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North Carolina: Support Groups
Agape Leadership Development
Carol Oakley
Geographic Area Serving: Jacksonville, North Carolina
Description: Providing Christian group activities and support for homeschooling families. We are a "no pressure" group in which all our activities are optional. You decide how our group activities fit into your schedule. Our focus is encouraging each other and having our children develop lifelong friendships.
Requirements: All our activities and planning meetings are optional. Our goal is to bless you and not to overwhelm you.
Benefits: Activities include: roller skating, ice skating, bowling, swimming, bike rides, field trips, park play times, mom's night out, pajama parties, monthly planning meetings, annual promotion ceremony, annual standardized testing, prayer chain, etc.
Cost: None

Black Families of Raleigh (BFOR)
Sabrina Williams
Geographic Area Serving: Raleigh Metro Area
Description: Black Families of Raleigh (BFOR) is a social group for African-American / Black families that live in the Raleigh metro area. Homeschool families of color in the group that regularly schedule play-dates and park days for homeschoolers. We are inclusive and not based on any religious affiliation.
Requirements: None.
Benefits: Activities
Cost: None

Brunswick County Homeschool Activity Group
Geographic Area Serving: Brunswick County, NC
Description: This is an activity group for homeschool families. We meet weekly to provide support and social opportunities for our members and their children, We offer activities, field trips, holiday celebrations, classes, mom's night outings and family fun events.
Requirements: Must be a homeschool family
Benefits: Support and activities.
Cost: $20/family

Calvary Home Educators
Cindy Hullings
Geographic Area Serving: Greensboro, North Carolina
Description: Calvary Home Educators, aka CHE, is made up of homeschooling families who attend Calvary Church in Greensboro, NC. CHE offers encouragement and fellowship to homeschool families, and if you are new to our area, or looking for a homeschool friendly church please join us this Sunday!
Requirements: Families wishing to join CHE must understand and agree to uphold the Assembly of God's statement of faith.
Benefits: We provide enrichment classes, field trips, service project workdays and much more. A monthly newsletter is provided to all members.
Cost: $15

Carolina Home Educators Family Support
Chrisynda Samuel
Anne Fyans
Geographic Area Serving: Anson & Richmond counties - NC AND Chesterfield & Marlboro counties - SC
Description: Support for independent home school families along the NC/SC border counties of Anson & Richmond Counties of NC and Chesterfield & Marlboro Counties of SC. Inclusive, Christian, Cooperative, Open Registration for New Members
Requirements: Annual Dues
Benefits: Monthly Parent Meetings, Park Days, Annual Educational Fair, Annual Kick-off, Holiday Socials, Field Trips, Website with Members Area, Annual Standardized Testing, Community Involvement Projects, Parents' Night Out, Family Fun Night, Contests, Clubs, Other Activities
Cost: $15 yearly

Central Home School Group
Laura Baker
Geographic Area Serving: Charlotte, North Carolina
Description: Central Home School Group is a Christian group dedicated to the support of families. CHSG pledges to make every attempt to recommend resources, provide mentoring services and host enrichment activities for parents as well as fellowship and activities for children, parents and whole families. We have parent meetings four times a year, usually on a Tues. or Thurs. at 6:30p. Many of our members live in SE Charlotte and most meetings are clustered there. Our field trips and activities are all over the metro Charlotte area. We have around 50 member families with all ages of children.
Requirements: Our three requirements are: 1. service to the group in some capacity 2. daily checking of email communications 3. yearly dues paid
Benefits: Email news information, yahoo chat line, seasonal parties, picnic, field day, web site/links, field trips, parent meetings, outreach to members, contact mom for inquiries, library, teen group, group testing provision, graduation ceremony, handbook, and group directory
Cost: $12.50 yearly

Charlotte Christian Homeschool Network (CCHNet)
Christina Brown
Geographic Area Serving: The Greater Charlotte area, North Carolina
Description: The mission of CCHNet is to connect Christian homeschoolers in the greater Charlotte area while serving as an information portal for events, activities, and information.
Requirements: This is an online email group that provides support and resources. We have a facebook group page.
Benefits: Updates in homeschool laws, information about homeschool friendly businesses, classes, co-ops, field trips, volunteer opportunities, events and activities in the area, and also the opportunity to connect with like minded homeschool moms, and the venue to resell homeschool books. Park days and meet ups are an excellent way to network and are good for pre-school mamas to teens and everyone in between.I have seen co-ops form, play groups started, and even friendships emerge. It is a wonderful way to determine interest or need in an area and can result in classes or unique learning environments created as a result. Community events and cultural opportunities are often posted that you may not normally know about and which are particularly of interest to homeschoolers.
Cost: None

CHAT (Carolina Homeschoolers Adventuring Together)
Heather Dray
Geographic Area Serving: Piedmont
Description: We are an inclusive homeschool support group with weekly field trips throughout the state.
Requirements: Active homeschoolers, our activities are targeted at middle and high schoolers, but younger siblings are welcome
Benefits: Support and activities.
Cost: None

