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Missouri: Support Groups
A.I.D. Advancing Individual Development
Geographic Area Serving: Southwest Missouri
Description: This group is here to encourage you on your homeschooling journey. We trade creative ideas, have holiday parties, and enjoy the outdoors. In the future we hope to have field trips, and participate in community service.
Requirements: Parent or responsible adult are required to accompany all children at all times.
Benefits: You will get to know other homeschooling families in your area. Exchange ideas and information to aid you. We meet at a park with playground equipment, a creek for swimming and exploring in the summer, and a hill for sledding in the winter.
Cost: None

Blue Springs Christian Home Educators
Autumn James
Geographic Area Serving: Blue Springs and surrounding areas, Missouri
Description: We are currently not meeting, but if we get enough families then we will begin meeting again.
Requirements: All are welcome
Benefits: We will discuss as the group grows.
Cost: None

C.H.A.O.S. / Creative Homeschool Alliance of SWMO
April Doke
Geographic Area Serving: Southwest Missouri / Springfield, MO
Description: This is a secular group for homeschool families looking for a way to meet other homeschool families and make friends and connections for their children and themselves. We have all day field trips and holiday kid parties (during the day). We hope you come and join our adventure of raising our children. Most of our fieldtrips are in Springfield. Some of our fieldtrips and activities are in Branson and other surrounding areas. We try to do things at a low cost but some things do cost a little more.
Requirements: We are a very active group. You will have to be active in the group. You must participate in at least one activity every three months. We also ask for everyone to respect others. No religious or political post, due to not everyone thinks or believes exactly the same.
Benefits: We have monthly meetings, craft days, play days, holiday parties, moms night out and exciting field trips. We also are trying to provide the same socialization and fun activities for those of us that do not send our kids to public schools.
Cost: None

Cass and Bates County Inclusive Homeschoolers
Geographic Area Serving: Rural areas south of Kansas City, MO, including Cass and Bates Counties and surrounding areas
Description: This group is for inclusive homeschooling/unschooling families in the rural areas South of Kansas City, MO. We wish to welcome people of all faith backgrounds, or no faith background. We would love to see more organization form as the group grows, but for now this is a Facebook group where we can support each other, set up play dates and field trips, and meet with like-minded people in areas where inclusive/secular homeschoolers may feel isolated.
Requirements: This is an inclusive and secular group. Tolerance is expected.
Benefits: Support and activities
Cost: None

CHESS - Christian Home Educators Support System
CHESS Representative
Geographic Area Serving: Rolla, Missouri and surrounding area
Description: CHESS seeks to provide an easily accessible network of communication and resources which will support, encourage, and equip parents, enhance the experience of homeschooling for children and families, and educate those who are interested in homeschooling. We cooperate with and encourage all home educators in the greater Rolla area in matters of common interest, specifically focusing on families who have chosen to educate their children from a Christian perspective.
Requirements: We encourage everyone to get involved in some way, but all are welcome to join us, regardless of their level of involvement.
Benefits: CHESS is about to finding and providing the support, services, and resources home educators need, so that no one has to do it alone. We have events like parties, Moms Night Out, Used Curriculum and Family Business Fair, Graduation, and Student Showcase/Talent Night.
Cost: $15 yearly

Clay-Platte Home Educators (CPHE)
CPHE Chairman
Geographic Area Serving: Kansas City Metropolitan area. Most of our activities take place north of the Missouri River.
Description: Clay-Platte Home Educators (CPHE) is a group of about 200 families in the Kansas City Northland who have chosen to educate their children at home. We are Christian led. The CPHE Monthly Support Group Meetings are designed to be both educational and social, helping families get acquainted with each other. The agenda for each meeting varies, but may include guest speakers, workshops, or showcases, but most often involve getting together to support each other and help address any problems or concerns you might have about your homeschool. There is plenty of time for support, fellowship and exchanging of ideas before and after each presentation. Most meetings are for the entire family. Should it be a meeting for parents only, it is announced well beforehand. In addition, an orientation for new home schooling families is held each month just prior to the Monthly Support Group meeting which begins at 7:00 p.m. Our Monthly Support Group Meetings take place on the second Friday of each month. Please visit our website for meeting location. (http://cphecorp.org)e for meeting location. (http://cphecorp.org)
Requirements: Membership is open to any homeschooling family.
Benefits: CPHE Curriculum Lending Library, Eagles' Wings Cooperative -- offering classes for students. Annual Spelling Bee, Annual National Geographic Bee, Newsletter: published at least 10 times a year, the newsletter contains information on upcoming field trips, meetings, activities, and classified ads for curriculum. E-mail: Used to post updates, ask questions, buy and sell or alert members to legislative action, and inform members of activities available to them in the community. Web Site: Contains important information about CPHE, educational links, and much more.
Cost: $20 yearly

