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South Carolina: Support Groups
Aiken Area Home Educators - AAHE
Wendy Hoyle
Membership Coordinator
Geographic Area Serving: Aiken area, South Carolina
Description: We are an organization of Christian families who share a commitment to the Biblically based Home Education of our children. The purpose of AAHE is to provide the following services to member families: ~Information concerning state and local laws and regulations and their current application by the administrative authorities ~Training to help parents provide the education they believe God has called them to give their children ~Practical support from other experienced Home Educating families ~A forum for social and educational group activities ~Advocate the concept of Home Education & encourage a good reputation for Home Educators in the community ~Establish and promote reasonable standards for responsible Home Education. AAHE meets at least four times a year on the second Monday of January, April, July & October.
Requirements: Once you become a member of AAHE, it is desirable that you become involved with one of our committees formed to make your family's homeschool experience more rewarding. All members must accept the Aiken Area Home Educators Articles of Faith and pay annual dues.
Benefits: AAHE also provides member families a monthly newsletter, the "QUILL", which provides much information about activities around the area, discounts, field trips, classes, and much more!
Cost: $12 or $15 yearly

At Home In The Lowcountry Homeschool Association
Hazel Douthit
Geographic Area Serving: All of South Carolina
Description: At Home In The Lowcountry is a 3rd option accountability group serving all of South Carolina.
Requirements: Members must be legal to homeschool in South Carolina.
Benefits: Accountability and graduation with diploma; optional opportunities of a teaching coach and transcripts.
Cost: $30

Carolina Home Educators Family Support
Chrisynda Samuel
Anne Fyans
Geographic Area Serving: Anson & Richmond counties - NC AND Chesterfield & Marlboro counties - SC
Description: Support for independent home school families along the NC/SC border counties of Anson & Richmond Counties of NC and Chesterfield & Marlboro Counties of SC. Inclusive, Christian, Cooperative, Open Registration for New Members
Requirements: Annual Dues
Benefits: Monthly Parent Meetings, Park Days, Annual Educational Fair, Annual Kick-off, Holiday Socials, Field Trips, Website with Members Area, Annual Standardized Testing, Community Involvement Projects, Parents' Night Out, Family Fun Night, Contests, Clubs, Other Activities
Cost: $15 yearly

Carolina Homeschooler
Dianna Broughton
Geographic Area Serving: State of South Carolina
Description: A homeschool association that provides Option 3 accountability, field trips, park days, online classes and activities and more for South Carolina homeschoolers.
Requirements: Online application
Benefits: Field trips, group trips, park days, online classes, online activities, member discounts and freebies, regular member newsletter, guidance, and more!
Cost: Varies, depending on number of children and when family applies.

Christian Home Educators of Easley (CHEE)
Geographic Area Serving: Easley, Pickens, Powdersville, and Anderson Areas
Description: Christian Home Educators of Easley is a cooperative support group for Christian homeschooling families who come together for classes and activities on a weekly basis. All members participate to fulfill various roles in order for our group to function. CHEE classes are held on Mondays from August to April at Mt. Airy Baptist Church off Hwy. 81 in Easley.
Requirements: Members are required to fill weekly and periodic volunteer positions.
Benefits: Benefits include learning in a safe and fun environment, field trips, friendships, fine arts and other unique opportunities, and much more!
Cost: $20 Annual Registration Fee plus $8 class fees each session

Christian Homeschoolers' Association of South Carolina
Geographic Area Serving: South Carolina
Description: Christian Homeschoolers’ Association of South Carolina is a third option accountability association operated by a dedicated board of volunteers. We are a Christian Association. We accept all who wish to join as long as they are legally able to home educate their children based on SC homeschool law section 59-65-47. Our members are from all counties within South Carolina. Because section 59-65-47 does not require standardized testing, nor establish a set length for the school day, members are free to choose what is best for their family. We are here to provide the legal accountability as well as any support needed; but we will not intrude or dictate the individual details that make each family’s homeschool program right for their children. However, we do require strict adherence to the law.
Requirements: Members must meet and agree to all requirements of SC Homeschool Law as outlined in Section 59-65-47. No Statement of Faith or religious information is required of our members. However, our board members are Christians and we do our best to operate on Christian principles.
Benefits: Legal establishment of your home school. Testing not required. No daily time requirements, flexibility in determining school calendar. Family membership letter. Available by phone and email to answer questions, always willing to find out the answer! Diplomas available Graduation ceremony available. Transcript services. Letters to DMV, technical schools, colleges as requested. Verification of homeschooling to DSS, DJJ, IRS, SSA, military, and others as requested.
Cost: $30 per family per year

