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Homeschooling Blog

Help! My Child Doesn’t Pay Attention

by Sarah Major

One of the biggest challenges for teachers and parents alike is successfully capturing the attention of their students. When we teach, they need to listen and process what they hear, right?


Traditionally the clearest signs of a child paying attention are that he/she is sitting still, looking at me, and obviously listening. Is this what we are trying to achieve?


Many children in a typical classroom

Art in the Winter Garden

by kidsgardening.org

Want to put a new spin on your outdoor winter fun? Sparking far more creativity than the typical snowman, introduce your students or family to the work of sculptor and photographer Andy Goldsworthy; then let your imaginations go wild in your own winter garden.

An assortment of natural materials
A camera to document creations
Approximate Time to Complete:
15 minutes +



All Ages

Therapeutic Art for Children

by Nicole White

If a child is inclined towards art, I cannot stress enough the importance of allowing them artistic freedom.

Some children learn to wait and follow instructions, others, just run wild with their innocence and endless imagination.

I believe that if a child is interested in or inclined towards any art process that this can be a therapeutic way of expressing themselves and should be encouraged and nurtured.

Goal Setting : Where Do You Think Most People Get Stuck?

by Amanda van der Gulik

Most of us are great at setting goals, it's the rest of the steps that can be our falling point.

But of all the steps that it takes to finally reach our goals, there are two points that get most people stuck. If you look online, you'll find any number of 'experts' who will only focus on the first failing point but I want to prepare you for both so that you will actually have a chance to finally reach your goals!

So which ones are they?

Wild Bird Holiday Decorations

by Lesson plan by Kidsgardening.org

Filling trees and shrubs with festive treats for the birds enlivens the winter landscape and supports our feathered friends. Berried garlands and seeded ornaments can last after the holidays, when the winter months are snowiest. Handmade outdoor ornaments also make great gifts for kids to make and give.

Cranberry Millet Spray Garlands

Home Sweet Home

by Julie Bogart

The key difference in home education versus school: the word “home.” Home makes all the difference. If we are at home, with family, living a lifestyle of learning, how we educate will be different than what happens in a school building. We may also have a different set of goals or expectations for home learning.

For instance, how can Algebra 2 foster close family relationships?

Algebra 2 only fosters close family relationships if

Everyday Art - Departure Lounge

by Jennifer Barrett -Sculptor/Educator/Professional Tinkerer

Dear Everyday Art Readers-

Why Exactly Is It Good To Give?

by Amanda van der Gulik

We are always told that 'giving' is a good thing to do but we are not really ever given a reason why it is. Why should we help others, especially when they will most likely never help us?

And what on Earth has 'giving' got to do with Teaching Children About Money?

I'm going to answer those very questions right here, in just a moment, but first I have a very special gift for you....

5 Simple Ways to Destress This Holiday Season

by Sarah Major

No matter how much you look forward to the Christmas holidays, once you throw into the mix all the special things you do to make it special for the family, you do add a layer of stress to an otherwise special time. From decorating to cleaning to gift wrapping to cooking – this is on top of all your regular care for your family.

Brain Highways: Making Life Easier

Just a few decades ago, everyone thought the brain was hard-wired—which (when we think about it) was a rather gloomy outlook. The inference was: We’re stuck with whatever brain we have.

But guess what? Turns out that claim was whopper. Scientists now know, with 100% certainty . . . the brain can change. Yes, at any time in our life, it’s possible to rewire our very own brain!

So, who wouldn’t want a focused brain? A calm brain? An efficient brain?  All sounds great, right?