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Texas: Support Groups
Alto Area Home Educators
Lisa Allums
Geographic Area Serving: Alto, Texas
Description: We are open to anyone interested in or currently homeschooling. We are here to support homeschooling families in any way possible. We offer a local group in our community as well as an internet group open for any discussion or information concerning homeschooling families. We believe that in unity there is strength and together we can make it better! Our goals are to open doors to all home educators to see that even a small town benefits from a homeschool support group. We network with surrounding homeschool groups to better the education and socialization of our children. All ages welcome.
Requirements: We have strong beliefs and let our light shine to all we come in contact with. We do not push our beliefs on anyone. We are a homeschool community and not a religious order. We are a christian group however, we do not discriminate and invite all to join us for the betterment of all families who choose the road less travelled.
Benefits: We have monthly newsletters with current events for homeschoolers, monthly workshops for beginners and/or refreshers, field trips, planned activity days, play days.
Cost: None

Alvin Area HomeSchool Families
Kelly Stinson
Geographic Area Serving: Alvin, Angleton, Clear Lake, Friendswood, Manvel, Pearland, Texas
Description: This group is for homeschooling families to connect with one another so that we can enjoy getting together just to visit or to share learning experiences and activities. We would also like to explore the possibilities of planning field trips or co-op classes in the future. And we would like to offer support for each other as we educate our children at home.
Requirements: This list is not restricted to Christians but does have a Christian foundation. Anti-Christian sentiments have no place in this group and will not be allowed.
Benefits: We have Park Days; game days (usually we play RISK!; but other games as well); book discussions; Moms' Night Out if there is enough interest; Girls' Night Out (mothers and daughters) if there is interest. We have an email list where we can communicate, encourage, and support each other. The link for that list is https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/AlvinAreaHSFam/info Other activities will be planned.
Cost: None

Arbor Homeschool Group (AHG)
Toni McKinley
Geographic Area Serving: North and NW Austin, Texas
Description: The ARBOR HOMESCHOOL GROUP (AHG) is an support group whose mission is to provide enrichment, socialization and support for the entire homeschool family. Our group meets weekly for play days and monthly for field trips. The ages of our children run from infants to graduating teens. Email if you have more questions about the group.
Requirements: AHG warmly welcomes homeschool families throughout North Austin to our membership. However, we are mainly a Christian group but do not exclude people from other beliefs and practices. There is no statement of faith that needs to be signed. To begin receiving information about the groups activities you must have met someone in the group.
Benefits: We provide weekly play dates, monthly field trips, occasional library presentation days, support from seasoned homeschool moms and presentation days.
Cost: None

ARCH - Apostolate of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers
Monique Close
Geographic Area Serving: Greater Houston area
Description: ARCH is a family-to-family apostolate located within the boundaries of the Diocese of Galveston-Houston and is faithful and loyal to the Dogmas and infallible Magisterium of the Catholic Church and the Roman Pontiff. The purpose of ARCH is to provide support for Catholic homeschooling families through a network of friends and to provide aid to the parents as they fulfill their vocations as the primary educators of their children. In addition,
Requirements: ARCH requests a small yearly dues of $20 per family, although no family will be denied membership due to financial hardship. The funds from the dues are used to underwrite our Annual Curriculum Fair and other activities throughout the year such as a Father-Daughter Dance and a Family Picnic.
Benefits: ARCH offers area wide activities such as a Back to School Mass, Curriculum Fair, End of the Year Picnic and Mass, and a Graduation Mass.
Cost: $20 yearly/family

Austin Home Educators
Jim Bob Howard
Geographic Area Serving: Austin, Texas
Description: Austin Home Educators is actually two YahooGroups: AusHmEd-Announce and AusHmEd-Discuss. As the names imply, one (Announce) is exclusively for announcements. Anyone may join, but the announcements are moderated to avoid SPAM. The other (Discuss) is more of a community where you can discuss things with your fellow homeschoolers. Membership is restricted to those who have sent an introduction. After that, the discussion is unmoderated.
Requirements: When you join, you will receive a standard letter of welcome (via e-mail) telling you about the list. From that time on, you will receive all mail (postings) sent to the list by its members. You may follow the discussions or join in on them. If you respond, you can send your response to the list (in which case all members of the list will receive it), or to an individual on the list. You can signoff (unsubscribe) from a list at any time.
Benefits: Best advice around, from experience and new homeschoolers; Calendar of events; Database of support groups and homeschool businesses; Bookmarks of home school mom (and dad) recommended links
Cost: None

Austin Well-Trained Mind/Charlotte Mason
AWTM Representative
Geographic Area Serving: Austin, Texas
Description: All Austin, Texas Area homeschool families who have been inspired by " The Well-Trained Mind" by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer are welcome to discuss issues involving homeschooling our children in the classical method. Discussions involving the use of Charlotte Mason methods and other classical interpreters are also encouraged. All ages from infants to veteran homeschoolers in the midst of the grammar, logic or rhetoric stages are encouraged to join us, as are all faiths. We are an inclusive group.
Requirements: Local Austin home business spam that benefits parenting and home-educating is allowed, though it may be forbidden at the moderator's discretion. Introductions are required , and no flaming will be tolerated.
Benefits: Park days, curriculum viewing meetings
Cost: None

BAHA - Brazos Area Homeschool Association
BAHA Representative
Geographic Area Serving: Brazos Valley Region, Texas
Description: Brazos Area Homeschool Association (BAHA) engages in three types of activities to further its goal as a resource for the homeschooling community in the Brazos area. First, it will sponsor, plan and support academic events throughout the year. Second, it will assist new, or new-to-the-area, homeschoolers. Finally, it will provide forums and events that benefit the entire homeschool community. BAHA provides all Brazos-area homeschoolers with: homeschool information and support through a central web site and other public forums, assistance in starting and continuing home study through lectures, mentoring programs, publications, special programs, and a sponsoring organization to facilitate homeschool activities and support groups. The principles we believe are: Parents have the right to choose home study as a means of educating their children; Parents have the right to determine the methods, structure, and content of their home study program; All individuals, regardless of religious beliefs, race, national origin, or educational methods who wish to advance BAHA's mission are welcomed to participate. BAHA is not a support group. Homeschoolers are encouraged to seek support from associations of like-minded homeschoolers. BAHA is not designed to usurp the role of such support groups.
Requirements: A responsible adult must be home educating at least one child in the state of Texas, although BAHA mainly serves home educating families in the Brazos Valley region. NO statement of faith; NO membership fees.
Benefits: Newsletters; planned field trips; calendar of regional events on website; a website to disburse information of interest to home educators in Texas and particularly the Brazos Valley region; forums on website to discuss needs, interests, etc.; provides ability to participate in activities which need an 'umbrella' type group to register under; member Educator ID cards.
Cost: None

BASH: Bexar/Atascosa Secular Homeschoolers
Kathleen Dougherty
Nicole Richardson
Geographic Area Serving: South San Antonio and surrounding areas
Description: BASH is a non profit, 501(c)(3), organization developed to bring homeschoolers in Bexar and Atascosa counties together for fun and education. We primarily serve south San Antonio and surrounding areas but we welcome anyone who want to join our activities. There is no religious or spiritual requirement, no statement of faith is required. All faiths and belief systems are welcome. We have Christians, Pagans, Agnostics, Atheists... Our goal is friendship, fun and education without having to declare a religious philosophy. We also have a large array of educational philosophies and are an all inclusive group. All are welcome. We will enjoy: Social activities Field trips Park days Sporting teams Science Fair Art Show International festival Holiday parties Talent show Co-Op classes Support ...and more!
Requirements: Those who are homeschoolers or thinking of homeschooling, We are all inclusive, no statement of faith required
Benefits: Social activities, Field trips, Park days, Sporting teams, Science Fair, Art Show, International festival, Holiday parties, Talent show, Co-Op classes, Support ...and more!
Cost: $25/family yearly

Bell County Christian Home Educators Association
Geographic Area Serving: Bell County
Description: BCCHEA is comprised of individuals or families who are providing a Christ-centered education in the home. We believe that our children are gifts from God and that, as parents, we are fully responsible for: Their education Instilling Godly character Training our children by instruction and example to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love their neighbor as themselves. (Deut. 6:*9; Prov. 22:6; Eph. 6:4; Luke 10:27) The objectives of BCCHEA shall be to provide the opportunity for fellowship and exchange among homeschooling families and those interested in home education through: Providing moral support in educational matters, Exchanging resource and curriculum ideas, Sponsoring field trips and group activities, Establishing a network for communication of political and legal information.
Requirements: Members must agree to BCCHEA's Constitution, Purpose & Biblical Basis and General Release documents.
Benefits: Network of Christian homeschooling families who enjoy meeting together and sharing ideas Annual Socials and Summer Water Park Party Monthly Field Trips for all ages Park Days Access to BCCHEA website hosted by Homeschool-Life.com: On-line Member Directory Calendar of Events Member Forums Classifieds & Used Curriculum Page Homeschool Business Directory Helpful Homeschool Links & Resources Weekly email with upcoming events in the homeschool community Meetings and events planned by our members Graduation and much more!
Cost: $20 yearly