Christian High School Home School Parents in Greater Asheville NC
Lisa Potter
Geographic Area Serving: Asheville Region, North Carolina
Description: Online email fellowship for Christian home schoolers with students in grades 8-12 in this area (western NC). May meet on occasion, primarily online resources and a few emails per week.
Requirements: Must live in the region around Asheville, NC; must have a high school home school student; we are a fellowship group of Christian parents who acknowledge Jesus Christ as the head of our homes and home schools.
Benefits: Current info on local events of special interest to parents of Christian high school home schoolers as they study and prepare for adult family, college, career and/or military futures.
Cost: None

Christian Home Educators of Central Carolina (CHECC)
Jennifer DeCock
Geographic Area Serving: Sanford, North Carolina
Description: Christian Home Educators of Central Carolina (CHECC) facilitates and encourages excellence in Christian home education in Sanford and the surrounding areas. Our goals are to: Promote home schooling, Help new families, Share resources and expertise, Support one another and educational standards.
Requirements: Must be homeschooling at least one child or have graduated a child from their home school; Must pay annual dues and fill in membership forms; Coordinate or assist the coordination of at least one event per year; Be in agreement with CHECC's purpose, statement of faith, discipline policy and bylaws
Benefits: Our group provides activities every month such as field trips, Mother's Night Out, International Night, Spelling bees, feeding the poor, craft days, sports events, and many others.
Cost: $10 yearly

Christian Home Educators of Wilmington
Kathy Iandoli
Geographic Area Serving: Wilmington, North Carolina
Description: Christian Home Educators of Wilmington (C.H.E.W.) is a local support group for home-schooling families in the Wilmington area. There are monthly support nights to keep families up-to-date, a co-op for students to enjoy classes with other students, as well as family activities and group field trips.
Requirements: We expect our members to read the bylaws so that they understand to what they are agreeing to by signing the membership application form, and to ascribe to the statement of faith included in these bylaws.
Benefits: 1.Inclusion in all C.H.E.W. activities and events: co-op classes, field trips, and parties. 2.Opportunity to obtain C.H.E.W.’s monthly newsletter and the opportunity to advertise in its pages, free-of-charge. 3.A copy of the C.H.E.W member directory 4.Opportunity to receive CHEW email updates. 5.Access to the C.H.E.W. library.
Cost: $15 yearly

Cleveland County Homeschool Association
Jan Stone
Geographic Area Serving: Cleveland, Rutherford, Gaston and surrounding areas.
Description: CCHA is a Christian, faith-based group of families who work together as volunteers to provide opportunities for fellowship and networking.
Requirements: Each member, after their initial year of membership, is required to complete at least one service activity during the school year in order to make the group successful.
Benefits: Mom's Night Outs monthly, holiday and other parties, youth events, park days, history and science fairs, clubs (yearbook, knitting, etc), cooperative learning access through sister group SHARE (Shaping Homeschoolers for Accountability, Respect, Excellence--separate cost)
Cost: $25 yearly ($15 early bird renewal April 1-May 31.)

Colonial Homeschoolers
Scott Wylie
Geographic Area Serving: Cary and the greater Raleigh area.
Description: Colonial Homeschoolers is a support group for Christian homeschoolers in Cary, NC and the surrounding area. Our group is sponsored by Colonial Baptist Church, but any family may join.
Requirements: Agreement with a statement of faith.
Benefits: Activities vary widely – everything from small groups and clubs to science co-ops, field trips and group testing. Members also have the ability to plan lead new events and opportunities. Some of what we offer includes: Field trips, classes, clubs, co-ops, socials, networking opportunities, email updates, National Honor Society, Homeschool Graduation Ceremony, annual group testing, “Mentor Mom” program, and teen activities and Socials.
Cost: None

Common Thread Kids
Geographic Area Serving: N.C. - Members residing in Southern Wake & Surrounding Counties. Group activities are throughout the Triangle, Triad, & Sandhills area. Overnight trips to the N.C. coastal & mountains are also scheduled at least once a year.
Description: Common Thread Kids Home Schooling families with the common goal of encouraging their children to build positive & lasting friendships among a similar peer group-through weekly opportunities to particiapte in group activities. We also provide a welcoming community of home schooling Moms (& Dads) for support & encouragement. Membership is available to any family that has at least one home schooled child born between 2000-2002 & the siblings regardless of age. However, no family will be turned away based on age or any other reason. The years mentioned above, are just a guideline to maintain a general age range within the group.
Requirements: Group participation at least once every 2 months.
Benefits: A home school group offering fun & friendship-through organized activities & educational programs. Examples of monthly activities include: field trips, holiday celebrations, hiking/park days, educational travel, and ongoing educational classes. Group opportunities & events are scheduled at least once a week.
Cost: $5 yearly per family

