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"Don't Talk About Money At The Table!"
by Amanda van der Gulik

If you're anything like me, then you were NOT taught about money, more specifically about how to handle your money successfully, when you were a kid. Not because your family didn't want you to learn, but probably because, just like us, they were never taught about money either.

Or, even worse, they thought talking about money was TABOO!

You may have been told that money is not something that kids need to worry about, or that you don't talk about money at the dinner table!

Money is often referred to as a subject of TABOO or that money is EVIL!
Crazy right?

The plain fact  is that money is nothing but money!


Like a hammer, money is neither good nor evil. It's a tool we get to use that then determines our outcomes. What we DO with our money is what makes the difference!

A good person with a lot of money, like Oprah Winfrey, does a lot of Good with their money.

A bad person with a lot of money, like (well, you get to choose someone this time), does a lot of Bad with their money.

Think of Ebenezer Scrooge, he was only focused on making money and more importantly on NOT losing money. What he did with his money was squirrel it away and never share it, which ended up causing him great grief and unhappiness. He was a slave to his money! (And felt he never had enough!)

Someone like Oprah, also focuses on making money but rather than worrying about earning money, she focused on how to become a master of her money instead of being a slave to it! Which makes her confident in her ability to earn money and therefore allows her the peace of mind to let her money do good for our world. Oprah is NOT afraid to give her money away! She knows how to make more! She understands abundance.

Building A Healthy Wealth Mentality!

That's the kind of "Healthy Wealth Mentality" that I know you want to teach your child!

Maybe you worry about your child ending up in divorce, like the majority of marriages today, due to financial struggles (and a lack of joint financial values - the greatest cause of divorce by the way!)

Maybe you worry about your child having to file for bankruptcy under the age of 30 (the LARGEST age group of people today filing for bankruptcy), due to bad money habits that we unsuspectingly pass on to our child. It's not always easy to be the role model we want to be for our child, especially when society and our schools are NOT helping us teach our kids and teens healthy money life skills.

Most of our kids today, graduating from college or university, start their lives in debt!

Maybe you're worried your child will have to come crawling back home to you once they leave your protective nest due to financial failure and stress.

Good parents don't raise childrenwe raise adults! Adults who need to know how to handle their money well. But we can only teach what we know. It's hard to prepare our kids for their futures when we were not prepared well ourselves.

It is NOT Our fault !

Most of us were not taught about money. (I'm not talking about learning how to count money, or how to balance a cheque book or pay our taxes, although most of us were never taught those either.)

I'm talking about learning how to be a MASTER of our money. To actually be in charge of our earning, our spending, our giving. The whole package!

I'm talking about knowing how to set goals, make them come true, and teach those skills to our kids and grandkids!

...And what about SUICIDE ?

It's true, not understanding how our money works leads to financial stress which, when it overwhelms, can actually lead to thoughts of suicide!

Crazy right? But true. (The statistics are scary!) And I KNOW that's NOT what you want for your child!

Money Is NOT Taught In School!

Ironically, schools don't have the funding to offer these courses... MORE IRONICALLY... they don't have financially savvy teachers who know how to teach these lessons!

Most successful entrepreneurs DO NOT work for the public school system and if they did, they wouldn't necessarily know how to get kids interested in learning!

Knowing how to teach, AND actually knowing how money works...that's a skill, one that is NOT easily found!

Knowing how to make the learning personal and fun, so they want to learn. Making your child want to succeed, now that's the kind of learning we need when it comes to help our kids learn about money!

Money NEEDS To Be FUN!

Teaching children and teens how to be masters of their money begins first with getting them on board to learn, then teaching them the foundations, and lastly building that desire to continue the learning beyond the lessons.

That's a lot for us to ask a publicly funded school to teach when they are struggling to just get enough good teachers to help with the bare basics of teaching the "3 R's"!

Which means, if we can't count on our schools to teach our kids about money, then it's up to us, the parents, to do it!

But the BIG PROBLEM is most of us NEVER learned healthy money habits, and never learned the skill to make others want to learn! So what are we to do?

One of the MOST important lessons I ever learned, and use to this day, is one of the most important lessons that I share with your child inside my Teaching Children About Money (TCAM 2.0) homestudy course.


If you don't know what that is, don't feel bad, I didn't fully understand it and the magic it holds for financial freedom until well into my 30's!

In a nut shell, it means knowing how to do the work once and get paid for it over and over again, every single month, FOREVER!

YES! I know, isn't that incredibly powerful? Wouldn't you like to learn that for yourself too?

In life we usually learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes! Hey if we don't struggle, then the lessons often don't want to stick, right? Wouldn't it be nice if we could by-pass that hard learning curve instead? What about if we got to use THE BEST teaching method EVER invented...


Seriously ... Do YOU like being told what to do?

You're definitely NOT alone if you DO NOT like being told what to do! I certainly DON'T! (...and usually will go out of my way to do the opposite just to prove a point that I'm in control of my own destiny! No one tells me what to do!)

Do I sound like a teenager or what?

But that's the whole point. We have to think like a child or a teenagerThey don't want to hear lectures! They want to get their hands dirty. They want to succeed of their own accord and feel good about achieving their own successes, not like someone else gets to take the credit!

And THAT'S why I use the art of STORY-TELLING (...it takes the pressure off!)


Stories Are Super Fun And Memorable!!!

A Win-Win!

Your child gets to follow along with their favourite character, they get to watch them make mistakes, root for their successes and learn in the process with a story that will stick in their minds for life!

We need to understand that our child also hates being told what to do and we need to know what makes your child tick! Learning HAS to be fun! ...and interactive!

Now I know that you are serious about teaching your child about money, not just about money, but about building a strong Healthy Wealth Mentality (otherwise you wouldn't still be here reading this!)

By teaching them these necessary skills, your child will not only just "survive" the grown-up jungle of finances that they are about to enter, but "THRIVE" there too!

But we don't have much time before they leave our protective nests! As I'm sure you are well aware, their childhood or teenage years are flying by!

You Must Do Something NOW  Before It's Too Late!

How do you know that you can actually help your child be fully prepared to be a successful, happy adult?

Because you are an action-taker! You are a parent who not only has a sincere desire to support your child's financial education, but is actually ready and willing to help your child today by taking action!

Because of that, I want to help you stay on the right path to raising your own Clever Dough Kid or Teen by letting you Click Here to get 7 FREE TOOLS For Teaching Your Child or Teen About Money

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

~ Albert Einstein ~

 You know it's time to stop doing the same thing over and over again!

It's time to start doing something different instead, so you'll actually get a different result!

Enjoy Your 7 Free Tools For Teaching Children And Teens About Money!

Cheers...Amanda van der Gulik...Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)
Amanda van der Gulik uses the traditional and effective art of story-telling to teach children and teens about how to be a master of their money! She does this in a fun and memorable way, without making your child or teen feel like they're being TOLD what to do! Click here to get Amanda's  7 FREE Tools For Teaching Children About Money right now while they're still available!