~ Brain in A Bag ~

My children and I were both excited when opening our bright blue, “brain embossed” school bag from Brain In A Bag for our review. Inside you will find a jumping rope, juggling balls, large marbles, wooden sticks and paddles, foam bricks, poker chips, a stretching belt, (that comes with instructions), ping pong balls, and stacking cups.   Also included are two demonstration DVD’s, (one for the stacking cups activity and one for how to use the entire Brain In A Bag program), as well as written instructions on how to use all the tools and how to properly do handwriting.

At once, my 11 year old grabbed the green stacking cups.  We watched the “Stack Fast, Speed Stacks Stacker Training” DVD and listened to host Jenny Vieira, member of the Speed Stacks Demo Team one of the fastest sport stacking teams in the world, teach us step by step how to stack our cups.  My daughter enjoyed learning how to use the stacking cups for just the sheer enjoyment of how cool it looks and sounds to see the cups fall into place.  Jenny, the instructor tells us that this sport uses both sides of your brain and body, improves eye-hand coordination and improves concentration.  She also enjoys using the jump rope, and the foam juggling blocks.  These both take a lot of practice and persistence!

My fifteen year old daughter thought the ping pong balls and wooden paddles would be a breeze to try. We began watching the “Brain In A Bag, Whole Brain Thinking” DVD, to see how to use the paddles and ball properly.  Dean Brittenham starts the DVD by telling us to “grow your brain”, and “perfection of these drills, skills, movements and activities will have YOU on YOUR way to BRILLIANCE, GENIUS AND WISDOM!” We felt inspired to watch almost all the activities using all the tools shown right then.  After she worked the paddles and ball for 15 minutes she was tired with a grin on her face; her brain felt challenged!

I decided to try the marbles.  The Brain In a Bag is recommended all ages so I thought my 45 year old brain could use some exercise.  A small addiction immersed, and after two weeks I was able to rotate 2 balls in each hand, clockwise and counter-clockwise at the same time!  I also love to challenge my family at using the foam blocks.  After two weeks, I am much more consistent with flipping them in the proper direction!

This program is a family fun time!  It’s great to challenge the entire family, and you are not only getting physically fit but also really working your mind.  
I feel the age range for this product should be age 5 to older adult.  I enjoyed Mr. Brittenham’s instructional DVD’s, literature and website.  It’s truly inspiring to read and hear that we are using both sides of our brain and becoming smarter by doing the flips, turns, jumps, juggles and skips with the program. 

The only improvements I would suggest to Mr. Brittenham for Brain In A Bag would be to have separate instructions targeted for younger children.  These tools are fun for the whole family but it would be beneficial to see younger children doing the exercises and brain growing activities.

Brain In A Bag is $125
available from http://braininabag.com/
This is an excellent value considering that this program can give a lifetime of fun and exercise for the whole family. 

Reviewer Biography
Jen Midkiff is homeschooling Mom to Diana and Luke age 15 years and Rachel 11 years old.  They have been homeschooling since the older children were toddlers.  Jen loves the flexibility of learning what you want to learn, when you want to learn it; that comes with homeschooling.

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