Christian Home Education Association of Central Texas - CHEACT
Geographic Area Serving: Austin & Central Texas
Description: CHEACT is a Regional Support Group. Members receive area discounts and member discounts to used curriculum fairs and annual summer conference. CHEACT also supports and encourages co-ops and support groups in the area.
Requirements: Sign our statement of faith
Benefits: Whether you are a home schooling parent, a concerned grandparent, a caring neighbor, pastor or business leader-- if you are concerned about safeguarding, promoting and encouraging home schooling that glorifies God in Central Texas, then a CHEACT membership is The BEST WAY to join the cause.
Cost: $25 yearly

Christian Home Educators Family Support [CHEFS] of Hunt County, TX
Gina Brookshire
Debi Nimrichter
Geographic Area Serving: Hunt County, Texas
Description: First and foremost, we desire to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in all that we do. We strive to be an encouragement to one another as we educate and disciple our children. We are comprised of home schooling families who come together to encourage one another and volunteer to share our efforts and goals.
Requirements: We are a private, membership-based, dues supported organization. Monthly meetings are open to members and prospective members. Children are welcome to attend with parents. Light refreshments will be served. Agreement with our statement of faith is required to join.
Benefits: We offer field trips, fellowships, and co-operative classes for preschool through 12th grade. Membership benefits include private website access, member directory, participation in CHEFS events, co-op and a yearbook.
Cost: $25 yearly

Christian Home School Co-op of Wilson County (CHCWC)
Diana Ortiz
Geographic Area Serving: LaVernia, Texas
Description: We are a conservative Christian homeschooling co-op that provides parent lead classes to enrich our children's education in a safe and nurturing environment that allows for both children and adults the opportunity for positive socialization. We meet once a week on Wednesdays, 12 weeks twice a year. Class choices change each semester depending on what each parent decides to teach. There is a small supply fee for each class you choose. All ages are welcome but parent must be actively Home schooling at least one child 4 years or older. Nursery is available for younger siblings.
Requirements: You are required to commit to attend every week for the 12 week semester unless there is an emergency or illness in your family. More than 2 absences will be just cause for you to withdrawl for that semester. We cannot run classes without teachers.
Benefits: We are a co-op meeting the needs for socialization of both parents and children who homeschool. We provide classes that a parent may need to supplement to their homeschooling.
Cost: $25 yearly

Christian Homeschool Educators Co-op (CHEC)
Brenda Allegrezza
Geographic Area Serving: Longview, Texas and surrounding area
Description: We are a group of around 130 Christian families who have come together to support each other in our calling to homeschool our children by sharing our gifts and talents. And in that pursuit, we hope to encourage each family to reach for God's individual and best plan for them. We praise the Lord that he has brought us together!
Requirements: Being a Christian
Benefits: We offer field trips, newsletters, e-group, library, monthly meetings, co-ops, special speakers, field days and more.
Cost: $30 yearly

Christian Homeschoolers at Play (CHAP)
Geographic Area Serving: Georgetown, Texas and surrounding area.
Description: This is a group that offers free or cheap field trips. We will have a PE class once a week that teaches children large group games such as freeze tag, kickball, Red Rover, Relay races, and much more! We will also have park days and other activities throughout the year.
Requirements: This group is open to Christian Homeschool Families wanting to teach their children through real life experiences and who want to make new lasting friendships.
Benefits: Field trips, park days and other social activities
Cost: None

Coastal Bend Home Educators - CBHE
Michelle Curren
Geographic Area Serving: Coastal Bend area (just north of Corpus Christi), Texas
Description: CBHE is a Christian group, serving the coastal bend (just north of Corpus Christi) area of Texas. Our members primarily live in Portland, Ingleside, Aransas Pass and Rockport. We have park days twice a month at area parks.
Requirements: Signed statement of faith
Benefits: Newsletters, field trips, field trips, park days, family nights
Cost: $18 yearly

Collin County Homeschool Playgroup
Geographic Area Serving: Collin County (Plano), Texas
Description: Two park days a week (rotating locations throughout Collin County). Online support. Fun focused field trips. Friends, no fees.
Requirements: Be actively homeschooling or considering homeschooling. Attend any park day to join. Must reply to semi-annual check ins.
Benefits: Park days, bowling, games day, friendship, and online support including information about events open to all homeschoolers in the area
Cost: None

Common Ground Homeschoolers -Dallas
Geographic Area Serving: Dallas area
Description: Common Ground Homeschoolers offers homeschooling families the opportunity for activities and interaction, support and friendship. We offer clubs, park days, mom's nights, cooperative classes and more. Common Ground Homeschoolers is an inclusive group that is open to families in Dallas and areas east and north of Dallas.
Requirements: Common Ground Homeschoolers does not discriminate against race, religion, political views, family dynamic or sexual orientation. Common Ground has a strict no-bullying policy. We are dedicated to preserving a peaceful and accepting community in which to respectfully support and foster lifelong learning and friendship.
Benefits: Activities and support
Cost: $25

Conroe Homeschool Group
Geographic Area Serving:
Description: This is a inclusive relaxed homeschool group in the Conroe and surrounding areas. We have weekly park days, monthly moms nights out, twice a year feild days, monthly feild trips, and meetings every other week. Are main focus is to support each other in our homeschooling journey, as well as let our children make life long friends. We are here to answer all and any questions that you may have and if we can't answer them then we will help you find the answer.
Requirements: Just reasonable behavior :) We are pretty relaxed.
Cost: None at this time

Crossroads Home Educated Children - C.H.E.C.
Geographic Area Serving: Victoria and surrounding areas, Texas
Description: C.H.E.C is a local non-profit Christian based support group serving families in the Crossroads area who have made the decision to homeschool their children. C.H.E.C. offers so many wonderful academic and social activities for your children of all ages. C.H.E.C. seeks to be inclusive, reaching out to any and all who need support and encouragement in the area of homeschooling.
Requirements: C.H.E.C. accepts ALL applicants regardless of age, race, religion or lack of religion.
Benefits: C.H.E.C. offers Choir, drama, art, golf lessons, Science Olympiad, competitive basketball and volleyball, Spelling Bee, Math Counts, Science Fair, Geography Fair, Park Day, P.E., a yearbook, many many field trips, and even a Graduation Ceremony. If you don't see an activity listed that you would like provided for you or your child, join and help us get it started!
Cost: $25 yearly

Cypress Homeschool Association
Maggie Sullivan
Geographic Area Serving: Northwest Houston area - Cypress, Katy, Spring, Houston, Tomball, Waller, Hockley, Magnolia
Description: Cypress Homeschool Association (CHA) is an inclusive support group dedicated to homeschool families in Cypress, Texas and surrounding areas. Our group offers weekly park days, several field trips each month, holiday parties, co-op, a teen group, scholarship program, graduation and more. We have over 250 families whose children range from babies to graduating seniors.
Requirements: Requirements to join CHA are that you must be homeschooling at least one of your children, fill out an annual application, and pay an annual fee which goes to the lowering of field trip costs for our group.Annual membership application and $30 fee
Benefits: CHA offers a newsletter, planned field trips bi-monthly, park days, co-ops, teen group, Mom's night out, mentor meetings, group parties throughout the year, scholarship program, graduation, various clubs, International Fest, Science Fair, and more. Membership fees go toward cost of parties and discounts on field trips.
Cost: $30 yearly

Dallas Muslim Homeschoolers Association
Noor Saadeh
Zeba Siddiqui
Geographic Area Serving: Dallas, Plano, Richardson, Garland, Texas
Description: An evolving Homeschool Support group for Muslim parents who are educating their kids at home, or even thinking about HSing. In addition to on-line support and advice, we offer seminars twice a year, monthly bowling in Plano, and other get-togethers. Email us!
Requirements: None
Benefits: As listed above
Cost: None

