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The Poor, Abused Pronoun
by Elaine Sigal

I am an English teacher.  I cannot help myself.  I hear people speak and my red pen comes out in my mind.  Poor, poor pronouns are so horribly misused and over used by almost everyone – both in writing and in speaking.  Is there help for the little guys?

Yes!  Here is some basic pronoun help:

1.    There are two types of pronouns – subject and object – if you check yourself when you use a pronoun, you will rarely make a mistake.

2.    Always finish a sentence –I am taller than she is tall.  (Not - I am taller than her.)

3.    If you use two pronouns, say the sentence to yourself with only one in the sentence at a time.  She and I went to the store.  (Not Her went to the store.)

4.    The pronoun who goes with I, he and she.  The pronoun whom goes with me, him and her.

5.    Remember that no one likes Pronoun Diarrhea.  Try writing a page without any pronouns – then gradually add in 2.  The conscious attention to pronoun overuse will help you create better sentences.  Your writing will improve by leaps and bounds.
Our use of pronouns indicates our level of grammar understanding.  Why not speak correctly?  Remember, an English teacher could be listening!
Elaine received her BA from The College of New Jersey and her MA in English from Villanova University. She is licensed to teach English, Speech and Theater in two states. Elaine founded and ran a classroom based 'brick and mortar' educational company from 1995 - 2009. Elaine has significant experience matching learners to the appropriate educators and has a large available network in the educational arena. Elaine also taught English on the university level, created adult education courses, managed a credit recovery program, managed all areas of supplemental development, and established a 501c3. She has over 35 years of experience in the education field.

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