East Coast Homeschooling Organization
Stacey Roberts
Geographic Area Serving: MCB Camp Lejeune, MCAS New River, Jacksonville, Onslow County, North Carolina
Description: We are a Christian support group for military and civilian homeschooling families. ECHO has many family-friendly activities (including but not limited to): enrichment activities that vary per age/grade level each semester, annual yearbook, field trips, mom's night/afternoon out, scholastic book clubs for toddler-teen, box tops for education program, community service projects and interaction with other local homeschool groups as schedules allow. We're looking forward to adding a National Home School Honor Society Chapter, annual complete-battery standardized state testing and other activities as the needs of the group dictate. We meet on Thursdays (except federal holidays) from 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. at the Jacksonville Bible Church in Jacksonville, NC. ECHO offers FREE membership to Region11hsers yahoo support group for ALL homeschoolers in the 10 counties that make up region 11 in eastern NC.
Requirements: Members must agree to abide by the ECHO bylaws, contracts and disciplinary procedures that were read and signed at registration. Members are required to teach or assist during 2 out of 3 activity hours each week during each semester and must remain on the JBC campus at all times during ECHO meetings or events. Members need to contact the group's activity coordinator AND find a replacement if they are going to be absent from an activity that they teach or assist with so that adequate supervision and safety requirements are maintained at all times. ECHO membership fee is $15 per family per semester. JBC Building/Utilities fee is $50 per family per semester. Activity fees for children may vary by age/grade level each semester depending on the activities offered. Fees are due at registration and are non-refundable.
Benefits: Membership includes notification of upcoming events and field trips via email on the ECHOhsers group loop which also has many other members-only features (ie. ECHO handbook, member directory, ECHO resources library listings, group calendar, useful links and much more).
Cost: Membership: $15/family per semester; Building/Utilities: $50/family per semester

FACT (Families Advocating Christian Training)
Tami Fox
Geographic Area Serving: Taylorsville, North Carolina
Description: We are a group of Christian, homeschool families who have formed a support group. We have Mom's Meetings, PE classes, Music class, a Library class at our local library, and many field trip opportunities. Our children range in age from newborn through teen. We would love to have more families in our area participate in our group.
Requirements: Each family is required to pay a yearly membership fee. We do not require new homeschool families to have a job, but we encourage all members to help share the load of the group by volunteering for various jobs throughout the year.
Benefits: We have a monthly newsletter. We plan field trips as a group, and we have a homeschool lending library.
Cost: $10 yearly

Forsyth Home Educators, Inc.
FHE Representative
Geographic Area Serving: Forsyth and surrounding counties, North Carolina
Description: FHE is a Christian support group of home educators in Forsyth County and surrounding counties.
Requirements: Those wishing to become members of FHE must agree (by signing the annual membership form) to: 1.respect Christian principles AND 2.honor the ideals of home education AND 3.abide by the Standards of Conduct as established by the Board.
Benefits: The annual membership entitles you to 10 monthly issues of the newsletter, and the calendar of group events, as well as support from other families involved in the same endeavor.
Cost: $10 membership/electronic newsletter $20 membership/paper newsletter

Kim Ashby
Geographic Area Serving: Worldwide group (began in NC, still has NC-specific communication)
Description: GIFTSNC is a special place for parents who homeschool one or more children with physical, developmental, medical, communication or learning challenges. GIFTSNC is the place to discuss and exchange ideas regarding: curriculum choices and modifications, medical and therapy issues, providing social opportunities and so much more. GIFTSNC is a place where we can support each other as we work to meet the daily challenges of rearing, guiding and teaching all our children. A brief, family bio is required and will be requested on all pending memberships. This bio will also be used as an introduction to the group. ***FYI***: We started as a North Carolina specific group and are still predominantly NC residents which means that we have some communication that is specific to NC or areas within NC. Since we are a large group, I encourage smaller groups of members to meet for parent meetings, field trips, etc. These small group communications are also encouraged on the larger GIFTSNC group. This allows for a continued small group feel allowing us to continue sharing and encouraging each other through this life journey!
Requirements: Must be home schooling (or seriously investigating this educational option) and have at least one child with special needs.
Benefits: We offer an annual GIFTSNC Home Schooling Special Needs Conference and Exhibitor's Hall and have discussion available on our yahoogroup (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GIFTSNC/)
Cost: None

Greensboro Catholic Home Educators
Celeste T.
Geographic Area Serving: Greensboro, North Carolina
Description: Welcome! This is a list for Catholic homeschoolers in Greensboro NC to keep in touch, share ideas, inspire, and encourage each other in our call to homeschooling
Requirements: Be a Catholic homeschooler in Greensboro, NC
Benefits: Support and encouragement
Cost: None

Michele Uhl
Geographic Area Serving: Randolph County
Description: HARC is an informational banner linking all the various support groups together in unity in Randolph County and surrounding areas. Our purpose is to be a common link to communicate through and share the different opportunities available in our community. Contact us at: infoharc@harcnc.com
Requirements: None
Benefits: Communication
Cost: None

Haywood Christian Home Educators
Bill Shuman
Geographic Area Serving: Waynesville, North Carolina
Description: Haywood Christian Homeschoolers is a group of home school families that emphasize a Christian world view in homeschooling their children. Most families in this group will be from Haywood County North Carolina.
Requirements: Anyone who agrees with educating children with a Christian world view may be a part of the group.
Benefits: Membership benefits include being able to stay in close communication with members of the group.
Cost: None

