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Goal Setting : Where Do You Think Most People Get Stuck?

by Amanda van der Gulik

Most of us are great at setting goals, it's the rest of the steps that can be our falling point.

But of all the steps that it takes to finally reach our goals, there are two points that get most people stuck. If you look online, you'll find any number of 'experts' who will only focus on the first failing point but I want to prepare you for both so that you will actually have a chance to finally reach your goals!

So which ones are they?

Home Sweet Home

by Julie Bogart

The key difference in home education versus school: the word “home.” Home makes all the difference. If we are at home, with family, living a lifestyle of learning, how we educate will be different than what happens in a school building. We may also have a different set of goals or expectations for home learning.

For instance, how can Algebra 2 foster close family relationships?

Algebra 2 only fosters close family relationships if

The Roles of Emotion in Learning

by Sarah Major

Too often adults behave as though we (subconsciously, not intentionally) believe that all learning happens in the thinking, rational brain, and that if a child is not performing well with reading or math, their rational, thinking brain is somehow at fault, i.e. disabled.

More Cowbell, Please

by Jan Pierce

Here’s a fun fact: Incorporating music into the fabric of your daily family life can bring social and educational benefits to your children in surprising ways.

•    Soft music can calm and soothe children from fussy babies to high-strung older children.
•    Hearing music and responding to it accelerates brain development, especially in language acquisition, reading and math skills.
•    Music provides healthy ways to interact with others, both adults and peers.

Sometimes You Have To Let Others Feel Good - How to Ask for Help

by Amanda van der Gulik

Do you like helping others?

Are you one of those people that jumps at the chance to help your friends whenever they need a hand?

If not, no worries, usually that just stems from not wanting to go out of your comfort zone and that’s a topic for another day.

Today let’s just focus on how good it feels when we help out our friends and family…those who sincerely appreciate our efforts.

Following Her Dreams and... Inspiring Her Kids Along The Way

by Amanda van der Gulik

Has life ever hit you hard?


Well, that’s exactly what happened to my dear friend, Lyndsy.

How Outdoor Play Leads to Success in Learning

by Sarah Major

We have been focusing on the value of free play outdoors and how the physical activity impacts brain development, efficient communication between areas in the brain, and thus a child’s ability to learn successfully.

This blog post continues the theme of outdoor free play as we touch on the importance of outside play as it relates to healthy eye development, which in turn also leads to increased abilities to learn.

There are two issues to consider:

Play to Your Strengths

by Jodi Johnston

Friendship and Girls

What it feels like for a girl

I recently spoke at a conference for 400 freshman girls about friendship. I consider myself a very accomplished speaker, accustomed to speaking in front of large, diverse audiences, including senior executives for large multi-national corporations. My most recent experience was officiating my sister in laws wedding in front of 100 surprised guests. I am speaking honestly when I say that 400, fifteen year old girls was the most intimidating audience I’ve faced in my career to date.

Life's Biggest Lesson:

It's Not What Happens That Matters, It's How You Deal With It!

Do bad things happen to you? Do they happen to your child?

You betcha!

NOBODY gets to avoid bad things...no matter HOW hard we focus on staying positive and trying to attract good things into our lives.
And you know what?

That's a very VERY good thing!

Crazy, right?