Pamela Cooper
Geographic Area Serving: Southwest Missouri
Description: FIELD TRIPS!!! caters to all home education families by arranging small group interaction FIELD TRIPS!!! Established in 2001, approximately 300 trips have been arranged serving about 450 families. No minimum obligations. We provide service and support to you, the home educator through pooling together our resources and the business community.We have hosted several bus trips, a home school mock election, and a scavenger hunt.In August, we host EduFaires throughout southwest Missouri. Edufaires consist of interactive booths for family friendly businesses and a free resource exchange (curriculum, books, teaching resources, movies, posters, games). For more information, keep posted at our website.
Requirements: Parents/adults are required to attend with kids on all FIELD TRIPS!!! We are a family-friendly 501(c)3 tax-deductible nonprofit corporation. A completed, signed registration liability waiver is required. This form is available at your first FIELD TRIP!!! Feel free to give us your suggestions using our webform. We strive to dive into interesting places where hands-on learning is encouraged and critical thinking is sparked! Your suggestions are the backbone of FIELD TRIPS!!! Where will we go next???
Benefits: Teaching resources available for your use on our website. Also, FIELD TRIPS!!! has a Yahoo Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FIELDTRIPSONLINE/ which sends out reminders of upcoming FIELD TRIPS!!! and lesson ideas, files, links, and other resources as they become available. We also offer a snail mail newsletter that is occasionally published throughout the year.
Cost: Donations are encouraged but not required.

H.O.P.E. Christian Cooperative
Jennifer Carlsen
Geographic Area Serving: CASS COUNTY, MO
Description: We are a Christian co-op offering academic, and enrichment classes for Pre-K-12th grade. We meet every other Fri. throughout the school year. Also offered for members are field trips, special events, parties, and graduation.
Requirements: Must sign a statement of faith form, and a parent and student responsibilities form. Must also participate in some for to help the co-op out.
Benefits: Fellowship with like-minded moms. Accountability to teachers. Students building friendships.
Cost: $12.50 enrollment Classes are priced from $2-$40 for the whole year.

Hannibal Area Home Educators
Terri Hosmer
Geographic Area Serving: Palmyra, Hannibal, New London & surrounding areas, Missouri
Description: HAHE is a group that exists for the benefit and the good of home school families. Its services and activities center on the needs of home school families. Classes offered vary depending on volunteers. HAHE has a membership of approximately 60 families.
Requirements: HAHE does have a membership agreement.
Benefits: HAHE provides to its members a monthly newsletter, social events, field trips, art classes, music & choir classes. A project fair, spelling bee and graduation ceremony are also planned.
Cost: $25 yearly

Holy Family Catholic Homeschool Apostolate
Geographic Area Serving: Springfield-Cape Giradeau Diocese
Description: Our group provides educational, academic, social, spiritual, and community support to Catholic homeschooling families in the Springfield-Cape Giradeau Diocese. We meet weekly at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton church in Springfield, Missouri, on Friday afternoons during the school year for adoration, classes, and activities. Throughout the year we also offer a variety of activities that are offered to all Catholic homeschoolers.
Requirements: A Catholic, or inquiring to become Catholic who is homeschooling or considering homeschooling your children ages birth through high-school. Many of our activities are free or per activity costs. To attend our weekly co-op, your family must become a member by paying dues and parents must help in some way with weekly activities.
Benefits: Fellowship, prayer, education, and support.
Cost: $15 yearly per child over 5 years old