Denton County Home School Association (DCHSA)
DCHSA Representative
Geographic Area Serving: Denton County, Texas
Description: We are a group of approx. 260 homeschool families in Denton County. Our member families include brand new homeschoolers and "veterans," families with young children, older teens, and everything in between. Please visit our website for complete information and online membership application.
Requirements: DCHSA was founded by evangelical Christians. Most of our members are Christian, but members are not required to agree to any particular beliefs. (Board members do sign a statement of faith.)
Benefits: The most important benefit you will receive as an association member is the opportunity to enjoy fellowship with other likeminded families. Here are some other benefits you'll receive: * Monthly Newsletter * Field Trips * Phone Support * Discounted Membership in HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) * Cultural Activities (plays, concerts, etc.) * Achievement Testing * Curriculum Swaps * Athletic Activities (basketball, soccer, etc.) * Educator's Discounts at Area Bookstores
Cost: $20 yearly

DFWSaFE for Teens (Dallas/Ft. Worth School-Free Education Zone)
DFWSaFE-Teens Representative
Geographic Area Serving: Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, Texas
Description: The DFW School-Free Education Zone for TEENS is a progressive, secular unschoolers' support group for parents/families of teens in the DFW Metroplex and surrounding North Texas areas. As unschoolers, we believe that child-led learning is preferable to coerced curriculum-use. We welcome veeery relaxed eclectic home-learners or people contemplating unschooling. We are not a religious-oriented group, so we have no "statement offaith." No one cares if you are Catholic, Hindu, Atheist or Pagan.
Requirements: We have no board of directors, no dues, no business meetings, and no rules. We have members of varied spiritual beliefs, lifestyles, and ethnic origins, and we celebrate and take joy in learning from each other's differences.
Benefits: We network and share information on anything of interest for our teens, including learning resources and opportunities, volunteerism, job and college prep for unschoolers, and, of course, social activities and FUN.
Cost: None

DFWSaFE Zone (Dallas/Ft. Worth School-Free Education Zone)
Leslie Harris
Geographic Area Serving: Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, Texas
Description: The DFW School-Free Education Zone is a PROGRESSIVE, secular support group for parents/guardians of unschoolers. We are pretty relaxed about pretty much everything. As we are a secular group, we have no statement of faith" or biblical mandates to follow. We don't care if you are Catholic, Atheist, Hindu, or Pagan.
Requirements: We have no board of directors, no dues, no business meetings, and no rules. We have members of varied spiritual beliefs, lifestyles, and ethnic origins, and we celebrate and take joy in learning from each other's differences.
Benefits: We share learning resources have regular park days, seasonal parties, field trips, "meet & greets," volunteer opportunities, and other events. We have online discussion.
Cost: None

Eagle Mountain Area Christian Home Educators - EMACHE
Mayra Bremer
Geographic Area Serving: Eagle Mountain Area, Azle, Fort Worth, Saginaw, Lake Worth, Springtown, Boyd, Poolville, Weatherford
Description: We are a small homeschool support group. We are a Christian group. We provide field trips, family fellowships and PE.
Requirements: Christian group. Membership application. $25 fee
Benefits: field trips, relevant homeschooling information, family fellowships, recitals, dramas
Cost: $25

ECCHO (Ellis County Christian Homeschool Organization)
Geographic Area Serving: Ellis County, Texas
Description: ECCHO is a Christian support group for home educators in and around Ellis County, Texas. The group is comprised of about 80 families with children of all ages.
Requirements: As a Christian group, ECCHO does have a statement of faith. All voting members must sign this statement; however, homeschooling families are welcome to join the group as nonvoting members. ECCHO is a cooperative effort, so all members are asked to contribute in some way.
Benefits: Co-op classes, Mom's Night Out, Field trips, Teen Night, 4-H, and other activities are offered.
Cost: $20 yearly

F.I.C.H.E. Families Investing in Christian Home Education
Kevin & Twila Vander-Plas
Geographic Area Serving: State of Texas
Description: F.I.C.H.E. is a local support group committed to providing support, encouraging each other in academics and Christian living, providing fellowship opportunities and developing meaningful relationships. Our Statement of Mission, Vision and Purpose is to create and develop a network of families coming together with the ultimate goal being the equipping of our children to function as Godly, mature, productive citizens - serving God and their community.
Requirements: F.I.C.H.E. requires the completion of a Fellowship Application, with agreement to abide in harmony. We trust that all members will not only benefit from the group, but will invest themselves into the group as an asset.
Benefits: F.I.C.H.E. provides excellent contact between members. We have an established e-group as well as being in the process of building a website. Monthly activities include: Mom's Night Out, Family Fellowship Night, and a Teen Activity. We are involved in the regional network - HEART of West Texas, and thereby participate in Benefit Walks, Annual Spring Flings, Used Curriculum Sales as well as many other activities. Our group also helps to sponsor Lubbock's 'Smoothing The Way,' a group for new homeschoolers, which meets monthly for seminars taught by veteran parents.
Cost: $25 yearly

First Class Northwest Houston
Geographic Area Serving: Houston Northwest and surrounding area
Description: First Class Homeschool Ministries exists to connect homeschooling families through a network of independent Christian homeschool cooperatives. We are also a resource center where members can find practical and spiritual information to assist them in their commitment to homeschooling. First Class is designed to operate as a ministry of the local church.
Requirements: Join First Class national and then First Class Northwest Houston. Explanation on website
Benefits: At First Class, we believe that homeschoolers are at their best when they're connected with other homeschooling families. FC Northwest Houston desires to be a place where homeschooling families can find friendship, academic enrichment, information and encouragement right in our community!
Cost: $50 yearly

FLAIR (Family Learning And Instructive Reinforcement)
FLAIR Representative
Geographic Area Serving: Fort Bend County, Texas
Description: FLAIR is a fully inclusive homeschool family co-op which meets in the Sugar Land, TX area. Our members work diligently together to provide quality social and educational activities to augment their family-based learning.
Requirements: FLAIR is a busy co-operative group in which all members commit to actively participate with their children as well as plan and implement educational activities throughout the year (a minimum 12-week leadership commitment per year).
Benefits: All members benefit from sharing their talents and interests in order to develop a full calendar of fun, hands-on learning in a wide variety of exciting topics for the whole family. We also enjoy regular park days, field trips, parties, family events, online communication, etc.
Cost: $12 yearly

Flames Activities Association
Ginger McMullin
Geographic Area Serving: Amarillo, Texas
Description: The Flames Activities Association is a home school sports association. We organize team sports as well as exercise groups for home schooled children. Our focus is on building character through sports.
Requirements: Members must agree to abide to certain character standards, such as: No bad language and modest dress. All members must participate or "buyout" of scheduled fundraisers. These are necessary to pay non-sports related costs. While we do not charge a membership fee, each sport does have a cost associated with it. These fees cover gym rental, uniforms, equipment. We do our best to keep these costs reasonable and also offer opportunities for your student to participate in fundraisers to cover their expenses.
Benefits: We offer a positive and fun way to build character. Along with the team sports experience we also have special events such as picnics, shoot around (fun and free basketball time), end of season parties, and an awards banquet. Many of these events are free.
Cost: No membership fees / Sports have related fees

Freedom Homeschool
nancy austin
Geographic Area Serving: Cedar Creek Lake Area/Seven Points and Surrounding Towns
Description: Freedom Homeschool is for anyone who wants to join. Tolerance is our only requirement. We're a new group as of Nov. 2011. We'll be making arts and crafts, watching family movies this winter and park days will start in the spring. Welcome to all.
Requirements: Acceptance To All
Benefits: While this isn't an academic co-op, we will still be learning a lot of practical skills in the arts and going on nature hikes as well as a variety of other activities.
Cost: None

GCCHS Gulf Coast Christian Home Scholars
Geographic Area Serving: We serve all of SE Houston (Harris County), North Galveston County, Brazoria County, and more. Clear Lake, Friendswood, League City, Dickinson, Webster, Pearland, Alvin, Kemah, Seabrook, etc.
Description: GCCHS, Inc. is an inclusively Christian homeschooling support group. We are Christian in our approach to this group, homeschooling, and life in general. The leadership of this group agrees to a statement of faith prior to serving and agrees to make their decisions for the group based upon it. However, we do not exclude any family that desires to join our group, regardless of spiritual background. We support various activities, clubs, parties, and field trips. These events are generally open to all family members, but some activities have limitations such as age of children, number of participants, etc. We have over 350 member families, and are growing! Please see our website for more information.
Requirements: No requirements other than to be in a leadership position you must sign a statement of faith.
Benefits: We provide support to homeschoolers of all types and seasons of life, from new to veteran. GCCHS offers field trips, events for various ages, graduation, Mom's Night Out, Homeschool Used Book Sale and Expo, and more. See our website for more information.
Cost: $30 yearly

