Multiple Intelligences: Intrapersonal
What is an Intrapersonal Intellect?
Intrapersonal intellects tend to be very self-aware. They are able to self-reflect and know what they are feeling deep down. They tend to try to understand their inner feelings, their dreams, and their relationships with others. They want to know what their strengths and weaknesses are (Gilam).

Intrapersonal students tend to be more introverted or “shy”, they don’t want to work in groups, but are quite happy to do the same work on their own, they can be philosophical and are often perfectionists. These students are intuitive, independent, and usually enjoy journaling or other forms of writing. They want to know all about themselves, and can spend a lot of time reflecting on what has occurred recently in their lives.

How do I teach my Intrapersonal Child?

Teaching an intrapersonal child can be a challenge. Since they prefer to work alone, co-ops could have a negative impact rather than a positive impact on your student. Of course some classes and activities are more fun in a group-can you really play kickball with only one person? No, that just isn’t possible. Science is the one typical subject where I would suggest a co-op if possible.

Experimenting with different items, while it can be done alone, is generally better with more. The results that individuals get can be compared and contrasted with others. If you are doing the experiment alone, you only see your result.

Other topics, such as reading, math, history, and English can very easily be taught alone-and your child will thank you for it. Since most intrapersonal intellects enjoy journaling, having them keep a journal of each topic studied is great writing practice and record keeping all rolled into one. Have her write a paragraph about what she read in her studies of History. Keep a journal of words he didn’t understand when he read them. Look them up and write the definition for better understanding. Independent study or unschooling is a great option for these learners as well.

What will my Intrapersonal Child Become?

Intrapersonal people often become researchers, theorists and philosophers. They often become entrepreneurs as well as therapists, though they can become whatever they choose to do. Some famous people with  Intrapersonal personalities include Bill Gates, Sigmund Frued, and Plato, the Greek philosopher and mathematician.

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