Cheryl Vagnozzi
704 739-4070
Geographic Area Serving: Cleveland and Gaston Counties as well as the surrounding areas.
Description: The purpose of this group is to provide an atmosphere for support and fellowship, as well as a place to share and ask for advice, network, and offer activities and field trips for our homeschooled children and their families. This group is dependent upon its members actively participating as a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More!). We also hope to provide members with lasting memories and friendships that bring us together to form a stronger homeschool community.
Requirements: This is an all inclusive group and only requires a $5 yearly membership application fee.
Benefits: Some of our other membership benefits include low annual membership fee, educational links, monthly event calendar, PE program, Co-op, 4H clubs, history and science fairs, end of the year awards banquet, box tops for education program, and more!
Cost: $10 yearly

HEArts: Home Education Arts
Sheree Harrell
HEArts Moderator
Geographic Area Serving: Wilmington, North Carolina
Description: HEArts is a Wilmington, NC based online news group and a real time activity group for homeschoolers. Our group is for families using creative, integrated techniques to facilitate learning at home; that is, using the Arts to learn all subject matter. We are a fully inclusive, nonsectarian group that embraces diversity.
Requirements: This is a restricted Yahoo group. If you want to join our online group you will need to email the moderator directly to introduce yourself with your name, address and phone number(s) in order to keep up with our fun, spontaneous activities and planned events. Parents and children of all ages, both boys and girls, are invited to attend our events.
Benefits: We also plan park play dates, fieldtrips, parties and spontaneous activities.
Cost: None

Helping Hands, Together We Can!
Susan Faulkner
Geographic Area Serving: Fayetteville and immediate surrounding areas, North Carolina
Description: The HHTWC seeks to enhance the lives of all parents and/or caregivers home schooling special needs children through a program designed to provide support for the spirit, mind and body of the parent and/or caregiver and their children.Please visit the website for more information.
Requirements: Membership is open to any family homeschooling a special needs child but needs to understand that this is a Christian organization, and Christian practices will be observed. We do not discriminate due to race, religion or disability.
Benefits: *Yahoo group membership, *Free Email HHTWC news and updates, *Free peer support Group Meetings, Fellowship and support of other HHTWC members, *Voice rights and involvements in various activities and projects, *Share suggestions in our suggestion box at meetings that may better meet the needs of each member and child, *Field trip opportunities (extra fees may be involved)
Cost: $20 yearly

HOME - Asheville
Julie Houston
Geographic Area Serving: Asheville and surrounding area, North Carolina
Description: A forum for secular homeschooling families in and around Asheville, North Carolina
Requirements: Currently homeschooling or interested in homeschooling in or around Asheville, NC.
Benefits: Yahoo group for support, communication, and resources for activities for and with other homeschoolers
Cost: None

Home Educators Association of Roxboro (HEAR)
Jayne Nagy
Geographic Area Serving: Person and Caswell counties, as well as all surrounding areas
Description: It is the desire and vision of the HEAR support group to see all homeschooling families first grow in their relationship with the Lord, and then with one another. Our society offers us many opportunities, many of which steal our time and prohibit the building of relationships. We want to be an organization that cares more about its people than its "programs". Therefore, we have made a commitment to keep operations and group related activities simple. We are a Christian homeschool support group, meet weekly for social gathering, offer occasional co-ops, and lessons, library, several informational meetings yearly, and offer support and encouragement.
Requirements: Our HEAR Mission Statement provides information about when our group was founded, our faith, our purpose, and our restrictive covenants. It clarifies our statement of belief. If you are considering becoming a member of the HEAR support group, we encourage you to carefully read our Statement of Purpose and Belief prior to seeking membership.
Benefits: Support, encouragement, information sharing, field trips, friendship, safe environment to meet
Cost: $20 yearly

HOME: Homes Offering Meaningful Education
Geographic Area Serving: Fayetteville and surrounding area.
Description: HOME is an organization of families who are committed to maintaining educational freedoms and encouraging excellence in home education. It is our purpose to promote and develop home education as a viable educational alternative and to provide encouragement and support to those families. HOME is operated on the basis of biblical principles and living faith, welcoming members of all race, nationalities, and religions who will ascribe to our ideals. HOME is not affiliated with any church or denomination so that it may be a support group for all Fayetteville area homeschoolers.
Requirements: Must read and agree to HOME by-laws. Pay yearly membership fee.
Benefits: Monthly fellowship meetings and weekly Enrichment Day classes are offered.
Cost: $25 yearly

Hope Mills Homeschoolers
Jenni Woods
Geographic Area Serving: Hope Mills and direct surrounding area.
Description: This group is just getting started- I created it to meet the needs of people more in Hope Mills and deeper in the 'country'! We accept anyone, as long as we can all respect each other.
Requirements: Respect, tolerance. Requirements may change as group grows.
Benefits: Support, park days, fun days, field trips, etc. Our children love to have fun, so why not make learning fun?
Cost: None

