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TeenageRoad Trip: Family Time Can Double As Teaching Moment

by Andrew Wunderlich

That upcoming family road trip over the river and through the woods is an ideal time to show your teenagers the ropes of driving. Of course the legal driving age varies depending on your home state or territory.

Friendship and Girls

What it feels like for a girl

I recently spoke at a conference for 400 freshman girls about friendship. I consider myself a very accomplished speaker, accustomed to speaking in front of large, diverse audiences, including senior executives for large multi-national corporations. My most recent experience was officiating my sister in laws wedding in front of 100 surprised guests. I am speaking honestly when I say that 400, fifteen year old girls was the most intimidating audience I’ve faced in my career to date.

Go Ahead, Sleep In...School Can Wait!

Dr. Ronald E. Johnson

Prepare Your Homeschooled Teen For College

At some point, even homeschooling parents have to watch their children leave the nest. I sent my first-born off to college last year, and despite my overbearing attempts to communicate as much as we used to, he is enjoying his first leg of college life. Homeschooled teens have distinct advantages that prepare them for college, but they also face unique financial, social and educational challenges. If your homeschooling a child who's about to go to college, put your student in a position to succeed and feel comfortable in this new environment.

Teenagers - You Could Direct Your Own Education

by Daniel Yordy, M.Ed.

Can I really be in charge of my own learning?

It is your life.

What determines your success in life is not what you learn in your head, but what you learn in your heart. When education is "free," the deepest truth learned is that life is already paid for - the world owes it to you.

Only, that "truth" is not true at all.

You could chose a different path.

Banking Safety Project for Teens

by Barbara Frank

Teens usually learn more from real life learning projects than from projects out of books. A bonus is that the teen doing the assignment sometimes also helps out the family by performing a useful service.

Financial Education for Teens: Making It Real, Making It Matter, Making It Last

Parental Issues that Interfere with Financial Education -Two Lessons for Teens
by Jill Suskind

When young adults mismanage their money, they suffer AND so does everyone else!  We cannot afford to marginalize financial education any longer.  As individuals and as a country, it’s no longer acceptable to say “I will let my children learn about finances later.”  We have learned that this attitude breeds generations of adults who don’t know how to manage their money. 

Financial Education for Teens: Making It Real, Making It Matter, Making It Last

by Jill Suskind

Teaching teenagers about money is one of the most important things a parent can do to prepare them for their future.  Barbara McRae, MCC, Bestselling author of Coach Your Teen To Success says, “As a nationally known parent-teen expert, I believe financial literacy is one of the primary responsibilities of a parent to offer their children in preparation for adulthood.” 

How Can We Raise Our Teens to Become Wealthy Adults?

By Jill Suskind, WealthQuest for Teens

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a 100% Guaranteed Method for helping the teenagers in our lives grow into wealthy, fulfilled, confident and contributing adults?  Unfortunately, there is no such parenting guide, but if there WAS, here is what an excerpt might look like:

Financial Literacy for Teens: Lesson 1

by Jill Suskind

We all want our children to be prepared to meet the financial realities of adulthood with confidence and competence.  We know that our quality of life is largely determined by our ability to think about and organize our money so it works and grows.  As a financial educator, I am committed to supporting families to succeed in this mission.