Georgetown Christian Home Educators - GCHE
GCHE Director
Geographic Area Serving: Georgetown, Texas
Description: GCHE is group of Christian families interested in providing a Christ-centered education in the home. We have children of all ages, and we even have an alumni group for homeschooled members who have graduated. Please feel free to join us at a Moms' Night Out meeting to see who we are and what we do. Meeting days and times are available on our website.
Requirements: To become a member, you must: Attend an orientation session which takes place simultaneously with each Mom's Night Out the first Monday night of the month, except Sept. which is the second Monday night, at Main Street Baptist Church at 1001 Main Street in Georgetown, TX; Pay dues. Additional costs are the purchase of t-shirts, which are required for most activities, and costs of each activity. The costs of activities pay for themselves and nothing more; Sign a Christian Statement of Faith and sign and agree to abide by our Activity Guidelines.
Benefits: Activities include but are not limited to: Mom's Night Out, PE, Bowling Leagues, Science/Art/History Fairs, Spelling Bees, Field Trips, Ballet and theater Performances, Family activities, Guest Speakers, Yearbook, School Pictures Opportunity, Benevolence, Used Curriculum Sale, Web Site, and Email Updates
Cost: Varies

H.O.S.T. (Homeschoolers of South Texas)
Geographic Area Serving: Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas
Description: H.O.S.T. is a Christian support group for Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas. We offer support through extra curricular activities and family get togethers.
Requirements: We are a Christian based support group. We will have prayer at our meetings and have Christian themes in our plays. We will uphold Christian values. We are open to others joining us, as long as they understand this.
Benefits: We offer many different activities for our members, including, Christmas Plays, Park Days, Field Trips, Geography Fairs, Historical Cotillion, Formal dances and family fun days. We also have a monthly newsletter that compiles information that may be of interest to our members.
Cost: $30 yearly

HAEA - Houston Alternative Education Alliance
Geographic Area Serving: Houston
Description: Secular group for homeschooling families in the Greater Houston area. Members educate students of all ages, from Kindergarten to High School. Families of all faiths, philosophies and perspectives are welcome.
Requirements: Membership form sent in with dues, form found on website
Benefits: Our members hold monthly meetings, park days and field trips.
Cost: $12 yearly

Hamilton County Home School Group
Marie Jones
Geographic Area Serving: Hamilton County Texas and surrounding area
Description: We offer monthly field trips, park days, 4H, swim and skating parties, etc.
Requirements: Contact us for more information.
Benefits: Activities
Cost: None

Mrs. P. Valdez
Geographic Area Serving: San Antonio, Texas
Description: HCentralSA.org is an online support and informative website for homeschoolers in and around the San Antonio, TX area.
Requirements: None
Benefits: This website provides a free online informative newsletter for those who subscribe. Information on local support groups, tutors and classes available to homeschoolers is included.
Cost: None

HEART of West Texas
Sherry Cantu
Geographic Area Serving: West Texas
Description: Home Education and Resource Team (HEART) of West Texas - Psalms 73:26 "... God is the Strength of my HEART, and my Portion forever." - Provide leadership support for groups located in West Texas. To be the central reference for those groups by posting groups' descriptions and contact information via our website, maintaining a calendar of upcoming and ongoing homeschool activities and opportunities, and by keeping a current listing of outside enrichment providers. To provide regional organization of large scale venues that are non biased and with an open atmosphere powered by volunteers from groups affiliated with HEART. HEART is a centralized network of home school resources for West Texas.
Requirements: HEART of West Texas is considered to be a Christian organization. However, that is not a requirement for membership. Any entity offering support or services to homeschoolers in our area is welcome. There is not a statement of faith to sign but rather a statement of cooperation.
Benefits: Membership consists of three levels or tiers. 1. Support groups 2. Individuals, groups or businesses providing enrichment opportunities 3. Parents who have graduated their children through homeschooling and still desire to participate and contribute.
Cost: $10-$30 yearly

Hill Country Home School Association
Charlie & Toni Hastings - President
Sara & Brian Kendrick - Communications Director / Website Administrator
Geographic Area Serving: Kerr County and all areas in the surrounding Hill Country region of Texas
Description: Our group is very active in the Kerrville area, though we have active members all over the Hill Country area of Texas. The website “forum” is used for e-mail communication within the group. Our Association is a place to find home school support, resources, and encouragement in our endeavor to bring up our children in the training and instruction of the Lord Jesus.We hope you'll join us and we look forward to meeting you and your kids soon.
Requirements: The HCHSA has an elected body of officers that serve for a term of one year. Our membership dues are $24 per year. The officers on our board of directors serve as couples.
Benefits: Monthly Mom’s Meeting, Fall and Spring 9-week Co-Op, Field Trips, and Park Day. There are numerous other clubs and small groups meeting that aren’t listed here. In the past, we have offered Latin, Chess Club, Speech, Yearbook, Home school Band, Debate Club, Rock Club, Bowling, Journalism etc. Hang around your computer (or simply ask) for more info on these groups.
Cost: $24 yearly

Holy Family Homeschool Association of West Houston
Denise F. Guajardo
Geographic Area Serving: Houston/West Houston/Katy/Northwest Houston,Texas
Description: Holy Family Homeschool Association of West Houston (HFHAWH) is a family-to-family apostolate within the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston and subject to the authority of the Magesterium and the Holy See. HFHAWH is a non-profit organization. The purpose of the association will be to provide Catholic homeschooling parents and their children with a social and supportive network of friends that share religious and educational philosophies, and to provide aid to the parents in fulfilling their vocations as primary educators of their children.Membership will be open to all Catholic homeschool families in the Galveston-Houston Diocese as well as to those who support the purpose of HFHAWH.
Requirements: Homeschooling families who are Catholic or supportive and open to Catholic teachings
Benefits: HFHA offers a monthly newsletter, First Friday Mass and activities, field trips, mom's nights out, support meetings with speakers, prayer support, and many more activities.
Cost: $15 yearly

Home Education Partnership of Texas, Inc.
Joanne E. Juren
Geographic Area Serving: Houston, Texas
Description: The Home Education Partnership of Texas, Inc. exists to enhance and strengthen home education opportunities in Texas by: Providing educational courses and curriculum, and opportunities for recognition, recreation and achievement to homeschooling students and families; Facilitating communication and collaboration among participants and supporters in the home education community; Linking homeschooling students and families with appropriate educational resources and providers; Advocating on behalf of home education to the general public, media, and educational and governmental agencies
Requirements: All families who take classes or participate in Standardized Testing, Graduation, Project Fair, or Yearbook Club are considered members of our support group.
Benefits: HEP has a 13 year track record in Houston - Encourages direct parent involvement - Provides caring, professional instructors; 2/3 have a Masters Degree - Maintains low student/teacher ratios - Utilizes effective curriculum materials - Offers preparation for college; Honors/AP Classes offered - Is time and cost effective - Emphasizes a strong work ethic for students - Encourages strong family support and character - Students enrolled in HEP of Texas classes are considered homeschool students since they are under their parents' direct supervision for more than 51% of the time. Therefore HEP students are eligible to participate in Eta Sigma Alpha and other HSLDA/THSC/NCFCA activities.
Cost: See Class Schedule for details

Homeschool Children's Play Association
Geographic Area Serving: Plano, Wylie, Allen, Murphy, Richardson, North Dallas
Description: We are a theater group, cultivating the creativity and ingenuity of local homeschool children. The Homeschool Children’s Play Association (HCPA) is proud to be a child-led organization that not only fosters budding actors, but also young writers, musicians, and artists. Our plays are all written by children, presented to theater group members, and voted into production. Once the children have selected a piece, weekly practice and prop construction begins. With the help of parent volunteers, the children envision, design, and create all production sets and props. While we strive to encourage quality work that reflects the children’s commitment to projects and individual creativity, our primary emphasis is working cooperatively as a team, building child leadership, and simply having fun. Through the HCPA, children are offered multiple outlets for creativity. Each theater production includes several original musical arrangements, written by the child members and scored by parent volunteers. Our lively, young vocalists enjoy singing, adding another layer of entertainment to our free community performances.
Requirements: With the dedication of our child and adult members, we hope to continue growing this organization and inviting new homeschool families to participate and create with us!
Benefits: We present each play several times throughout the community, including Collin Creek Mall, several local nursing homes, the Plano Senior Center, as well as a free onstage performance. We will continue to offer this free activity to local children and residents with the completion of a new play each semester.
Cost: None