Inclusive Homeschoolers of Wilson
Tiffany Abells
Geographic Area Serving: Wilson, North Carolina
Description: We are a welcoming group. Inclusive Homeschoolers of Wilson is open to all families interested in alternatives to traditional public education regardless of faith, ethnicity, lifestyle and homeschooling method. We meet casually to exchange ideas and offer support to each other.
Requirements: There are no membership fees. Everyone is welcome, and our only requirement is that members are tolerant of others' beliefs.
Benefits: We have a discussion list through yahoogroups. We meet twice monthly for park days. We meet once a month for Coffee Night. Based on members' interests, field trips, arts & crafts and service projects will be planned.
Cost: None

Iredell County Home Educators - ICHE
ICHE Membership Coordinator
Geographic Area Serving: Iredell County - Statesville, North Carolina and surrounding counties. Includes: Troutman, Mooresville, Harmony, etc.
Description: ICHE is currently organized under the leadership of a Board and a network of Volunteers. ICHE membership is open to all homeschoolers. Membership information may be obtained by contacting the Membership Coordinator
Requirements: Christian Based group
Benefits: * Monthly Newsletter * E-Mail Announcements * Membership Directory * Group Achievement Testing * Mom’s Night Out * Soccer/Baseball/Basketball * YMCA Swimming Lessons * Scholastic Book Orders * Back to School Kick-off Event
Cost: $15 yearly

Kingdom Colors Homeschool Support Group
LaToia Brown
Geographic Area Serving: New Hanover County, Brunswick County
Description: Kingdom Colors is a very diverse group of homeschooling families from all ethnic/racial, religious/non-religious affiliations and homeschooling methods and curricula. Kingdom Colors maintains the philosophy that parents have the responsibility of raising and teaching their children according to their beliefs and values in the manner and style of their own choosing. Vision The vision of Kingdom Colors Homeschool Support Group is to help families build strong foundations in the homeschooling arena by: giving support to families being a tool for information to members a forum to share ideas and information with each other.
Requirements: RESPECT
Benefits: Diversity
Cost: None

L.I.F.E. (Learning In Family Education)
Cherie Goldsmith
Geographic Area Serving: Transylvania County - Brevard, North Carolina
Description: Learning In Family Education, better known as LIFE, is a support group for homeschoolers in and around Transylvania County. LIFE is founded on Christian principles, and its activities are open to anyone with an interest in home based education. Our goal is to provide support, and our desire is to serve and to edify our homeschooling community through family centered activities, through educational gatherings, and through shared resources. We are a group of new and veteran homeschoolers who can help you with questions you may have concerning home education as well as offer many opportunities for group interactions for both parents and students.
Requirements: If you are a homeschooler in or around Transylvania County and would like a support group that will help you on your journey check out our website to find out how to join. We look forward to meeting you soon
Benefits: If you are beginning your search into the world of home education in North Carolina or just want to learn more, please use our Homeschooling Information section on our website to help you get started. Then take a look at our Calendar of Upcoming Events to see what we have planned for the year under the Links section of our website. The links section is available to you before you become a member, as well as the homeschooling information section. Our website has much more available to its paid members.
Cost: $10 yearly

Learning4Life Home Educators
Geographic Area Serving: Gaston, Cleveland, Lincoln and surrounding counties.
Description: This is an inclusive support group of homeschooling families from the Gaston/Cleveland county areas of North Carolina and surrounding counties. This group is open to anyone regardless of race, religion, home school or parenting styles, etc., but we ask that you please read the group rules before requesting to join.
Requirements: All prospective members are required to attend two group activities before being allowed access to the group site. Please email one of the group owners and you will be provided with future group activity information. 1) Members agree to attend at least one activity every 2 months with the exception of June through August & the month of December. However, group activities are welcome during these months. 2) Members are asked to be respectful of one another including differences of opinion in homeschooling philosophies, politics, religion, etc. 3) Parents are responsible for their child's behavior, safety, and discipline at all group activities. We bear no responsibility for injuries, supervision, etc. 4) Members are asked to commit a reasonable amount of time to the group with regular attendance within reason. We understand that as homeschoolers we will take vacations, travel, illnesses/deaths will occur, etc. which is to be expected, however regular attendance is important. 5) Members are encouraged to participate in planning and organizing group activities such as park days, field trips, and mom's night out. 6) We request that no political, religious or otherwise potential inflammatory subject be posted on this group. Please make sure that subjects are related to homeschooling and group activities and won't offend. 7) No spamming or drama!
Benefits: Co-op, mom's night out, park days, field trips, P.E. class, etc.
Cost: None

LIFT Co-Op: Learning in Faith Together
Samantha Cernock
Geographic Area Serving: Cumberland County and surrounding areas.
Description: We are a ministry of Arran Lake Baptist Church to homeschooling families in Cumberland and surrounding counties. We meet once a week from September to May. We also participate in field trips and social gatherings outside of our weekly meetings. Membership is open to anyone, however please keep in mind that we are a Christian organization and follow the teachings of Arran Lake Baptist Church.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Support, fun, learning, a varying selection of classes, communication and interaction with other homeschooling families as well as standardized testing opportunities.
Cost: $50 annually

