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This clever app keeps kids entertained while they are learning and they don’t even realize they are learning! Try the first five puzzles for free. Sign them up and let them choose what they want to “play”. You can sit back and enjoy them learning without whining….

is such an easy app to maneuver. It works on iPad’s and iPod’s through the App Store and available for download on an android device. It is very easy to download and sign up. This takes about 30 seconds (depending on your download speeds). There are vast amounts of puzzles to complete from an enormous list of categories. There’s everything from Math (grade levels included), Government, sports, Science, Religion, to Geography!

My family was intrigued by the puzzles and started a competition in our household to see who could beat who with timers! Friendly competition between siblings, young and old! We even caught dad playing a few games. Mom and dad even tried to beat each other in the 'Word Choices' on choosing the proper word with the correct spelling for each sentence. Mom won!

This is a very unique way to learn and there is literally something for everyone! Our son is in the military and we enjoyed playing the geography games to learn about where he was traveling and to see how well we knew how the country was put together. You can learn about the U.S. or world countries!

I highly recommended for use in your homeschooling curriculum. This would be great for quizzes and getting them ready for test on thigs such as capitals for the U.S. Constitution tests and the math puzzles are such a great change from the old “flash card” method! The kids like to see how fast they can get them completed correctly. Nothing wrong with a little bit of family competition especially when they are LEARNING!

I love the way the site it laid out and how easy it is to get around and get going on things for the kids. It does take some time as a parent to go through and find the puzzles that will work with your curriculum. You are sure to find something that will work for EVERY subject! There’s even some fun non-essential puzzles like clean jokes that you have to figure out how the sentence goes together!


Maple Canyon Co.
Mobile App
Recommended ages: 5 and up
Price of Product: Free for first 5 puzzles, very cheap ones after that
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Reviewer Biography
Sheri Hartell is a mother of 5 children and has one grandchild. She’s had experience in the homeschooling world for about 16 years. Current ages of children who review the product are 16, two 10 year olds and a slightly over school age child of 48 and his partner in crime at 44! Homeschooling is very enjoyable when you see that “light bulb” go off when you’re not drilling them to learn, but when they “get it” themselves! Then you know you’ve done well!

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