Jefferson City Home Educators
Joy Bennett
Geographic Area Serving: Jefferson City, Missouri and surrounding areas in mid-Missouri.
Description: JCHE is a Christian group operating by Christian principles,composed of families who have chosen to educate their children at home. Our purpose is to: •Provide support, encouragement, and fellowship to families who home educate in the Jefferson City area. •Provide activities for social and educational development •Offer information to families who are considering home education for their children
Requirements: Everyone is welcome.
Benefits: Although we recognize that homeschooling is a family affair, taught at home by the parents, our members organize activities to help round out the learning and provide social relationships. We have organized field trips, co-operative education (Co-op) classes, senior graduation, and monthly parent education support group meetings. Please view our website for a more complete list of benefits and activities.
Cost: $30/year

Dionna Ford
Geographic Area Serving: Kansas City Metro
Description: KC-CIRCLE (Kansas City Children Involved in a Respectful Cooperative Learning Environment) is a secular, respectful homeschooling cooperative that does not discriminate against anyone regarding religion, politics, race, gender, age, educational choices, or other differentiating factors.
Requirements: Classes run quarterly (December-February, March-May, June-August, September-November). To participate, families must offer at least one class, then families can take as many classes as desired. Classes can be for anyone - babies to adults, and they take place throughout the KC Metro on any day/time. KC-CIRCLE is a branch of LEARN.
Benefits: Educational support
Cost: $20 annual fee or $5/quarterly nonmember fee

Geographic Area Serving: Kansas City Metro
Description: LEARN Home Education Network provides secular support and resources to homeschooling families in Missouri and Kansas by providing regular meetings, social activities, information about homeschooling and legislative updates. LEARN families represent a wide diversity in our political, religious, cultural, socio-economic, lifestyle, and education practices.
Requirements: Annual membership fee is $20/family
Benefits: Weekly cooperative classes; active teen group; parties, talent show, other annual events; weekly recess activities
Cost: $20 annual fee or $10/semester nonmember fee for co-op classes only

Lebanon Area Homeschoolers
Margie White
Geographic Area Serving: Lebanon, Missouri
Description: The Lebanon Area Homeschoolers organization consists of several sub-groups: Fine Arts, Shared Learning, Athletics dept., Journalism dept, H.O.P.E. (Homeschool Organization of Parent Educators) and Field Trips/Activities. Fine Arts and Shared Learning is available the second and fourth Thursdays of the months of Sept., Oct., Feb., March, and April and the second Thursday in Nov. and Dec. We have approx. 50 + families participating with around 200 children in attendance. Visit our website for more information.
Requirements: It is required that the parents volunteer to help organize and staff the various activities that their children choose to get involved in. We are a Christian, 501-C3 organization with a board of elected directors overseeing the direction of the group.
Benefits: There are more activities to get involved with than you can do.We have a jr. high boys, varsity boys, jr. high girls, and varsity girls basketball teams, cheerleader squad, track teams, girls volleyball and possibly this year, a boys football team. We have a monthly field trip in the months of Sept, Oct., Nov., Feb., March, April. We offer a graduation ceremony for 8th grade and seniors. We have a Monday Night Thing every Monday night throughout the year in a gym in the winter months and in a local park in the summer months. The kids, parents, and older grads get together to play volleyball, basketball, or just hang out with their friends. We have Reel Dances 3-4 times a year. These are country group dances like the Virginia Reel. We publish a yearbook, newspaper and have weekly e-notes on what's going on. H.O.P.E. is the parent support group geared mainly to encourage new homeschooling families and to educate them about the law, etc. We encourage Christian Homeschooling in our local community with our Drama Troupe providing both fall and spring productions at our local Civic Center and by giving a free community concert in January produced by the several family bands in our group.
Cost: None

Life Connections Homeschool Co-op
Wanda Coley
Geographic Area Serving: Branson, Tri-Lake Area, Missouri
Description: We are a Christian, parent taught cooperative that meets once a week here in Branson. Our scheduled program for the day includes chapel, 3 classes, snack time and lunch fellowship. We have field trips and community service as well. All Christian families are welcome.
Requirements: We call ourselves a co-op because members cooperate to provide enriching experiences for their children and themselves. Every member shares in the benefits of our group, and every member is expected to volunteer as well. Who can join? You must be homeschooling your child full time (younger siblings are welcome) · take your commitment seriously, parents must be present at all times. Children may not be dropped off.
Benefits: Our goal is to offer Christian home schooling families social support, fun, and enriching educational activities. It is our goal to provide weekly lessons that will help supplement your individual homeschool curriculum. As Iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. Proverbs 27:17
Cost: $20/semester