Homeschool El Paso
Debbie Bush
Geographic Area Serving: El Paso / Fort Bliss, Texas
Description: Homeschool Support & Fellowship Group for El Paso and surrounding communities. This group is not religious in nature, but our members are mostly Christian, therefore you will see a prayer request from time to time and God may be mentioned. If this bothers you, you may wish to consider membership in a different group.
Requirements: The rules are simple. Support one another. Do not be judgemental. Be kind.
Benefits: This group is not specific to any one curriculum or home teaching style. All homeschoolers are welcome, from unschoolers to those who follow a strict curriculum. Whatever your style, we're here to support you in your effort to educate your children.
Cost: None

Homeschool TNT (Teens in North Texas)
Geographic Area Serving: Denton County, Texas
Description: Homeschool TNT (Teens in North Texas) is a local area group for parents of teens or tweens living in the north Texas area. We welcome any family who is homeschooling a teen currently or has an interest in homeschooling and wants to learn more about homeschooling a teen in our area. We do not limit our membership based on religion or homeschooling style or philosophy. This group was founded on the principle of being open to all religions and to those who choose no religion.
Requirements: Our members are a variety of religions and have differing homeschooling styles, and being a member of this group means you are respectful to other members of this group.
Benefits: Meet other people homeschooling in your area and hopefully make friends!
Cost: None

Homeschool Victoria
Rebecca Atherton
Geographic Area Serving: Victoria and surrounding counties, Texas
Description: Homeschool Victoria welcomes all homeschooling families who 'live and learn together' in Victoria and surrounding counties. We are an inclusive network of independent homeschooling families that share creative ideas, knowledge of educational and community events, personal support and social opportunities.
Requirements: All families are welcomed to share in this free exchange of information no matter what groups they join or don't join.
Benefits: A way to network with all homeschooling families in Victoria and surrounding counties.
Cost: None

Homeschoolers East
Geographic Area Serving: East of Dallas proper, Texas
Description: Homeschoolers East’s mission is to provide homeschool families of diverse backgrounds living east of Dallas proper with educational opportunities that develop the individual’s academic and spiritual potential, family partnership and unity. These goals are achieved through cooperative classes, field trips, social events and service projects.
Requirements: Requirements to join are listed on the web site and include attending at one open event/activity (park date, social or other) and one Homeschoolers East Meeting.
Benefits: We strive to create a supportive community that welcomes homeschoolers from many backgrounds. We choose not to discriminate and work toward the goal of unity in diversity. Homeschoolers East works to build a community where each person is valued for their individuality, knowledge and talents. We work to provide educational opportunities that develop academic and inner potential. In addition, Homeschoolers East promotes family partnership and service in the community.
Cost: $40 yearly

Homeschoolers Hearts and Hugs
Geographic Area Serving: Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas metroplex areas, including the outer-lying rural areas. (Mesquite, Garland, Forney, Terrell, Kaufman, Wills Point, Waxahachie, Midlothian, Alvarado, etc.)
Description: The Homeschoolers Hearts and Hugs name reflects more than our goal of simply providing learning opportunities for homeschooling students. Hearts and Hugs symbolizes our emphasis on character building opportunities that make a difference in the lives of others while increasing public awareness of the advantages of home education. We participate in the Silver Lining Program, (where we won the 2011 DADS Vision Award in the area of Wellness for our service to nursing homes & assisted living centers!) hold food, coat, blanket and toy drives, coordinate fundraisers and donation drives for needy community agencies and provide volunteer services. Our group is also a certifying organization for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award program.
Requirements: All homeschooling families are welcome!
Benefits: By joining Homeschoolers Hearts and Hugs, you and your family have the opportunity to attend a variety of field trips, classes, volunteer/community service projects and fun, social outings! We also offer various incentive programs and discounted memberships to various publications. Our members also have access to our private YAHOO group where we share helpful homeschooling tips, ideas, curriculum reviews and recommendations, recipes, encouragement, etc. We also have a closed Facebook page for members only. Whatever your needs may be, our caring homeschooling families are just a few keystrokes away!
Cost: $15 yearly

Homeschoolers in Pearland
Geographic Area Serving: Pearland and surrounding areas, Texas
Description: Our goal is to establish some regular park days for the purpose of getting to know each other. As time goes on it is our hope that more regularly scheduled activities will be established and cooperative experiences will develop. For now, let's just get together a couple times a month to play and to visit. There is not a great master plan, just a desire to get something going in Pearland. There are a great many homeschoolers in and near Pearland and there is no obvious reason that we shouldn't be able to come together to plan some wonderful learning opportunities and experiences for our children. It just has to begin.
Requirements: This is an inclusive homeschool group -- all homeschoolers in and around Pearland are welcome to join us.
Benefits: Opportunities to socialize and work with other homeschoolers in an effort to enhance your family's homeschool experiences.
Cost: None

Hood County Homeschoolers
Kim Clover-Engle
Geographic Area Serving: Welcoming members from Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) - specifically Granbury, Lipan, Tolar, Acton, Cresson, Hood County, Erath County, Bluffdale, Stephenville, Somervell County, Glen Rose, Cleburne, Burleson, Johnson County, Crowley, Godley, Tarrant County, Fort Worth, Benbrook, Parker County, Weatherford, Palo Pinto County, TX and surrounding areas.
Description: This is a group that welcomes ALL homeschoolers in Hood County, Texas and the surrounding areas. Faith-based & Secular homeschoolers alike, this is an all-inclusive group. This will be a place to plan field trips, play dates, talk one another about the day-to-day issues & experiences of homeschooling that we all share. The main focus of this group is supporting each other in our effort to provide a personalized education for our children. This is NOT a group open to judgment, ridicule, or prejudice and these will be cause for immediate removal from the group. ALL homeschoolers are welcome regardless of race, religion, orientation, homeschool style, etc... No fees or statement of faith are required to join.
Requirements: We do not promote any particular agenda and we ask our members to leave their personal religious and political opinions at the door. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU CAN LIVE WITH THIS PRIOR TO APPLYING FOR MEMBERSHIP. We want to focus on education and on our children, period.
Benefits: Support and activities
Cost: None

Howard County Homeschoolers
Geographic Area Serving: Howard County, Tx
Description: Our purpose is to support one another, share resources, experiences, and build relationships with others who share the same morals and values. We have families that homeschool from preschool on up! Please visit our facebook page to contact us: www.facebook.com/HChomeschooling
Requirements: Abide by our code of conduct. While we are not associated with any one religion, we do share Christian like values and set high moral standards for our group. Those who wish to behave in un-Christian like behaviors will be asked to leave or refused group membership.
Benefits: Tons of support! Ideas, co-op classes and let's not forget Socialization! We don't charge dues at this time, we all pitch in to help one another. We are community friendly and supportive!
Cost: None

Shari Thomason
Geographic Area Serving: Cherokee County, Texas
Description: This group is to serve homeschool families in the Jacksonville, Texas area. Membership must be approved - all members must live in Cherokee County and be actively homeschooling. To be accepted into the group, each applicant must agree to the Terms of Service. The group is meant to lift up the Lord, encourage one another, and to pass on information.
Requirements: members must live in Cherokee County, Texas and be actively homeschooling.
Benefits: We will pass on information, encourage one another, and plan field trips and socials.
Cost: None

Hunt County Homeschoolers
Michelle Heidel
Geographic Area Serving: Hunt County, Greenville area, Texas
Description: The group's purpose is to provide support, contact, and to share information concerning homeschooling children in Texas, specifically in the Greenville, TX, Hunt County area. This is_not_a "chat" type of group, we only post information, or links to information to help each other in our common efforts to homeschool our children.
Requirements: All types of homeschoolers are welcome! The only requirement is to have a child/children and be either actively homeschooling them, thinking about homeschooling and need info, or have a past experience of homeschooling you'd like to share. We do not promote, or discriminate against any type of homeschoolers, and this group IS moderated. Flaming, intolerance or spam is not permitted...Violators will be unceremoniously unsubbed immediately!
Benefits: We do not put out a regular newsletter. Members can expect the occasional (usually once or twice a month) bulletin from the moderator to announce field trips and/or other pertinent information.
Cost: None

