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Ohio: Support Groups
C-A-T-C-H: Cincinnati Area Teaching Children at Home
Norma Curry
Geographic Area Serving: Cincinnati and its Tri-State area around Southwestern Ohio
Description: C-A-T-C-H is a non-directed totally inclusive and totally free community-based home education support group. Join by joining the Yahoo group at the url above. Participate as much or as little as you wish. All members are welcome to organize activities and events or to notify others of activities they discover in the community. Members may also ask questions, answer questions, contribute ideas and resources, provide news about events and activities, participate in discussions, or just lurk on the e-list and absorb all the great information posted there by about 1000 member families. Those who want to join, but who don't have a computer at home, can arrange for someone to meet at a public library to set up a free e-mail address and to learn the basics of Internet access for group membership.
Requirements: List rules and netiquette are posted at the Yahoo!groups list site.  All members are required to follow these simple rules.
Benefits: Many members plan group activities for all different age groups and members are welcome to join these activities, following posted sign-up procedures for each event. Or, members who would like to get something started in, for instance, a different part of the Cincinnati metropolitan area, can organize something and let others know how they can join in. The group "newsletter" is the Yahoo!groups e-list that is available 24/7, 365 days a year, to all members. Membership includes the opportunity to attend a group Ohio portfolio assessment gathering once a year and homeschooling veteran members who can answer questions and help new members understand Ohio's home education regulations.
Cost: None

CHECCS-Christian Home Educators of Carroll, Columbiana, & Stark counties
Jen Metz
Missy Rodgers
Geographic Area Serving: Carroll, Columbiana, and southern Stark Counties (as well as surrounding areas), Ohio
Description: CHECCS stands for Christian Home Educators of Carroll, Columbiana, and (southern) Stark Counties. We are a small group of conservative Christian families. October through April, we meet on Thursdays for co-op classes led by the moms. Classes offered (and their fees) vary each year, depending on what moms want to teach. We also do field trips, summer park days, etc.
Requirements: Members must be able to sign a statement of faith, since we are conservative Christians and prayer and discussion of God is integral to our studies. Moms (and/or Dads) are expected to help out the group in some way. We require yearly dues and, if applicable, payments for classes at sign-up
Benefits: Support of like-minded Christian homeschooling families, great co-op classes, and, if enough members pre-pay for field trips, we often get quantity discounts.
Cost: $15 yearly (plus class fees, field trips, etc.)

Dayton Area Homeschoolers
Ginny Risley
Geographic Area Serving: Dayton, Ohio
Description: An informal, inclusive group of homeschoolers, or those interested in learning more about homeschool, in the Dayton Ohio area. We have no religious affiliation, all are welcome. The main idea: to share info, go on field trips, teach or participate in co-op classes in all subjects, support each other in whatever method of homeschool we use. The main goal is to have fun learning with our children. Help yourself to the valuable FREE resources in the Links and Files, and check the Calendar for upcoming outings.
Requirements: No requirements to join. All are welcome!
Benefits: Yahoo Group site offers a multitude of free resources, members help each other by answering questions and solving problems. Field trips, speakers, curriculum fairs, etc. Member-run group.
Cost: None

Future Leaders of Ohio
Geographic Area Serving: Erie, Sandusky, Seneca, and Huron Counties in Ohio
Description: The Future Leaders of Ohio is a student led group that is inclusive and serving Sandusky, Erie, Huron, and Seneca counties. F.L.O. has monthy student lead business meetings that we encourage all students to attend; however, attendance is not a requirement to participate in the many activities offered. The purpose of the group is to help the students receive hands on experience and training toward becoming the leaders of tomorrow while encouraging a rich social life through a variety of activities. With the advice and guidance of a parent advisory board the students plan and organize field trips, family nights, teen nights, co-op classes, community service projects, and much more. Membership is open to any homeschooler whether you homeschool traditionally or through an online school.
Requirements: That you read through the by-laws, sign a copy acknowledging this is how the group is ran, and honoring the standards of our group.
Benefits: Leadership training and activities
Cost: None

Grace Home Extension Program
Diane Wardell
Geographic Area Serving: Northeast Ohio - Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake and Trumbull Counties
Description: Grace Home Extension Program is the perfect place for Christian homeschooling families to participate in classes to receive academic credit or for families who would like to enhance their children's homeschool experience. Grace Home Extension Program follows the classical education model and classes are offered in all subjects for grades K-12. Grace Home Extension Program believes "we should be consciously striving to prepare the next generation for the new battles they will face" (Francis Schaffer) and we take this mission seriously while at the same time making learning fun. For more information and to view the class schedule, please visit our website.
Requirements: Observance of rules located in Grace Home Extension Program's handbook
Benefits: Besides the variety of classes offered, there is also an Open House held at the end of the year to display all the students hard work to their friends and family, a Curriculum Sale each June and a certified teacher to administer standard achievement tests.
Cost: Yearly amount varies based on number of students