Lost In The Woods
Jennifer Urbanic
Geographic Area Serving: Waynesville and St. Roberts Area
Description: We are a diverse group of people from varying regions of the country and world with a depth of knowledge and understanding often unique to a military base. We meet on Wednesdays to have fun, make memories and learn together.
Requirements: Parents must stay on site and volunteer in some way. Most of our classes have supply fees. We meet once a week.
Benefits: Activities and support.
Cost: $10/family yearly

Midwest Parent Educators
Christy Jolly
Geographic Area Serving: Kansas City metro and surrounding areas, Missouri and Kansas
Description: Midwest Parent Educators, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources, support and encouragement to home schooling families in the Kansas City and surrounding areas. MPE has around 1100 member families. In an attempt to restore the warmth and friendliness of a small group, the formation of cluster groups was initiated in the fall of 1990. These groups are, in essence, small support groups within the larger structure of MPE. Cluster group members plan field trips and other group activities; these activities provide opportunities for both parents and children to build relationships.
Requirements: No requirements apart from an interest in or currently homeschooling
Benefits: Membership in MPE includes a subscription to the newsletter, The Parent Educator, and access to events, functions, and cluster groups. Other benefits include: Informational meetings, $20 discount on HSLDA membership, Admission to annual MPE Conference, High school graduation ceremony (must meet certain criteria - call MPE office), Winter Women’s Retreat and Annual used curriculum sale.
Cost: $50 yearly

Missouri Association of Teaching Christian Homes, Inc.
Michael or Orilla Crider
Geographic Area Serving: State of Missouri
Description: MATCH is organized for the purpose of providing service and support to home educators and support groups within Missouri. Services include, but are not limited to, the following: 1. Providing assistance in the formation of local support groups throughout Missouri. 2. Informing members of the national and state laws and keeping them up-to-date on proposed changes to these laws. 3. Implementing strategies or activities necessary to protect the future freedoms of home educators in Missouri and in our nation. 4. Promoting the advantages of home education over alternative forms of education outside the home. 5. Helping to promote sound, high-quality home education programs for home educators for the purpose of developing Christ-like character, which will satisfy the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional growth needs of their children. 6. Reviewing and disseminating home education materials and information considered vital to home educators. 7. Publishing newsletters. 8. Planning and conducting periodic state home education conventions and other educational opportunities designed to provide information and training that will help parents and others involved with or interested in home education research and its publication. 9. Supporting accurate home education research and its publication.
Requirements: None
Benefits: 24 hr. Emergency Phone Line * CAT achievement test for $25 * A chance to be recognized in The National Society of High School Scholars and a chance to receive scholarships from the Claes Nobel Academic Scholarships * Receive a discount of 17% on HSLDA yearly membership fee * FULL access to ONLINE Convention * Fireside Helps (MATCH online newsletter) * Members Only website * Receive specials through newsletters and membership websites for puppet patterns from Puppets for Ministry. *Receive $6.00 off ($18 regular) for Home School Digest. This is a wonderful magazine!! * Receive Home School Enrichment for only $14.95/yr (worth it!) * Receive $4 off Homeschooling Today Magazine subscription * Receive 30 FREE helpful forms from Master Planner (must get them on the members website from the handbook area) * E-mail alert updates about pertinent legislative action and other important information * FREE ONLINE Missouri Homeschool Handbook * FREE online preparation material for the ACT test (worth $1,000/student) * FREE online access for GED preparation * Discounted membership for Support Leaders
Cost: $25 yearly in-state/$20 yearly out-of-state

Moberly Area Resolved Christian Homeschoolers
Alisa Howen
Ashley Moore
Geographic Area Serving: Moberly, MO and surrounding area
Description: We are a group of Christian Homeschoolers in the Moberly area that enjoy getting together for various group activities including PE, field trips, and other group get-togethers. We also host a co-op that group members can choose to participate in.
Requirements: Must be a homeschooling, Christian family.
Benefits: We meet together to provide fellowship and encouragement to each other as well as friendship and education for our children.
Cost: None for group