MACS Homeschool - Moms & Children Socializing
Amanda Kyles
Geographic Area Serving: Iredell County, North Carolina
Description: This is free membership group. You pay for only the activities you choose to participate in. Right now, this for K-5 graders only - I am aiming to add events for older children as time goes on - if anyone would like to help I would greatly appreciate it!We will have membership forms, a membership directory and a monthly newsletter.I have several days a month planned for activities. Right now, I'm trying to build up a membership interest. Please email me with any questions! Older/younger siblings are always welcomed at any activity!
Requirements: All that is required is for you to fill out a membership form and be added to our membership directory.Some of our activities require RSVPs and fees. Please take note and respect everyone's time and out-of-pocket expenses! Some of our activities will require you supply a drink and a snack to share for a fun day.
Benefits: There will be monthly newsletters. I will be adding field trips throughout the year.I have several activities planned including but not limited to: Monthly Theme Day (story and craft time), Artist Day (learning about an artist and different art techniques), Book Day (reading "mystery" books and trying to solve them before the "detective" does), Bible Day (reading a Bible story, memorizing bible verses and the books of the Bible) and Fun Day (everyone brings a drink and snack and we'll all have fun getting to know each other and socializing. There will be games for the children.
Cost: None

Mint Hill/Matthews Home School Group
Candace Carver
Geographic Area Serving: Mint Hill/Matthews area
Description: This group was created for those in the Mint Hill/Matthews area who are currently homeschooling or considering. We invite all types of homeschoolers or unschoolers to join. Activities will be geared towards ages 0-10...older siblings are welcome of course.
Requirements: None
Benefits: We will meet regularly for play-dates, field trips, support, curriculum swaps, moms night out, and family fun.
Cost: None

Tammy Thornton
Geographic Area Serving: Raleigh (Wake/Johnston Counties), North Carolina
Description: STARS (Southeast Triangle Area Resources and Support for Homeschoolers) is a Support Group for Home Schooling families in Eastern Wake and Western Johnston Counties and the surrounding areas. The principle purpose is to provide online support, educational opportunities, field trips, activities, and information to families in these areas. The group currently consists of over 150 families and activities and ages range for all.
Requirements: Family must be home schooling or planning to home school and provide minimal personal information to group leaders.
Benefits: Support, activities, information, field trips, opportunity to be a part of a group with minimal requirements, participate at your family's current "seasonal" level, and be as involved as you would like to be.
Cost: None

Newfound Baptist Church Homeschool Ministry
Andrea Clark
Geographic Area Serving: Buncombe County
Description: We are a group of Christian homeschool families seeking to love, support, encourage and enrich families who have chosen to teach, train and educate their children at home. Our ministry is open to all area homeschoolers and we are honored to walk beside you in this journey of home education. There are many opportunities to minister and serve together in our support group. Our group meets on the 4th Monday of every month for Project Day. Our projects will always be educational or community service related and will be appropriate for all ages, preschool through high school.
Requirements: No requirements.
Benefits: We also offer field trips, parties, support group meetings and special events throughout the year for our ministry members.
Cost: $25 yearly/family

North Carolina Families Learning Together (FLT)
Pam Genant
Geographic Area Serving: State of North Carolina
Description: FLT is a group of homeschooling families in North Carolina. We serve as a support network welcoming anyone with an interest in home education. Our purpose is to facilitate the exchange of information, talents, and resources.
Requirements: Have an interest in homechooling
Benefits: Quarterly newsletter, membership directory, yahoo list, gathering (twice a year)
Cost: $15 yearly

North Carolina Unschoolers
Pam Genant
Geographic Area Serving: State of North Carolina
Description: As unschoolers we recognize that learning is a byproduct of living life. We respect our children, and trust that our children will learn everything they need to know through living their lives and following their passions. This group is created to support and connect unschoolers in North Carolina.
Requirements: Being an unschooler in North Carolina
Benefits: We have regularly scheduled day trips, impromptu gatherings, a quarterly newsletter and much more!
Cost: None

North Wake Teen Homeschoolers
Geographic Area Serving: Northern Wake County, North Carolina
Description: North Wake Teen Homeschoolers is a secular support group for families with homeschoolers of middle and high school aged children (ages 11 and up) in Northern Wake County, North Carolina. (Parents and siblings are welcome to join in on many of the activities, but not all.) The group is member directed - meaning everyone is welcome and encouraged to plan events and activities. Our group's goal is to form lasting bonds and a sense of community for our teens and their families. This can only happen if everyone is willing to participate and plan events and activities. It's free to join the group, the only requirement is families are expected to host or co-host at least one event per year for the group. Also, you must attend one public event in person, before you will be approved to join the group.
Requirements: Must be homeschooling a child 11 years of age or older. Members are expected to host or co-host at least one event per year for the group. Also, you must attend one public event in person, before you will be approved to join the group.
Benefits: Community and activities
Cost: None