Homeschool Social Events
Charisse Junk
Geographic Area Serving: Cincinnati and Dayton
Description: Homeschool Social Events coordinates prom, dances, camp, lock-in, and gatherings for homeschool teens.
Requirements: Must be homeschooled or guest of homeschooler to attend events.
Benefits: To make new homeschool friends and attend events specifically for teenagers.
Cost: Depends on event. All fees go to specific event. There is NO monetary personal gain.

Homeschooling In Marysville [HIM]
Geographic Area Serving: Marysville, Union County
Description: Homeschooling In Marysville (HIM) is a Christian homeschool support group and Co-op serving Marysville and Union County, Ohio. We welcome all homeschool families for encouragement, support, learning, and fun.
Requirements: Complete a membership form and pay the membership fee (additional costs associated with co-op participation).
Benefits: Support, learning and fun
Cost: $10 yearly

Ohio Home School Ski & Snow Boarding Club
Geographic Area Serving: All of Ohio
Description: Home schoolers can buy season passes (anytime and once a week packages) on-line and save money like families in schools do when they join their school ski club. We need 15 members to be a group. Last year we had 30 people at each resort. You can pick from 2 resorts in Ohio. Mad River Mountain in Bellfontaine Ohio or Snow Trails in Mansfield Ohio. There is no fee to join our group for a season of fun this winter. Sign up is on-line with the resort. Please email me for more information, costs and our club code to get the discounted passes. Prices will be available in mid September. This is our 14th year of skiing Ohio and we are open to all families including adults. These are great family sports, always looking for more skiing moms. A lot of moms hang out in the lodge but skiing is much more fun! Snow Trails even has a program for the very young to learn to ski. This club was started so we could save money and ski & snow board like other schools.
Requirements: There are no fees. This is a organization that is solely for the purpose of helping other home schoolers save money and ski or snow board cheaper at either resort. We will plan a few pot lucks at each resort so members of the group can connect if they want to meet the others in the club. These pot lucks are not mandatory but are fun events.
Benefits: The main benefit is a year of skiing or snow boarding at the school rate rather than paying full price for season passes (anytime or once a week passes) The passes can include rentals and lessons or can just be a pass to ski or board for the season. The lessons at either resort are an excellent way to try the sport. The weekly passes are a way to try the sport for a season and not have to purchase equipment until you know you want to continue in the sport. Also skiing or boarding weekly passes turn into anytime passes in late February for the rest of the season.
Cost: no fees to join, just pay the ski area on-line with our group code and pick up your pass the first time you go

Our Lady's Mantle
Roxy Rubinic
Geographic Area Serving: Columbus, Ohio
Description: We are a Catholic Homeschool group with most of our activities and events located on the west side of Columbus.
Requirements: Membership is open to any Catholic family who is currently homeschooling or considering homeschooling.
Benefits: Our yahoogroup is used to share information pertinent to homeschooling, faith, and family life. We also have several field trips or get-togethers each month.
Cost: None

Wonder to Wisdom Co-op
Maggie Peters/Leigh McClellan
Geographic Area Serving: Lake County area
Description: Wonder to Wisdom is a secular co-op for homeschool families with children aged 5-18. We welcome children, along with their parents, who are committed to participating in our activities and classes as both a learning experience and a social opportunity. Using a monthly theme as a guide, we have parent-led lessons once per week with occasional field trips.
Requirements: Homeschool families
Benefits: Educational and social opportunities
Cost: Charges per semester

Youngstown Area Homeschoolers
Eliza Osborn
Geographic Area Serving: Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana counties (or anyone who wants to make the drive).
Description: This is an inclusive support group for all branches of homeschooling. We are open to anyone regardless of race, religion, homeschool style, parenting style, etc. This is a "safe haven", or a sharing space for the group members, and we'd like it to remain that way. Public online charter school, traditional homeschooler, unschooled or an eclectic approach of homeschoolers can join. All families are welcome to join our support group and hosting and/or participate in activities.
Requirements: Facebook account Kindness No fees except for certain field trips / activities.
Benefits: Friends, support, ideas, and homeschool news.
Cost: Free