Amy Carreno
Kathy Messbarger
Geographic Area Serving: Kansas City Northland
Description: N.O.R.T.H. Northland Organization for Reaching and Teaching Homeschoolers is an organization of homeschooling families committed to providing educational and social opportunities, as well as support to the diverse group of homeschool families in the Kansas City Northland. We believe that parents are responsible for the education of their children with the authority to evaluate and select among educational alternatives. We strive toward open communication and understanding of one another. N.O.R.T.H. is secular and inclusive. www.northhomeschoolerskc.org www.facebook.com/NORTHHOMESCHOOLERSKC Thank you!
Requirements: Prospective members must currently have at least one homeschooled child between 4 years old and 19 years old, or are seriously considering transitioning their child(ren) from traditional school to homeschool within the year.
Benefits: Family Picnics, Group Educational Events, Fall Carnival, Fall/Spring Co-op Classes, Holiday Parties, Student Showcases, Science Fair, Member-led Field Trips, and much more.
Cost: $30 yearly/family

Network Of Alternative Homeschoolers - NOAH
Karen Boyer
Geographic Area Serving: State of Missouri
Description: N.O.A.H. is a Christian support group open to all homeschoolers. The definition of alternative means choice. We believe N.O.A.H. is a network of homeschoolers with a choice, but your final decision is between you and God. The Ark was filled with a variety of animals, just as N.O.A.H. is made up of many different homeschool families with a different viewpoint. The purpose of N.O.A.H. is to network with other homeschooling families by sharing our homeschooling experiences and resources. A couple of ways of sharing is through our newsletter and activities. Our mission is to serve homeschoolers looking at the common bond between us being homeschoolers and to build lasting friendships.
Requirements: In order for you to check out materials from the lending library you must subscribe to NOAH NEWS our support group newsletter.
Benefits: We offer a support group newsletter, membership card (free with paid newsletter subscription), e-mail updates, family directory, field trips, testing, reading programs, co-op, parties, lending library and playgroup.
Cost: None

North County Homeschoolers
Geographic Area Serving: North Saint Louis County, Missouri
Description: We are a secular group of North Saint Louis County Homeschoolers, right now there are 14 families, and we are hoping to grow larger. The children range in ages from 1 to 14 years old. We have a preschool/kindergarden co-op that rotates between the homes of the 6 families involved in this program. One of our parents is an ice skating teacher and teaches the kids ice skating for just the open skate price at the local rink. In the spring, summer & fall we usually are at the park 2-3 days a week. We felt the need to start this group because the Metro Saint Louis area is so large and sometimes the events planned by other boards were very far away from us. We have all different types of homeschoolers and we really enjoy meeting other homeschoolers.
Requirements: We are pretty loose on requirements, although we do ask that you live in North Saint Louis County and that you homeschool. We don't expect everyone to show up to every event or post every day, but just popping in to the board and letting us know you are still around would be great!
Benefits: We have done field trips such as going to the Columbia Bottom Conservation area, the Science Center, the Zoo, cultural nights at the Library, different kids programs at the Mills and lots of other places. We are open to any suggestions for field trips, we are very much a group and no one family is more important than the whole group. We also try to celebrate major holidays with a small party & crafts.
Cost: None

Northland Families Learning Together - NFLT
Geographic Area Serving: Kansas City metropolitan area, with most activities north of the Missouri River
Description: NFLT is a secular support group for home educators in the Greater Kansas City area. NFLT provides support, educational and social events to the Kansas City homeschooling community. This organization is inclusive and offers support to any homeschooling family regardless of religion, race, educational method, lifestyle, geographic location, or economic status.
Requirements: A one month trial membership is available. This trial gives a potential member access to our group forum and our activities for one month, during which time they can decide of our group is a good fit for their family. At the end of the month, the trial member has the option of paying the $25 membership dues or leaving the group.
Benefits: Access to group forum, voting privileges, membership directory, NFLT ID card, and continued attendance at NFLT events. NFLT has regular weekly, monthly, and seasonal activities. These include weekly playtime at a local community center, park days, parties for nearly every holiday, science and cultural expos, talent shows and more.
Cost: $25/year

Saint Joseph Home Educator Support Group
Geographic Area Serving: Saint Joseph, Missouri
Description: This is an informal group consisting of families in and around the St. Joseph, Missouri area. The group consists of both new and seasoned home school families. No formal membership registration is required. This group offers: spring and fall student enrichment classes, and e-mail loop, graduation ceremonies for High School, annual yearbook, and an informational web page. Meeting and class times are announced through e-mail loops and website. The group is open to people of all religions, however, the majority of the group is made up of those in the Christian faith, and many activities are hosted at local churches.
Requirements: This group has no requirements. However, the more parental involvement, the better the group. All activities are scheduled and coordinated by volunteers.
Benefits: Since there is no membership fee, the group benefits are not guaranteed. Please see the support group description for a list of our typical benefits. Of course, the major benefit is the social support and community that this group provides for home educating teachers and students alike.
Cost: None