CORE Homeschool Network
Geographic Area Serving: greater Greenville County
Description: Core is an inclusive, non-directed group serving the greater Greenville area. All members are welcome to plan activities, field trips, co-operative classes, etc.
Requirements: None
Benefits: CORE offers park days, mother's nights out, field trips and a Yahoo Groups site for members to share resources.
Cost: None

Eastover Homeschoolers
Stephanie Becknell
Geographic Area Serving: Eastover and surrounding area, South Carolina
Description: Living in Eastover many of the home school activities are further away than I wanted to travel on a regular basis. I really want to find other families in the area to get together with so that our children could play together without a lot of fuss. Moms & Dads are both welcome and you do not have to live in Eastover, anywhere in the area works for me. I hope that we can find friendship & support among ourselves.
Requirements: Please join only if you are willing to be supportive or at least tolerant of others decisions & views.
Benefits: We will meet at the park every couple of weeks to let the children play together.
Cost: None

Faithful Scholars - 3rd Option
Darrell & Kate Bach
Geographic Area Serving: All of South Carolina
Description: Faithful Scholars is a South Carolina 3rd Option Accountability Association operating under legal section 59-65-47. We help families navigate legally while offering supportive components in the forms of weekly digests, workshops, retreats, local programs, phone and on-line communication for K-12. High school supports include private conference options, workshops, diploma, college accepted transcript, and class ranking.
Requirements: We are a Christian based organization operating under Biblical principles with a mission to praise, love and serve God in this life through supporting and encouraging home schooling families. Faithful Scholars requires that all members adhere to minimum South Carolina laws concerning homeschooling.
Benefits: Along with being a South Carolina liaison to the State Board of Education and school districts, we offer an ever expanding website and easy accessibility by e-mail and phone- to all homeschoolers regardless of membership. We assist with legal & personal issues facing homeschoolers K-12, have exhaustive personal experience, and a network of experienced reliable resources pertaining to each level. The general offerings of all accountability associations is their expertise in areas where you will have questions. The specific details of all accountability associations is their availability and eagerness to travel this journey with you by being available through e-mail and phone and to openly share their knowledge and experience in order to dispel your concerns and/or fears. Faithful Scholars seeks to encourage you in your role as a parent-teacher and educate you towards being an equally confident administrator.
Cost: $25 and up dependent upon age/grade of your child(ren)

Holy City Homeschooling
Geographic Area Serving: Tri-county area of Charleston, South Carolina
Description: Holy City Homeschooling is a Christian, 3rd option support group located in the Charleston, SC area. We are not an accountability group, but a group that is based on Facebook and has meetups, field trips and community service projects. Most of our meetups take place in the Summerville or North Charleston area, but field trips take us all over the tricounty area.
Requirements: After they have requested to be added, prospective members will be sent out Statement of Faith via private message to their "others" folder on Facebook. If it is agreed upon, the member will be added. We ask our members to remain respectful & considerate of the other members both on our Facebook group page and at events.
Benefits: Members can expect a group that is helpful, supportive and fun! We have a great group of people who are willing to answer questions, listen, and enjoy the homeschooling life with you! We often have meetups at local parks, playgrounds, sprinklers, and our field trips include places like SkyZone, Bee City, Fire Museum, West Farm Corn Maze, among others. Members are allowed to post spur of the moment meetups as well!
Cost: FREE to join!

Holy Family Homeschool Support Group of the Midlands
Merrie Mullaney
Geographic Area Serving: Columbia, West Columbia, Cayce, Irmo, Chapin, Lexington
Description: Homeschool Support group with a variety of activities.
Requirements: Volunteer to help plan one activity per school year.
Benefits: Support and activities
Cost: None at present

Insights On Education - IOE
Jill Boone
864-335-9265 (M-Th 1
Geographic Area Serving: State of South Carolina
Description: Insights On Education is open to all homeschooling families in South Carolina as their legal accountability option. The director and board members are comprised of Christian volunteers that adhere to our Statement of Faith. In all that we do, we aim to glorify God and exemplify a Godly example. This extends to all of our functions such as Family Day, Graduation, Formals or other planned gatherings.
Requirements: Support group members should be current SC home schooling families. See website for full requirements.
Benefits: Insights On Education is tailored to meet the needs of each family. I.O.E. will assist you to obtain your legal status and offer many outlets for you and your child(ren) during the year. Knowing that there are no two home schooling families alike, I.O.E. respects and allows each family to make their own choices and decisions regarding the needs of their child(ren). I.O.E. offers academic transcripts for all students, including High School Transcripts at no additional cost. See website for full benefits.
Cost: $40 yearly

Newberry Christian Homeschoolers
Nicole Foster
Geographic Area Serving: Newberry and surrounding areas
Description: We are a Christian co-op offering fun and educational classes each semester. we currently meet on Fridays from 11-3 in Prosperity. We welcome all homeschooling families and love adding new families to our group! Check out our Facebook page for more information and current class offerings.
Requirements: A parent/guardian must stay on campus during co-op.
Cost: $30 per family each semester

