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Oregon: Support Groups
Arrows Christian Homeschool Community
Geographic Area Serving: Rogue Valley/Southern Oregon
Description: We are once-weekly Christian homeschool co-op for preschool-middle school providing classes, support, and encouragement for homeschool families in Southern Oregon.
Requirements: We are not a drop off program, parents are expected to contribute to the operation of the co-op.
Benefits: Enrichment and support
Cost: $110-130/student yearly

Brownsville Homeschool Association
Shawnna Richards
Dana Morehead
Geographic Area Serving: Linn County-Brownsville-Sweet Home-Lebanon, Oregon
Description: Brownsville Homeschool Association is a group that offers enrichment classes one day per week as well as organized field trips and support for parents of home schooled children. We cover the Linn County Area and meet weekly in Brownsville at the Central Linn School District Main Offices for classes in a classroom setting. Our curriculum for home school enrichment classes are teacher & parent approved, and not chosen by the school district. Teachers of the enrichment classes are home school parents. Enrichment classes consist of Science, History, Physical Education, Sign Language and Creative Writing. We have three classes K-3rd grade, 4th-6th Grade, and 7-12th Grade. All classes have the same curriculum, and are geared for the appropriate age levels of the classes.
Requirements: Our group does not require fees, however, to participate in classes, you must be registered in the Central Linn School District.
Benefits: We also have families that do not attend classes, that are part of our e-mailing news and join us for field trips, support and testing for state in a group setting.
Cost: None

Estacada Home Educators
Elaine Butler
Geographic Area Serving: Estacada/Eagle Creek, Oregon
Description: This group communicates primarily through email. To join the list, you can either send me an email , or find "ehomed" at yahoogroups.com Use the email list to discover local and/or like-minded families, relevant activities, and homeschool news and events. Share your experiences and questions with others.
Requirements: We are an inclusive group, supporting homeschool families from various philosophical and religious perspectives, cultural backgrounds, learning styles, and cooperative experiences. Use what applies to your family, and be aware of what others are doing. Understand that others may have wide religious or political differences, but we can learn from and support each other anyway.
Benefits: As a communication aid, ehomed exists to tie together local homeschoolers in whatever ways they find helpful. We have sponsored co-op classes, monthly meetings, field trips, and other events, depending on the needs of members.
Cost: None

Eugene Area Unschoolers
Jennefer Harper
Geographic Area Serving: Eugene, Oregon
Description: This is an online group with the sole purpose of connecting Eugene area unschoolers. Connecting, networking, discussion, activity planning etc. is encouraged. This is an exclusive and secular unschooling group.
Requirements: This group is for unschoolers only.
Benefits: One benefit of this group is the creation of an unschooling community in the Eugene area. Connecting is the purpose. We offer a resourceful links page, Book lending library, CD lending library and Recipe sharing file. Anything is possible.
Cost: None

Lane County Christian Homeschoolers
Lane County CH Representative
Geographic Area Serving: Lane County - Eugene & Springfield area, Oregon
Description: This group is for Christian homeschooling residents of the Eugene and Springfield area in Oregon. We are a group not just for children-type events. We are all about parent-type events, co-op classes, sharing great finds, sharing hints and tips, asking questions, telling others of free or nearly free homeschool helps/events/info, you name it!The value of some good christian friends for your children is immeasurable, as we all know! (and good for parents too!)United we are stronger-and more informed! The more active you are- the better the group is.
Requirements: There are no membership fees. We ask that you be an actively participating member. When you apply for membership, we will ask you to submit a brief introduction. Members must believe: the God of the Bible is the only true God and that our salvation rests on the only begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ, who is God, who died on the cross for all mankind, was raised in the flesh and ascended to sit at the right hand of God.
Benefits: Membership card available to members which can be used for discounts at area retailers.
Cost: None

