So-Soo-Yoo Math Game

We received a neat game to review a few weeks ago.  It came in a tube mailer!  I was puzzled.  When I opened the tube mailer and emptyed the contents onto the table, here is what I saw:
Instead of figuring out how to play with a hubby and 4 kids looking on impatiently, I took a few minutes to attempt to figure it out.  It is a bit of a complicated game in the beginning, but it can be easily modified to the ability of different players.  We played with a 8 year old, a 6 year old and then mommy and daddy (with a little “help” from a 3 year old and 1 year old). 
The game is designed to help the player recognize prime numbers and common factors among the non-primes.  Our first go at this game, we attempted to explain some things to our oldest, but it was late.  So we didn’t get in too deep.  We allowed our 6 year old to just use the game as number recognition but he SHOCKED us when he told his older brother where he could move when his older brother couldn’t figure it out! 
The object is to gather either a rainbow of rings or all of your color rings.  It is easier and quicker to go after the rainbow (since there are only 6 of those).
Even though we did NOT play the game to its fullest potential nor exactly correctly, it was a great number game and we will play it again.  It is VERY versatile and 3 different levels can play and succeed at this game!

Price: $29 plus $5 shipping and handling

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