Parents Advocating Teaching at Home, Inc (PATH)
PATH Representatative
Geographic Area Serving: Hickory area, North Carolina
Description: PATH is an inclusive community of homeschooling families providing support and resources for people who have chosen to educate their families at home. Members have varied backgrounds, as well as varied political and religious beliefs. In PATH we celebrate our differences and treat each other with respect and kindness being sensitive to the diversity that is within the group. We have no monthly meetings as a group; we are too large to do that. We meet yearly to have fellowship and short business meeting.
Requirements: No requirements. All are encouraged to participate in activities of interest and plan one event per year, but not required.
Benefits: Monthly newsletter, invitation to Yahoo Group for email chain, yearly directory, and access to any events or field trips planned during year.
Cost: $10 yearly

PEACE at Home
Dona Lewandowski
Geographic Area Serving: Eastern Wake/Johnston County, North Caroline
Description: PEACE at Home is a member-led homeschool support group with a membership of about 40 families. We are informal and inclusive, with no "structure" to speak of. Our membership includes children of all ages. Activities are member-generated. We welcome and embrace diversity, and hope that members will share freely with one another their beliefs and values, so that we may all learn from one another.
Requirements: Our sole membership requirement is that members are accepting and appreciative of diversity.
Benefits: Because our group is member-led, it offers whatever our members choose to offer.
Cost: None

Piedmont HomeSchoolers
Suzanne Banks
Pat Ashley
Geographic Area Serving: Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point North Carolina
Description: Piedmont HomeSchoolers is an online support group. We sponsor annual fall picnics and spring barbecues for our members, as well as a homeschool, Christmas Bazaar.
Requirements: This group is open to all.
Benefits: Members may post notices of support group events, curriculum for sale, yard sales, classes, activities, park days, library information etc.
Cost: None

Queen Vashti Home Schoolers
Emma Marlow
Geographic Area Serving: Vashti, North Carolina
Description: We are a diverse group. We are unschoolers that share ideas and programs. We have a 4-H group, a girl scout troop, (and brownies) and we use American Girls and the Little House books for many of our projects. We are close to Taylorsville, Statesville and Wilksboro if you'd like to join us.
Requirements: None
Benefits: We would love to have you join in our field trips and participate in our activities.
Cost: None

Roanoke Valley Assoc of Christian Home Schools
Sarah Lumsden
252-213-7554 Cell
252-456-3412 Home
Geographic Area Serving: We service counties on the border of NC and Va surrounding Lake Gaston. We are located between Interstates 85 & 95. We meet in Littleton, NC
Description: We are home school group that meets weekly on Friday from Sept to May. We enjoy field trips, workshops, various "Bees", fellowship. Bible Study, Graduation/Award Ceremony. We offer Standardized Testing in April. We have a newsletter and email loop.
Requirements: Membership fee is $15. A Statement of Faith and a Liability Waiver to be signed. We do like our members to head up various activities as they feel led.
Benefits: Fellowship for parents and kids. A time of release and play, laughter and fun. Working our kinks and finding new solutions for getting work done. Sharing our lessons learned with each other to lift us up and keep us motivated.
Cost: $15 yearly

S.H.A.R.E. Secular Homeschoolers Accepting and Respecting Everyone
Juli Beighley
Geographic Area Serving: Fayetteville and surrounding communities, North Carolina
Description: S.H.A.R.E. is a member led support group, welcoming all homeschoolers.
Requirements: We require only that everyone show respect for one another and the choices that each individual family has made.
Benefits: We enter two competitions. Canon Envirothon, for middle/high school and Independent Battle of the Books for middle school. We have a yahoo discussion site, and also offer field trips, support meetings and park days, and an annual cook-out to kick off the year. We have primarily middle/high school age children, but all ages are welcome.
Cost: None

Secular Homeschoolers of North Carolina
Christie Smith
Geographic Area Serving: Johnston, Wake and Harnett counties, North Carolina
Description: Secular Homeschoolers of North Carolina [SHNC] was founded in July 2004 out of a need for a welcoming group for homeschooling families in and around Johnston County inclusive of all ethnicities, faiths, ages, lifestyles and homeschooling styles.The purpose of the group is to provide social and educational opportunities for a variety of ages since homeschooling involves the entire family. Our on-line goal is to provide an open forum to discuss any subject pertinent to homeschooling with tolerance, dignity and respect. Our off-line goal is to gather and build a community that will support us throughout our homeschooling experience.
Requirements: Acceptance of and respect for diversity
Benefits: Our members typically organize events such as museum trips, theater trips, play-dates, seasonal gatherings, park days, family picnics, classes, etc.
Cost: None

SHARE The Homeschool Support Network
Evie Lee
Carmen Harris
Geographic Area Serving: Catawba and surrounding counties, North Carolina
Description: Welcome to our Christian Homeschool Support Network! We are a support group for Catawba and surrounding counties. We gather for Field Trips, E~Day Enrichment Activities, Gym Day, Unit Studies, Park Day, Field Day, Skate Day, Prom, Teen Activities, Tween Activities, Fellowship, E-Day Enrichment Classes, Mom's Night Out, Annual Talent Show, IMAX/Discovery, Family Gatherings, Seasonal Events and much more! We are a non-denominational Christian organization. Our focus is founded in and through Christ. He is the foundation of which we base all future growth. To Him we give all Glory, Honor and Praise for blessing our group, supplying help, and steering us in our homeschooling efforts.
Requirements: Membership participation requires each family to organize one activity or event per year. We also strongly request that members attend the annual sign up meeting, family gathering. Board members are required to meet monthly; leadership team is required to meet at minimum, quarterly.
Benefits: * Yearbook participation * Talent Night * Planned Field Trips * Yahoo Loop Membership * Newsletters * EDay Mailings
Cost: $20 yearly + $10 yearly insurance