LDS-Oregon Home Educators Association
Ann Agent
Geographic Area Serving: Oregon & SW Washington
Description: Network of over 280 families from Oregon & SW Washington who seek support from other LDS homeschooling families. Members are encouraged to share news, activities that others may benefit from. Mostly an online resource through the website and eMail newsletter. Annual Conference.
Requirements: We follow the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Benefits: Benefits include eMail Newsletter of activities and homeschool legislation watch. Various sponsored activities throughout the year, field trips, science fair, park days, picnic and Annual Conference. Website resource includes message board, library of articles, links and password protected membership directory access to full members. Some members prefer Newsletter only participation and are not posted in the membership directory.
Cost: None

Newberg Area Homeschool Educators Network (NAHEN)
Keta Szubart
Geographic Area Serving: Newberg, Oregon and the surrounding area
Description: Our purpose is primarily to help connect the Newberg Area homeschoolers and share information. We are open to and welcome all local homeschoolers.
Requirements: Our only requirements at this time are that you introduce yourself to the list owner when you start the process of joining our yahoo group, that you are a homeschooler and that you are local or moving here.
Benefits: We have organized a local park day and a Mom's night out. We would also like to see outings, classes and other special events developed as interest arises.
Cost: None

Oregon Home Education Network (OHEN)
Geographic Area Serving: State of Oregon
Description: OHEN is an inclusive, statewide, nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting all of Oregon's homeschooling families. OHEN supports the right of all homeschoolers to educate their children with as little government intervention as possible. Celebrating the diversity within our homeschooling community, OHEN welcomes any person without regard to educational philosophy, religion, creed, race, color, sex or ethnic or national origin.
Requirements: Lifetime membership dues
Benefits: OHEN follows state legislative activity and local and national trends that might affect homeschooling. OHEN volunteers try to be vigilant in keeping families informed in order to protect the natural right of parents to educate their children. OHEN sponsors a statewide conference and occasional workshops. This and other events are announced through the OHEN E-group and on this website. OHEN responds to inquiries about homeschooling. OHEN maintains a library of homeschooling books for use by members. OHEN maintains an announcement-only e-group for communication to members.
Cost: $25 (lifetime membership)

Our Lady of Grace Home Educators
Geographic Area Serving: SW Portland Metro area -- particularly, but not exclusively, local to the Sherwood, Tualatin, Tigard, Newberg, and Wilsonville area
Description: Our Lady of Grace Home Educators is a group of Catholic families gathering together. Our endeavor of nuturing the mind, body and soul of our children at home can be a difficult journey alone. We are here to support each other and provide opportunities to share within our group.
Requirements: Members should be in alignment with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. You must either attend a support group meeting or be referred by a current member in order to maintain website safety.
Benefits: Membership privileges include support meetings, co-op classes, field trips, photo sharing, member directory access, discussion forums, social gatherings, online swap meet, etc. -- all within a secure website. Your family will have your own website which will help organize and share your information with our homeschool group.
Cost: $10 per school year

Rogue Valley Homeschoolers
Geographic Area Serving: Josephine & Jackson, Oregon
Description: This is a secular support & activities group for homeschoolers in Josephine and Jackson counties in southern Oregon. All are welcome regardless of religion, method of homeschooling, reasons for homeschooling, and so on. Stop by and say 'hi!'
Requirements: None
Benefits: We provide support, encouragement, community and shared resources for families homeschooling in Josephine & Jackson counties.
Cost: None

Salem Inclusive Homeschoolers
Geographic Area Serving: The Mid-Willamette Valley, Salem and surrounding areas, especially Marion and Polk Counties. Cities we serve include Keizer, Dallas, Independence, Monmouth, Stayton, Silverton, Mt. Angel, Woodburn, Jefferson, McMinnville, Albany.
Description: Salem Inclusive Homeschoolers (SIH) is a place for all homeschoolers in the Mid-Willamette Valley to connect. Members host activities, we get groups together to attend community events, and we maintain a calendar of other organizations' homeschool-friendly events and ongoing classes. We help publicize homeschooling groups of all kinds so that likeminded people in the area can find each other.
Requirements: All people who identify as homeschoolers and live near Salem, OR are welcome. Please see our FAQ for more details.
Benefits: Salem Inclusive Homeschoolers helps homeschoolers of all kinds find likeminded friends in our area. We are the only fully inclusive and public group in Salem!
Cost: None