Hunt County Homeschoolers
Gary Morris, Lora Morris, Michelle Heidel, or Susie Shirley (Contact through website)
Geographic Area Serving: Caddo Mills,Campbell, Cash (unincorporated, Celeste, Commerce, Floyd (unincorporated), Greenville (county seat), Hawk Cove, Lone Oak, Merit (unincorporated), Neylandville, Quinlan,Union Valley, West Tawakoni, Wolfe City. All in Hunt County, Texas.
Description: If you are just starting out and you’d like information on how to homeschool in Texas,or if you’re a long-time veteran… come join us and meet some other Parents in Hunt County that are homeschooling just like you are. We encourage everyone to join our group. We do not require anyone to belong to any particular political or religious belief to belong to or join our group. As a matter of fact, we prefer those subjects be left to there respective venues and not be a part of our group discussions (less drama this way).
Requirements: Our only requirements are that you have either previously homeschooled, are thinking about homeschooling or are currently homeschooling a child(ren).
Benefits: Great insight from a great support group. Co-op classes, field trips, curriculum swap meets, social gatherings, etc.
Cost: None

ICARE - Independent Christian Association of Responsible Educators
Gaynor Taylor
Geographic Area Serving: Spring, Tomball, The Woodlands, North Houston
Description: The purpose of ICARE is to support each other and provide information to help us homeschool our children. We provide opportunities to gather our children together with other like-minded families in wholesome, Christian environments for the purpose of enjoyment and learning. ICARE’s leadership makes every effort to ensure that all sponsored activities are consistent with Christian principles to support parents raising their children for the honor and glory of God.
Requirements: Our annual membership fee is $25.
Benefits: Building relationships and learning together
Cost: $25 yearly

In His name Homeschool Co-op
Geographic Area Serving: Cedar Park, Austin, Leander, Round Rock, Georgetown
Description: n His Name Homeschool Co-op is a drop-off co-op (Kinder thru 6th), which focuses solely on training a child in the way he should go (see Proverbs 22:6). We specialize in LIFE SKILLS classes. For 2011-12, our students (limited to 100 students) will rotate through the following four life skills classes: 1) Problem Solving; 2) Budgeting; 3) Teamwork; and 4) Community Service...PLUS weekly chapel by guest youth-oriented speakers.
Requirements: Our classes are designed to reach Grades Kinder through 6th. We ask that our families embrace the knowledge that we are a Christian Educational Organization. We do everything for His glory.
Benefits: We are excited to offer what we consider to be the first LIFE SKILLS Co-op in our area. Academic Co-ops, Extra Curricular Co-ops, and Athletic Co-ops are doing things quite well. However, we feel in our hearts that God's hand is over this new Co-op idea. He has pressed a passion into our palms and into our foreheads. We pray that we will be of great benefit to our community and to His Glory as we kick off October 1st, 2011.
Cost: $80 monthly (incentive program available); $25 Registration Fee/student

Karen Harmon
Geographic Area Serving: Irving and surrounding area, Texas
Description: IrvingHOMEschoolers is an all-inclusive group of homeschooling families based in Irving,Texas, sharing resources and offering activities that enhance and support the homeschooling experience. We welcome all homeschooling families. We meet the first Thursday of each month - September to May except December at Lee Park Recreation Center in Irving - start time, 7:00pm.
Requirements: IrvingHOMEschooles does request (not require) that members attend meetings and also plan at least one special event/field trip during the school year.
Benefits: IrvingHOMEschoolers provides monthly newsletters to all members along with planned field trips, a monthly EMAIL SALE, special events and end of the year water park party!
Cost: $20 yearly

Katy Association of Christian Homeschoolers (KACH)
KACH Board of Advisors
Geographic Area Serving: Katy, Texas and surrounding areas: Richmond, Brookshire, West Houston and more
Description: Katy Association of Christian Homeschoolers (KACH) is a large group of Christian homeschooling families that live in and around the Katy, Texas area. We support and encourage fellow homeschooling families and provide opportunities for many small group activities (pre-K-12), field trips and the ability to share and ask questions regarding curriculum and other homeschool questions.
Requirements: There is a yearly membership fee of $20 and includes access to the Yahoo group, calendar, activities and a year end party! Members are required to sign a Statement of Faith as a Christian.
Benefits: Support and activities
Cost: $20 yearly

Katy Homeschoolers
Katy Homeschoolers Administrator
Geographic Area Serving: Katy, Texas
Description: The Katy_Homeschoolers email loop is the ideal forum for local homeschoolers: to find nearby homeschooling families, to plan activities, and to advertise events in or near Katy. Our group differs from others in that we have no leaders or committees to plan activities for you. Instead, we ask that you share events (those you learn about in the paper, for example) and your talents with us. Interested in organizing a class at your house? Feel like going to a museum this week? Let us know and we'll meet you there!
Requirements: Please register your children in the Katy Family YMCA Home School Program before requesting membership to this group. Membership in this group is limited to Katy Family YMCA homeschooling families. Mutual support and respect towards fellow members are a must.
Benefits: So far our offerings are a literary newsletter written by our children, frequent park days, art classes, read the book and watch the movie activities, etc.
Cost: None

LAF- Learning Adventures of Fort Bend
LAF Leadership Team
Geographic Area Serving: Fort Bend County, Texas
Description: LAF is a MEMBER-LED support network of homeschool parents in Ft Bend County including Sugar Land, Missouri City, Richmond, Rosenberg, and surrounding Houston areas sharing their talents and energies in a co-operative environment. LAF meets regularly for the purpose of providing fun and creative activities so our children can celebrate the adventures of learning and exploring their world together. LAF welcomes members from all faiths, races and educational styles. We believe that the most wonderful part of home-schooling is the opportunity to learn about others and ourselves in real-world situations. This is best done by actively pursuing friendship and support in an inclusive setting and learning from our diversity.
Requirements: We anticipate that each member will take an active role in planning and assisting LAF activities. A wide variety of co-op groups are also organized for children of all ages to share and explore in such subjects as history, math, science, book discussion clubs, etc. The co-ops offer a very relaxed, fun setting for children and teens to contribute their talents and interests as well as learn from those of their friends.
Benefits: Park Days, Field Trips, Co-op classes, newsletter, community service projects
Cost: $20 yearly

LHSA - Lubbock Home School Association
Lisa Stane
President of LHSA
Geographic Area Serving: Lubbock, Texas
Description: LHSA facilitates social and academic group activities for home school support. Membership is open.
Requirements: Members are asked to enjoy the activities that enhance their home school.
Benefits: Weekly Play Time, Quarterly Newsletter, Private E-Group, Monthly Field Trips, Monthly MNO, Annual Promotion/Graduation Dinner, Elem, Jr. High, and HS DI Teams, PSIA One Act Play, PSIA Academic Contest
Cost: $25 yearly (Tier 1)/$50 yearly (Tier 2)

Lubbock Homeschool News - LHN
Liz Bilbro
Geographic Area Serving: Lubbock, Texas
Description: Lubbock Homeschool News (LHN) is a website and Yahoo group for homeschoolers in Lubbock, Texas, and the surrounding areas. LHN was created to inform homeschoolers of events of interest, homeschool classes, teacher, tutors, and educational opportunities. Lubbock Homeschool News is inclusive; no membership is required.
Requirements: All homeschoolers are welcome to use our free website and Yahoo group, regardless of support group affiliation, religion, or homeschool style.
Benefits: Resource center for specialty classes, teachers, tutors, events, work opportunities and more
Cost: None

Navarro Christian Homeschool Association
Jennifer Worsham
JC Goodnow
Geographic Area Serving: Navarro County, Texas
Description: Our group is a Christian group which has weekly park days and monthly field trips and Mother's night out.
Requirements: A Statement of Faith will need to be signed.
Benefits: A newsletter goes out once a month. We have activities planned throughout the year for you to get involved in and receive support. Once a month we have a field trip and a Mother's Night Out. We have a weekly park day and cook outs a couple times a year. We also have a small resource library.
Cost: $10 yearly

NICHE - North Irving Christian Home Educators
The Board of Directors
Geographic Area Serving: Irving, Texas and the surrounding area
Description: Our group is comprised of home school families from Irving, Texas and the surrounding Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area. It is the mission of NICHE to glorify God, by coming along side Christian home school families, offering support, social activities, field trips and academic encouragement. We are an inter-denominational group, agreeing with each other that the Bible is the inspired, infallible, authoritative Word of God and regardless of our individual religious practices, we stand together in unity under the banner of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For more information: www.texasniche.com board@texasniche.com
Requirements: Open to all Christian parents, grandparents or guardians who are schooling one or more of their children (K-12) at home for at least 50% of their education. (I Corinthians 7:2) All families must sign a statement of faith and agree to abide by the NICHE constitution and guidelines. We do not accept members in same-sex unions or who are co-habitating outside the bonds of marriage.(I Corinthians 6:9-11)
Benefits: NICHE is a great way to connect with other home school families in our area; to build relationships and broaden our children's horizons through a variety of fun and enriching activities including, but not limited to The Dallas Symphony, theater, natural and scientific venues. Through these opportunities, we are connecting with like-minded families and also helping our children build strong, lasting Christian friendships with other home school kids.
Cost: Yearly membership $22 per family

