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Recommended Blogs

Words for the Journey
Jan Pierce, a retired teacher and reading specialist encourages parents in the culture of their home. Thoughts revolve around best practices in learning, parenting and educational choices.

BJ's Homeschool
Betsy Sproger is a Veteran Homeschooler, unit study loving mom to a 17yo.
She offers Homeschool Consulting to families, at "My Homeschool Consulting, and advise on homeschooling towards college in her blog series called Our Steps to College.
Keyboard Classroom ~ Old Dog New Tricks
Carrie Shaw is President of Keyboard Classroom, a unique, fluency based learn-to-type program. Carrie's blog is all about teaching your child to type.

Dennis Trittin
shares practical pearls of life wisdom on his weekly blog for those who influence young people. Drawn from his book, "What I Wish I Knew at 18: Life Lessons for the Road Ahead," Dennis offers inspirational insights and stories to help build the leaders of tomorrow. Whether involving leadership topics like life perspective, character, relationships, communication, and productivity or key life decisions like college, career, family, and finances, his blogs are engaging and relevant.

Josh Rappaport writes about the “nuts-and-bolts” of teaching math.  Josh also leads workshops on math education at homeschooling conferences., and tutors homeschoolers using SKYPE
Are We Really Doing This?
Thirty-something wife to the love of her life and best friend for 11 years and momma to 4 AMAZING kids. Recently moved half way across the country and have decided to homeschool my kids! This started out as a way to get her thoughts down on our move/adventure...and at the request of family and friends. Enjoy a peek into their life: complete with tips, recipes, reviews, & ideas!! 
Handstand Kids

Kids recipes from around the world. The Handstand Kids Cookbooks help children travel the world, one recipe at a time. The Handstand Kids Cookbook Company creates international cookbook kits that introduce children to the culture, language, and cuisine of a new country.

Throwing Marshmallows
Throwing Marshmallows blog is by a liberal-minded homeschool mom who is constantly trying to find that elusive state of balance in her life while enjoying her two energetic, yet vastly different boys. She has complied a great book list and information about homeschooling in Virginia.

Your Child Your Choice
Chad Fridal this blog about getting the perspective on public schools.
An Unschooling Life
An Unschooling Life follows a multiracial family of five's unschooling journey and also gives encouragement and advice to those who want to start on this path. This blog is also home to Unschooling Voices, the unschooling blog carnival. Many great resources to help with decisions about unschooling.
Connect The Thoughts
A blog for homeschoolers and others who want to know why education does not work today in most schools or for most homeschoolers, and what can be done about it.
Tutordoctor is all about building study skills confidence and grades.  We realize that learning happens everywhere, and that you can learn from everything. Tutordoctor Blog is about YOU and YOUR family becoming smarter.