Orangeburg Christian Home Educators Association
Marilyn Singletary
Geographic Area Serving: Orangeburg, South Carolina
Description: We are a support group not a 3rd option group. We meet in August and January to plan our year. We have field trips, Mom's Night Out, play groups, P.E. Days, standardized testing (optional), and a graduation ceremony. We meet in Orangeburg but field trips are all over the area.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Quarterly newsletter, field trips, Mom's Night Out, play groups, P.E. Days, optional standardized test, graduation ceremony
Cost: $15 yearly

Palmetto State Association of Homeschools
Kathy Phillips
Geographic Area Serving: The State of South Carolina
Description: A 3rd option Homeschool Accountability Group serving homeschoolers in the state of South Carolina.
Requirements: We following the state requirements as listed in SC 59-65-47.
Benefits: Membership includes membership cards, handbook and access to our members only website. Curriculum counseling, transcript assistance,graduation ceremonies and much more. MOST importantly, we provide fast and friendly service! To find out more about our association, visit our webpage or call!
Cost: $50/family

REACH Admin Team
(for accountability association)
Geographic Area Serving: Richland and Lexington Counties, and surrounding Midlands area of South Carolina
Description: REACH (Resources, Encouragement, and Activities for Columbia Area Homeschoolers) is a secular group offering field trips, playgroups, teacher resources, co-operative learning/co-op classes, High school student council, and 3rd Option Accountability services. We are inclusive of all religious preferences, educational philosophies, lifestyle choices and ethnic backgrounds. We believe our differences make us better equipped for life beyond homeschooling.
Requirements: No minimum participation requirements. No statement of faith required.
Benefits: Resources, Encouragement and Activities to enhance your homeschool experience. Add-on membership options for accountability and co-op classes. The ever-important benefit: SOCIALIZATION!
Cost: $15 yearly

SCAIHS - SC Association of Independent Home Schools
Julie Shumpert
Geographic Area Serving: State of South Carolina (some members in other states and countries)
Description: SCAIHS, incorporated in 1990, is the only home school association in the nation specifically named in state statue as an alternate means of approval for home-schooling parents. It is a nonprofit, voluntary association of independent home schools. Services include--an experienced staff available from 9:30 to 5:00 Monday-Thursday to provide curriculum and educational counseling, support and encouragement; permanent records and official transcripts for each student; Elementary Education Program, Middle and High School Program, and Special Needs Program; graduation ceremony and diploma; flexibility in grade placement and creativity in curriculum choices; and flexibility in determining the school calendar and daily scheduling.
Requirements: Members must: possess a minimum of a high school diploma or GED; teach reading, writing, math, science and social studies, and, in grades 7-12, literature and composition; document at least 180 days of instruction on periodic reports; and participate in annual testing for students in grades 3-11. Members submit an annual application.
Benefits: Besides the support services listed above, SCAIHS provides its members with timely email updates and a home-school bookstore.
Cost: $338 yearly (full service membership)/$100 yearly (auxiliary membership)

THING - The Homeschoolers Inclusive Network of Greenville
Jill Todd
Geographic Area Serving: Greenville County and surrounding area, South Carolina
Description: THING: The Homeschool Inclusive Network of Greenville is a support group for families of all faiths, creeds, political persuasions, and pedagogical approaches. The group provides fellowship opportunities and enrichment experiences for both parents and children who homeschool in Greenville County (SC) and the surrounding area.
Requirements: None
Benefits: We meet monthly for Mom's Night Out, have online discussions, and have numerous field trips each year.
Cost: None

Together In Education and Support (TIES)
843-875-9558 after 2
Geographic Area Serving: Colleton, Charleston, Dorchester, Berkley Counties, South Carolina
Description: TIES is a free homeschool support group located in the Dorchester, Colleton, Charleston and Berkley county areas of South Carolina. We operate in a co-op format, so that every member may contribute. TIES homeschool support was established to provide encouragement, guidance, and support to one another as homeschoolers and friends based upon closely held Christian principles.
Requirements: You may become a member in TIES by: 1) Agreeing and adhering with the Field Trip/Activity Guidelines. 2) Actively be home educating or seriously considering home education within Dorchester, Colleton, Charleston or Berkley County. 3) Demonstrate an active, supportive interest in home-schooling and this support group. TIES homeschooling support group being a private organization, reserves the right to refuse or terminate membership.
Benefits: We offer field trips, educational classes, and much needed support.
Cost: None