North Texas Natural Learners - NTNL
NTNL Representative
Geographic Area Serving: Denton, North Texas
Description: North Texas Natural Learners is a support and activity group for unschoolers and eclectic homeschoolers in the Denton, TX area. We formed in 2001 to fill a niche that needed filling - a non-religion-based group for those of us not comfortable signing a statement of faith to join a group to meet and befriend other homeschool kids and parents. If you are learning without school, or are interested in doing so, you are welcome here! As a group, we hold no religious or spiritual tenet or philosophy above any other. Families of any philosophy, religion, or learning / educating style are invited to join us for park and library days, field trips, art classes, fun and community.
Requirements: We don't have any rules or requirements for membership, except that you home-educate or plan to soon.
Benefits: The greatest benefits to date are the long-standing relationships we've created and the new friends we make when a new bunch joins us! We'd love to meet you, too.
Cost: None

ORCHARD (Opportunities for Roman Catholic Homeschoolers Religious & Academic Development)
Kathi Boor
Geographic Area Serving: Plano - Collin County, Texas
Description: ORCHARD is a parent-taught teaching co-op. Enrichment classes only. We serve between 20-30 families each term and our students are in grades 1-8. We meet for 9-10 weeks each term on Friday afternoons at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Plano, TX. ORCHARD operates separately from PARCH (Plano Area Roman Catholic Homeschoolers), The Roman Catholic support group in this geographical area. They also have a Yahoo group site to which you may request membership. PARCH hosts monthly meetings, as well as field trips, parties & general support to Catholic homeschooling families.
Requirements: Participating families must have one practicing Catholic parent and one enrolled child who is in first grade or older. A nursery, preschool & kindergarten are available for younger siblings. We are a parent-taught co-op and one parent is required to teach a class each term.
Cost: Facility + class fees (varies)

Red Oak Home Schoolers of Texas
Amy Hedtke
Geographic Area Serving: Ellis County- Red Oak, Texas
Description: This is a place for homeschoolers in the Red Oak/ Ellis County area to network. Think of it as a big, free community bulletin board :-) Announce park days, schedule field trips, plug different co-ops, or scout out local happenings. Post for sale ads, requests, and free stuff. Especially Free Stuff! Lots of chit-chat, stupid questions, and serious issues are welcome. Join it to plug your own group, share info w/ other groups, or use it in lieu of a group at all. It is secular in nature, so we do not require any Statement of Faith or even a Faith at all. Religion will be treated as an academic subject, and proselytizing is discouraged. The focus of this group is to help any and all *homeschoolers* in whatever way we can. Please check the files section regularly for any clarifications on this policy. In the meantime kick back, introduce yourself, and tell us how WE can help YOU in this home school endeavor!There is no Board and no Official Meeting place: just an insistence on being respectful and trying to at least understand all sides.
Requirements: Be totally supportive of homeschooling
Benefits: Free Yahoogroup to act as an information clearing house for local happenings
Cost: None

Geographic Area Serving:
Description: The mission of SACH is to provide support, encouragement, and educational enrichment activities to families that are training and educating their children at home in the discipline and instruction of the Lord and to be used by God to minister to those around us as we walk in faith and obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ.
Requirements: * Open to families homeschooling one or more of their school- aged (5yrs +) children. * Submit complete Membership Packet and annual dues of $40 * Agreeing in word & deed with SACH Guidelines & Statement of Faith * Complete new member orientation / interview meeting (at park or meeting) with Director to review SACH By-Laws and answer any final questions. * Participation in SACH's e-mail communication loop.
Benefits: * Members shall be entitled to participation in all SACH's events and activities * Members shall be eligible for discounts when joining HSLDA and / or THSC. * Members are entitled to participation in: Monthly field trips, Monthly Enrichment Co-Op, Moms Activities, Teen Activities, Park Days, Lending Library, Members Only eGroup, Family Activities, Membership Directory, Quarterly Support / Training Meetings, and other SACH activities or services that may be provided during a particular year. (See Membership Packet) * Membership can be renewed each year with respect to requirements for membership.
Cost: $40 yearly

San Angelo Inclusive Homeschoolers
Jennifer Randleman
Geographic Area Serving: San Angelo, Texas
Description: San Angelo Inclusive Homeschoolers is an all inclusive homeschooling support group serving the San Angelo area. All homeschooling families are welcome regardless of religion, ethnicity, or orientation. So join up and have some fun!
Requirements: Just the desire to support others in their homeschooling journeys. ;)
Benefits: Support and activities
Cost: Shared costs of any activities

San Antonio Home Education Resources and Opportunities -H.E.R.O.
Michelle Kretzschmarc
Geographic Area Serving: San Antonio, Texas
Description: H.E.R.O. is a non-profit organization committed to providing access to opportunities and resources for home educators of all races, religions, philosophies, and education styles for expanding and improving their home education experience. H.E.R.O. is dedicated to fostering a supportive atmosphere for home educators by raising the awareness of alternative education choices and increasing positive interactions within the San Antonio metro area community.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Free members have access to resource center and field trips. Full members have access to band, Odyssey of the Mind, Robotics, and annual conference.
Cost: None (Basic Membership) / $35 yearly (Full Membership)

San Pat. Homeschoolers
Salina Hernandez
361-424 3402
Geographic Area Serving: San Patricio & Nueces County Texas
Description: Welcome to the San Pat. Homeschoolers group! We are an all inclusive group. Do you Home school? Are you thinking about it and want more info how to start? We'd love to have you join our group. We are a group for homeschooling families. Founded January 21, 2012 Location Sinton, TX 78387
Requirements: The only requirements are that you must be homeschooling or interested.
Benefits: I post info on field trips, post events that I think may be of interest to the group around the area. We also have monthly newsletters.
Cost: None

San Patricio Homeschoolers
Geographic Area Serving: Sinton, Odem,Taft, Aransas Pass, Gregory,Ingleside,Lake City,Lakeside, Mathis, Portland, San Patricio
Description: We are here to help if you are new to homeschooling or want more information on how to start feel free to join and ask questions. This group is free to the public.
Requirements: Must be from the surrounding areas listed.
Benefits: Support
Cost: None

Smoothing The Way
Donna J. Faucett
Geographic Area Serving: San Antonio area
Description: We meet once a month. We are here to support homeschoolers with topics that will enhance, enable or just validate your efforts. We are here to be your friend through thick and thin. Email me to get more information on monthly topics.
Requirements: Purchase of outline notebook. Our schedule begins in August and ends in May.
Benefits: You will make lifetime friends. Upon each paid membership you will receive a notebook with an outline of the topic for the month. Each notebook also contains book references and websites that pertain to each monthly topic. A CD of each topic is also included for review, getting ahead or filling in the information of a missed meeting. We are also informed by the THSC of current and pertinent information regarding our laws in the state of Texas.
Cost: $60 for member notebook. Please call Donna for more information about this year's schedule and location.

South West Dallas Home School Association - SWDHSA
Brandi Webster
Geographic Area Serving: South Dallas County, Texas
Description: We at SWDHSA operate under Christian principles and strive to minister to families living in Dallas County and northern Ellis County with support and encouragement. As you shoulder the exciting privilege of home schooling your children, it is our desire to help you find the resources you need to enhance your home education experience. Whether you are a newcomer to home schooling or a seasoned veteran, SWDHSA can provide to you opportunities for fellowship, educational activities, curriculum ideas or exchanges, up to date legal and political information and venues to showcase what home education is all about our children.
Requirements: Though any home schooler is welcome to participate, this support group is doing all things in a manner which honors Biblical principles. We are adopting a limited statement of fundamental principles.
Benefits: Monthly support group meetings, newsletters, family website, planned field trips, scholastic co-op, activities day, mom's night out, family activities, holiday celebrations, email chat list, used book sales
Cost: $30 yearly

Spindletop Christian Homeschool Association
Jennifer Shepherd
Geographic Area Serving: Beaumont, Texas
Description: a support group for homeschool families in the Beaumont area.
Requirements: No requirements for joining but members are expected to volunteer for group events and mom or dad must be involved with teaching or helping in some way during classes.
Benefits: Classes, Field Trips, Park days
Cost: None / Classes have a $10 supply fee per semester

