he came to the conclusion that our minds are more separate than whole. 
What does this mean? It means that the mind does not work as one solid machine, but as many machines working together in a non-predictable manner. (Gilman) Gardner identified eight different ways to demonstrate intellectual ability.
This short video gives a brief summary of the different types of intelligences. 
Dr. Gardner explains his multiple intelligence theory on Edutopia.org  
Learn more about each intelligence here: 
Want to learn even more? Visit https://www.multipleintelligencesoasis.org 
All intelligences are good.  Many people have more than one intelligence.