SE Portland/Gresham Secular Homeschool Group
Geographic Area Serving: SE Portland and Gresham
Description: I began homeschooling my four year old daughter this Spring. I am using a secular Waldorf-inspired curriculum so it is very play based and experiential. I am forming a group of homeschoolers with children ages 3 - 6 (pre-K to K levels). We do not all teach the same curriculum, have the same personal belief systems, or long term homeschooling goals, but we respect one another's paths and goals. This group is a kind, supportive, accepting, and dependable community for children and parents to play and socialize (hopefully for years to come!). We meet at my home bi-monthly and plan other outings for the weeks off (parks, hikes, Zoo, etc). Please get in touch if you are interested.
Requirements: Homeschooling child or children between ages 3 and 6.
Benefits: Support and activities
Cost: None

SHINE (Salem Homeschool Independent Network of Educators)
Sonja Persey
Geographic Area Serving: Salem and surrounding areas, Oregon
Description: SHINE is an organization for support, educational fieldtrips and socialization of homeschooling families in Salem, Oregon and surrounding areas.
Requirements: SHINE holds park days, meetings and annual get-togethers such as camping trips and picnics. No one person or commitee is required to plan any activity. Families are invited to plan social activities and/or field trips of their choice. We remain free, open and most of all simple and uncomplicated. This enables each family to decide its own homeschool needs and how best to meet those needs. We are open to ALL homeschool families regardless of reason for homeschooling, and religious or political affiliations. Emphasis is on group activities with respect, compassion and tolerance toward others. SHINE welcomes all homeschoolers, however we do strive to uphold Christian morals and values.
Benefits: Support, field trips, socialization
Cost: None

TEACH - Total Education At Christian Homes
Dave & Kris Mays
Jeff & Beth Gratias
Geographic Area Serving: Grants Pass, (in and around)
Description: We are a group of Christian homeschooling families in and around Grants Pass, OR. We are diverse in our approaches to homeschooling but united in our faith in Jesus Christ. You do not need to be a member of TEACH to attend our monthly support meetings. Please invite friends who are new to homeschooling or are considering homeschooling to our meetings. We would love to have them!
Requirements: Our Philosophy Statement - We believe that the Bible is the fully inspired, without error, and authoritative word of God; God manifests Himself in three fully divine persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost: Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, died, rose from the grave and ascended into heaven; and salvation is experienced as a free gift by those who place their faith in Him. God is sovereign; thus, all aspects of life, including, but not limited to, education are to be related to Him and viewed through His corrective lens, Scripture. A Christian education — defined as one that revolves around and is founded upon the truth and reality of Jesus Christ — is what we want to provide for our children. We further advocate parents to be as much a part of their children's education as is possible. We do require at least one parent to be a professing Christian.
Benefits: Membership allows access to our secure website bulletin board, field trips, and other TEACH activities as well as a listing in our member business directory.
Cost: $15 yearly

The CHOC Board
Geographic Area Serving: Westside (and general) Portland, Oregon
Description: The Christian Homeschool Online Community (CHOC) board is an interactive online support network providing information about local events, activities, programs, resources, and general homeschool support from and to homeschoolers in the Washington County and extended Portland, Oregon areas.
Requirements: All posts must be wholesome, courteous, useful to homeschoolers, and respectful of a Christian worldview.
Benefits: Information about local resources, classes, activities, and events through our interactive online message forums
Cost: None

Veneta Home Education Network
Donna Jones
Geographic Area Serving: Veneta - West Lane County, Oregon
Description: This is a small group of homeschoolers building community in the West Lane area of Oregon. All homeschoolers are welcome regardless of race, religion or homeschool style. This group is not an email list only - we want to get to know you and your family. Please include contact info if requesting membership.
Requirements: All members are required to host 2 activities per year. This can be as simple as a play date or a more elaborate field trip. You are not required to attend activities. Please make this group your own - if you would like to see something happen - make it happen.
Benefits: We have a newsletter available at the Fern Ridge Library. There are also 4th Tuesday Park Days if you would like to come out and meet everyone.
Cost: None