Spring / The Woodlands Homeschool Group
Michelle Prescott
Geographic Area Serving: North Houston / Spring / The Woodlands / Conroe
Description: This group is for homeschooling families in the North Houston area to connect with one another so that we can enjoy getting together just to visit or to share learning experiences and activities. We also enjoy getting together for field trips, play days or co-op classes. We strive to offer support and share our collective knowledge with each other as we educate our homeschool scholars.
Requirements: We welcome all homeschool families in the North Houston area.
Benefits: Networking and sharing with other homeschooling parents like yourself. Children will have the benefit of meeting other homeschool children, play dates, field trips,and other group activities. Parents will have access to a vast array of information to help make your homeschooling experience better and easier. UnWe do not ask for any dues or payment to join.
Cost: None

St. Michael Homeschoolers
Geographic Area Serving: We serve families in the southwest suburbs of Houston, primarily in Fort Bend County.
Description: St. Michael Homeschool Group is an informal association of Catholic homeschoolers in Fort Bend County, Texas. We meet regularly to provide spiritual, educational, and social events for our members. Families in our group live in Sugar Land, Missouri City, Stafford, Richmond, Rosenberg, Fulshear, Katy, and other parts of Fort Bend County.
Requirements: Our group consists of Catholic homeschooling families.
Benefits: Spiritual, educational, and social events.
Cost: No required dues, but a suggested contribution per family towards administrative expenses, etc.

Texas Homeschoolers
Renee Engle
Geographic Area Serving: Dallas-Irving area, Texas
Description: We are working on obtaining a meeting place in the Dallas-Irving Area. We would like to meet at least 2 times a month for the children to get together and play with their homeschooling peers. Children of any age are welcome! Romans 12:1-21
Requirements: Our only requirements are that you are actually home schooling. We also prefer if you are a christian, or would like to learn more about becoming a christian. We will welcome you with open arms either way. We will be having Daily Memory verses this school year. You must want to make homeschooling fun for your child(ren) and for your sanity. LOL. After you see the site and start using the materials, please donate if you can. Your generous donations will keep as much of this information coming as possible. There is a lot of free stuff!!
Benefits: Currently, we are working on scheduling field trip days through out the year to obtain discounts for larger groups. We have many files on our site for your family's use. We have a wealth of material!
Cost: Donations welcome

Amanda McClur
Geographic Area Serving: Del Rio, Laughlin AFB, Bracketville, Comstock, Texas
Description: This is a support group for Del Rio and surrounding areas. Participation is unstructured and members organize outings, PE, occasional classes, some testing, and social gatherings. There are all types of schoolers and faiths and age ranges.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Benefits are the same as with any support group--you don't have to do this alone. There are plenty of us in the same boat and we can share experiences and lean on each other.
Cost: None

The Calendar
Nichole Fausey-Khosraviani
Geographic Area Serving: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Description: Welcome to all DFW secular home learners. This list's purpose is to get information to other home learners in the Metroplex. Utilize the calendar to announce your event or group. Feel free to make an announcement of your group's contact information a recurring monthly reminder. Anything that is open to home learners is welcome here. You can also post sales, dinners, schedules, homes for sale, garage sales, used items for sale, museum events, concerts, fairs, plays, special events, anything you'd like to share with the general home learning audience of the greater Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Having an informational seminar, a party, or starting a new co-op? Want to get a group discount on tickets for a symphony, but don't have enough people interested? Need to find someone to help you make your half-pipe in the back yard? Are your kids looking to make some extra money mowing lawns? Seek answers/make announcements here! Events can be anywhere. You may also upload pictures (coupons, sales flyers, etc), and add links. Announce your business here. Want to find a homeschooling accountant, baker, contractor, chiropractor, car dealer, doctor, doula, engineer, farmer, grocer, etc, etc, post your desire here. Put your business in the database. Does your child want to take fencing, or sculpting, or kick boxing or Farsi, but you can't find enough interest to get your local rec center or community college to start a homeschooling class? Post y
Requirements: Must be a homeschooling living in the Metroplex.
Benefits: Invaluable resource for activities and events in the DFW Metroplex
Cost: None

The Homeschool Social of South Texas
Geographic Area Serving: We are currently servicing the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas; Brownsville, Mcallen, Weslaco and Mission areas.
Description: The Homeschool Social of South Texas was created as a resource for homeschooling families in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. We offer a variety of activities and events geared toward both the education and socialization of our children. We offer play dates, educational field trips, coop classes, kinder graduation, senior prom access, holiday celebrations, workshops and other events that can help us on our homeschooling journey. We find strength in diversity. All denominations are welcome to join. We are not affiliated with any one religion, therefore, there is no statement of faith to consider. If you share a love and devotion for your child/children in a wholesome and supportive environment then we are the group for you. Welcome to the social. You're time and interest is greatly appreciated.
Requirements: Homeschooling families must have at least one child of the age of 5 years old or older and have commenced in the homeschooling process.
Benefits: Fellowship, development of long term friendships for both child and parent, parental and educational support in a relaxed non-judgmental environment.
Cost: $25 yearly

The Network - KONOS Karats
MelRae Ambs
Geographic Area Serving: Hill Country area, including New Braunfels, San Marcos, Austin, San Antonio, Schertz, Cibolo, Seguin, Wimberley and Canyon Lake, Texas
Description: THE NETWORK - Sharing Purpose, Process and Passion - Providing support to KONOS families worldwide "Let us stimulate one another to love and good works." Hebrews 10:24 We will share how to plant those (carrot) seeds, for your treasured children (karats)! We are Christian parents--MOMS and DADS--who have formed a group to allow networking and support among families who have chosen to use the unit study approach to home educate our children. We are using the KONOS unit study curriculum and approach to teach our children and unify our families. We function solely as a support/networking group for PARENTS. We are not a co-op for children.
Requirements: We welcome everyone who is interested in finding out more about the unit study approach and the KONOS curriculum.
Benefits: Newsletters, Monthly Meetings, Group Library, Special Events, such as Father's Meetings, Christmas Cookie Swaps, or How to Plan workshops
Cost: None

THEFA - Texas Home Educators Freedom Alliance
Bev Jones
Geographic Area Serving: State of Texas
Description: Online discussion network
Requirements: Please see the website to read the THEFA mission statement.
Benefits: Activities/benefits vary -- we are mainly an online network.
Cost: None

Triangle Homeschoolers
Heather Thomas
Geographic Area Serving: Golden Triangle of Texas (Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange) and SW Louisiana. Jefferson, Orange, Chambers, Hardin, Tyler, Jasper, Newton, Liberty Counties in TX, and Calcasieu Parish in LA.
Description: Triangle Homeschoolers is a secular, inclusive homeschooling support group that offers educational field trips and social opportunities for students and support for parents. We have weekly events, and try to keep costs low since most of our families are single-income; we depend on active members for group and discounted pricing. We maintain a group website with field trip re-caps and lesson tie-in information, and an active Facebook discussion group.
Requirements: We are a secular, inclusive group. We have members who hail from a rich and diverse cultural, religious and lifestyle background. By joining our group, you understand that you and your child(ren) will be interacting with families who make different choices than you do. We encourage 'respectful sharing' of these differences when asked, with the shared understanding that all paths are equally valid.
Benefits: -Weekly Field Trip (sometimes an academic event, sometimes purely social; General plans are posted on the home page of the website; specific plans are shared on the Facebook discussion group; out-of-town and overnight field trip events (1-2 per year)) -social gatherings & group parties -extra curricular clubs -presentation/public speaking/performance events -Annual Science Fair Show-and-Tell (with encouragement to compete in the Texas Regional Science Fair) -community service projects -group newsletter (bi-monthly) -Mom’s Night Out & Mom’s Enrichment Activities -Teacher In-Service/ Education / Retreat Days
Cost: There is no membership fee.

West Houston Home Educators
Geographic Area Serving: West Houston
Description: WHHE is dedicated to serving Christ by serving the home school community in the West Houston area for over 2 decades. We are committed to doing all things in a manner which honors Biblical principals and brings glory to His name.
Requirements: Leaders sign a Christian statement of faith, members do not. We have yearly dues, plus additional for those joining the Teen Group. PREP classes and Graduation Ceremony do not require WHHE membership.
Benefits: The WHHE support group focuses on several areas: active Yahoo group email list, field trips, meetings & gatherings for moms, families, and kids. PREP Classes offer academic help (many are honors level) to parents. Home School Communication Network offers a yearly graduation ceremony. The Teen Group (age 13 & up) plans service projects and socials. Cub Scouts & Honor Society round out our primary activities. Many more occur throughout the year!
Cost: $20 yearly