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Brain Highways: Making Life Easier

Just a few decades ago, everyone thought the brain was hard-wired—which (when we think about it) was a rather gloomy outlook. The inference was: We’re stuck with whatever brain we have.

But guess what? Turns out that claim was whopper. Scientists now know, with 100% certainty . . . the brain can change. Yes, at any time in our life, it’s possible to rewire our very own brain!

So, who wouldn’t want a focused brain? A calm brain? An efficient brain?  All sounds great, right?

How to Chop Writer’s Block

by Julie Bogart

Everyone gets it. You do.

Professional writers do.

I do, regularly.

What is writer’s block? It’s the feeling of paralysis that hits you when faced with a blank page or blank screen. It’s that stuck moment where you can’t move past the last sentence. It’s the lurching sensation in your stomach. It’s the headache that sets in. It’s the urge to check email, start dinner, change laundry loads, or pick up the phone to call your sister.

Everyday Art - Diwali Rangolis

by Jennifer Barrett -Sculptor/Educator/Professional Tinkerer
Inspiration sometimes comes in the oddest ways. I was inspired by a suspension of alternate side parking yesterday. As I pulled up to double park, a common practice on NYC streets, I realized cars were parked along both sides of the road. I checked my app, and sure enough alternate side parking was suspended for Diwali. Very excited that I had an instant parking space, I used the time I saved to research this Indian festival of lights, and various crafts associated with it.

Your Happiness Is Valuable - Are You Making The Most Of That?

by Amanda van der Gulik

You are aware that we only have so much time in this gift called Life right?

Are you wasting your time not being happy, only worrying about making others happy instead?

...Or are you making the most of your own happiness?

Click Here

Kitchen Scrap Gardening

Lesson plan by Kidsgardening.org

With little effort and a pinch of creativity you can devise some very imaginative indoor gardens from your kitchen leftovers! Kitchen scrap gardening is when you grow plants from items you'd normally throw in your compost bucket. Kids love this idea, and it's a great way to reinforce the sustainable living concepts of recycling and reusing. Plus, it's a kick to grow new plants from old plant parts.


4 Tips for Helping Increase Focus in Your Students

by Sarah Major

Focus & Learning:

I grew up in a time when we were supposed to sit in our desks and face forward and pay attention, so when I started to teach, I arranged my desks in rows, and expected my well behaved students to sit, face forward, and pay attention.

One of my first graders taught me that while this arrangement might be convenient for the teacher, it was not workable for him. My new first grade class was a real challenge - lots of learning issues, behavior issues, and more.

Help! My Child has Behavior Issues

by Sarah Major

Behavior issues in the classroom can be so difficult to deal with. Sometimes children act out, disrupt class, fight, act tough, refuse to cooperate in class, refuse to do their work – and more. At times, it seems that children do things that, from our point of view, makes life harder for them!


Arts Education for Home School Students

by Yolanda (Yo’EL) D’Oyen

Home Schooling, though challenging, can be a dynamic adventure for you and your child(ren). As a Home School Parent, you are granted the opportunity to explore and provide a creative learning experience for them. They can develop an understanding of different subjects through a wide array of outlets. Like, the ARTS! 

Raising Role Models

by Amanda van der Gulik

Are you raising a good role model?

Are you a good role model?

Don't be too hard on yourself, I would bet you are a much better role model to your child than you give yourself credit for!

We love our children and want to do the best we can for them but we are ALWAYS second guessing ourselves...but we really don't have to!

Everyday Art - Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

by Jennifer Barrett -Sculptor/Educator/Professional Tinkerer

Last October, I posted an article exploring Halloween, and all the fun things that parents can create with their children during this spooky-fun time of year. Although Halloween is so much a part of American culture, there is another holiday that begins at midnight on October 31st every year. This national Mexican holiday celebrates death as something that should not be feared. Rather, Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, welcomes the departed spirits back home on this night.