United Christian Homeschoolers of the Upstate (UCHU)
Support Group Email Loop
UCHU Yearbook Staff
Geographic Area Serving: Spartanburg County/Polk County/ Tryon, South Carolina
Description: UCHU is a Homeschool Support Group designed for Christian families who live in Spartanburg, Polk County, and Tryon areas of the Carolinas. We support each other through prayer, a discussion board and field trips.
Requirements: It is expected and further required that members behave in a manner reflecting the love of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and live in our serving area.
Benefits: Planned field trips, science/dissection classes, Mom's Night Out each month, park/play days, and prayer requests/fulfillment
Cost: None

Upstate Field Trip Friends
Melissa Simmons-Cox
Geographic Area Serving: Oconee, Pickens, Anderson, & Greenville areas of South Carolina
Description: Upstate Field Trip Friends is a non-profit, inclusive activities & social group for homeschooling families in the Oconee, Pickens, Anderson, & Greenville areas of South Carolina. We warmly welcome and value participation from homeschooling families of different faiths, religions, (or lack of same), politics, races, ethnicities, family composition, sexual orientation, diets, vaccination status, abilities or disabilities, and home education styles. DIVERSITY IS A BEAUTIFUL THING!!
Requirements: Read our Code of Conduct
Benefits: Find and join us on Facebook for field trips, classes, park days, parties, community service projects and more!
Cost: UFTF is free to join. There may be fees associated with classes and trips

Upstate Field Trip Friends UFTF
Melissa Simmons-Cox
Geographic Area Serving: Oconee, Pickens, Anderson, and Greenville Counties South Carolina
Description: Upstate Field Trip Friends is a facebook-based, non-profit, inclusive activities & social group for homeschooling families in the Oconee, Pickens, Anderson, & Greenville areas. Comprised of over 190+ families, our group warmly welcomes and values participation from homeschoolers of different faiths, religions, (or lack of same), politics, races, ethnicities, family composition, sexual orientation, diets, vaccination status, abilities or disabilities, and home education styles. DIVERSITY IS A BEAUTIFUL THING!! Join us for field trips, classes, park days, mom's night out, playdates, and more... here on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/upstatefieldtripfriends/
Requirements: You must be a homeschool family in the Upstate, SC area & identify yourself as completely inclusive.
Benefits: Activities and enrichment.
Cost: No cost to join, fees vary per event

Upstate Homeschoolers Unlimited
Marie Dowis
Geographic Area Serving: Greenville/Simpsonville area, South Carolina
Description: UHU is a secular, inclusive support group. Our membership is very diverse and tolerant of a wide variety of lifestyles, religions, and backgrounds. It's very important that all our members agree to respect the choices and lifestyles of others. Including choices involving homeschooling style, religion, politics, and sexual orientation. UHU includes many types of homeschoolers, but most are unschoolers or relaxed homeschoolers. We welcome people of all colors, creeds, and political affiliations. You will find Agnostics, Atheists, Buddhists, Taoists, Wiccans, Pagans, Jews, and Christians among our membership. We meet each Wednesday at noon.
Requirements: Our only requirements are tolerance and support.
Benefits: We meet for educational activities, socialization, and support.
Cost: None

Upstate SC Tween and Teen Homeschoolers
Kelly McAlister
Geographic Area Serving: Upstate South Carolina- Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Oconee, and Laurens
Description: This group has been created for the purpose of middle and high school age homeschoolers in Upstate SC to meet other kids their age. This group is inclusive.
Requirements: None
Benefits: This group helps families with older homeschooled children connect with other families and find friends.
Cost: None

Upstate South Carolina Area Secular Unschoolers
Kelly McAlister
Geographic Area Serving: Upstate South Carolina
Description: This is a group for unschoolers of the upstate of South Carolina. We have no religious affiliation, and all are welcome. We can share ideas and advice. Everyone in this group may suggest ideas for and plan outings and field trips. Welcome!!
Requirements: There are no requirements other than being a home/unschooler who wants to find a support community
Benefits: Support
Cost: None

York Education At Home (YEAH)
Lela Byrd
803-327-5700 voice
Geographic Area Serving: York County,South Carolina
Description: YEAH is a Christian Homeschool Support Group in York County, SC. Our desire is to support like minded parents and families as they pursue excellence in their homeschooling journey.
Requirements: We ask that all prospective members read our statement of faith and purpose before applying to join our group. We are not exclusive of any denomination, but we are seeking those that hold to a conservative Christian faith. Members must be homeschooling at least one child or be an alumni.
Benefits: We share activities via an email loop and website. Our members design and plan field trips, classes, family events (Thanksgiving Feast, Ice cream Social, End of the Year Finale) and a Coop. We publish a yearbook each year, and host a county-wide cap and gown graduation for both Kindergarten and Senior High (12th grade). Our students are active in the Eta Sigma Alpha National Homeschool Honor Society and have formed their own Student Council for 7th-10th graders. We offer regular encouragement to mother's through our quarterly "Mother's Teas".
Cost: $20 yearly