SHARE (St. Louis Homeschooling Activities, Resources & Encouragement)
Cathy Mullins
Pat and Kerrie Tate
Geographic Area Serving: St. Louis, Missouri
Description: SHARE is an independent support group organized and operated by moms and dads who are homeschooling their children in the south area of St. Louis. The majority of us are Christians and we do start our activities with prayer, but our major focus is always on educational activities and helping families to stay informed of what is available to them that will enhance their homeschool. We hold monthly meetings at St. Andrew Catholic School, 309 Hoffmeister, St. Louis, MO 63125, each month (date varies). We have a very busy website--check it out: www.homeschool-life.com/mo/share). Our motto is "Honor God, Help Homeschoolers" and our goal is to help every family be the kind of homeschooling family that God wants them to be!
Requirements: Even though our leadership is Christian, we are open to homeschoolers of all faith.
Benefits: Website, Field trips, Parties, PE and Swim classes, Nursing Home Minsitry, Standardized Testing, concerts and theater performances, Project Fair, Talent Show, some academic classes, graduation ceremonies (K, 8th & 12th), New Homeschooler Seminars, Mom's Night Out, monitoring of legislation, reading incentive programs, Drama group, band, and whatever else anyone want to do!
Cost: $15 yearly

SHELL Representative
Geographic Area Serving: Springfield, Missouri
Description: SHELL, Springfield Home Education Learning for a Lifetime, is an inclusive group of active homeschoolers in and around the Springfield, Missouri area. Our emphasis is on homeschooling. We welcome homeschoolers of all ages, genders, races, and beliefs. We meet regularly with the emphasis on providing social, fun experiences in a positive environment. Our group is managed and operated entirely by member volunteers.
Requirements: Must be an active homeschooling family
Benefits: Regular social events such as park days and group activities
Cost: None

SHEM - Southwest Home Education Ministry
Teri Shepard or Brad Givler
Geographic Area Serving: Ozarks of Southwest Missouri and surrounding areas
Description: SHEM seeks to minister to homeschooling families in the Ozarks of Southwest Missouri and surrounding areas by sponsoring various activities; such as an annual convention, used curriculum sales, new homeschooler information meetings, health fair which includes hearing & vision screening; to work in a cooperative manner with other home-schooling organizations which promote benefits for, and freedom to home educate; and to inform the public of current laws relating to home education.
Requirements: There is no formal membership. Homeschoolers are welcome to participate in any and all activities.
Benefits: SHEM acts as a hub of Information for various activities such as: Convention, Health Fair for Hearing & Vision screening, Graduation, Used Curriculum sales, New Homeschoolers' orientation, area Co-ops and numberous other events.
Cost: None

Springfield Secular Home Educators
Terry Roberts
Geographic Area Serving: Springfield area, Missouri
Description: Welcome to Springfield Secular Home Educators! We are a group of homeschooling families who homeschool for our own personal reasons, wants and needs. This is not a group based on politics or religion. We invite all to join us and want all to participate in activities. We will get together for regular park days, craft/game days and field trips. We offer book club, Spanish club and Science club. This group is for all children and, although we may have certain activities that are age specific, we focus on inclusion not exclusion. If this sounds like what you are looking for, come join us for a lot of fun.
Requirements: You must either be homeschooling or wanting to homeschool to join. Please do not try to join just to advertise your business.
Benefits: Lots of interaction between children and between parents and plenty of support
Cost: None

St. Louis Homeschool Network
Debbie Caldwell-Miller
Geographic Area Serving: St. Louis Metro area including IL side
Description: We are a support group for homeschooling families and an information source for prospective homeschoolers. The group is diverse with many religious, political and educational philosophies. The group focus is exclusively on homeschooling.
Requirements: Must attend one of our meetings to join.
Benefits: We offer twice monthly meetings along with special events throughout the year. We also have a wonderful Learning Cooperative that runs in the fall and spring semesters.
Cost: $18 per year