SpeakOut NC
Sue Gray
Geographic Area Serving: Cary / Raleigh, North Carolina
Description: Speak Out North Carolina is a Christian Speech club for homeschooled students. We support the mission of the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association (NCFCA), which states that formal speech and debate can provide a means for homeschooled students to learn and exercise analytical and oratorical skills, addressing life issues from a Biblical worldview in a manner that glorifies God. The mission of Speak Out North Carolina is to facilitate the training necessary to raise up the next generation of Godly leaders who demonstrate Christ-like love manifested through a servant's heart.
Requirements: The purpose of the Speech club is to train and prepare students for speech tournaments. Meetings will begin on time! Please plan to arrive a few minutes early to get settled so you don’t miss out on important announcements or valuable training time. We are volunteering our time and we want to make the best use of it while we are together.The club hopes to provides instruction, practice sessions and critiquing for the NCFCA speech categories. This will be accomplished cooperatively with both parents and students providing feedback and assistance as needed. Weekly meetings may include teaching time and small group exercise/practice time with parent coaches/assistants. Each week students may be given assignments to work on at home. We will communicate these assignments in writing and we hope that parents will assist their students to ensure that work is completed. Student success requires parental involvement! If at all possible, parents are encouraged to attend meetings with their students. This is especially important for those who have never competed before.
Benefits: WE have a communications loop which serves to inform parents about various activities and training that is available in our area.
Cost: None

T.E.A.C.H. (The Eastern Association of Christian Homeschools)
Geographic Area Serving: Beaufort, Martin, Pitt, Washington Counties
Description: We are a christian group. We have various sports teams, meet once a week for PE classes, have a Drama Club, History Club as well as parental planned field trips throughout the school year.
Requirements: Read and agree to our By Laws, sign a Statement of Faith, we ask that all parents participate to the planning and coordinating of the events.
Benefits: Fellowship, Support and Socialization
Cost: $15 yearly

Triad Homeschoolers
Jill Lockridge
Geographic Area Serving: Triad area-Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, North Carolina
Description: Triad Homeschoolers is a support group for homeschoolers of all walks of life. We have families from all over the Triad and most activities are in Greensboro, High Point and Kernersville. We are an active group and require active participation from members.
Requirements: Triad members love to have new families join and to meet them. We like to have an active group and to get to know the families so we do expect you to come to something every 6 months. This is also for the protection of our members that we expect to meet you within 6 months of you joining us.
Benefits: We have park days, parties, field trips and educational classes. If there is something you would like to do or see happen in the group, please let us know!
Cost: None

TRIBE Homeschoolers
Gail Butler
Geographic Area Serving: Pitt, Beaufort, Greene and nearby counties, North Carolina
Description: TRIBE, Totally Responsible Individual Based Education, is an inclusive group open to homeschoolers/unschoolers in eastern NC. We are very casual and unstructured. We meet in a local park every Wednesday afternoon and also plan field trips and activity days as interest dictates.
Requirements: We ask that all members be respectful of the varied beliefs of other members.
Benefits: Group members plan field trips etc as they wish.
Cost: None

Wilmington Catholic Homeschoolers
Michele Pasch
Geographic Area Serving: Wilmington North Carolina and Surrounding Areas
Description: Wilmington Catholic Homeschoolers is a group of local homeschool families residing in the Wilmington area. We provide support to families through field trips, group classes and holiday celebrations. We give guidance and support to each other by offering Mom's Night Out, Book Club and Seminars.
Requirements: August to August Membership each year and be actively homeschooling.
Benefits: Access to friendship within the homeschooling community, group rates on field trips and activities and participate in service work to help the community at large.
Cost: $20/family yearly

Wilmington Homeschool Organization
Laura Wilkins
Geographic Area Serving: Wilmington area, North Carolina
Description: Wilmington Homeschool Organization is a secular homeschooling group in the Wilmington, NC area. We are an open group, in that we do not discriminate by race , religion, or homeschooling method. All are welcome here for the purposes of advancing the education and sociability for our children. We will announce cooperative classes, fieldtrips, and other parent led activities to benefit the children.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Park days, moms night out, TJEd basic training class for parents, field trips, children's classes
Cost: None

WINGS (Wise Instructors Need Group Support)
Geographic Area Serving: Greater Charlotte, NC, primarily in the Huntersville, Davidson, Cornelius areas.
Description: WINGS is a Christian homeschool group serving primarily the north Charlotte (University), Davidson, Huntersville, and Lake Norman areas. We are a free homeschool group that "meets" online through forums, live chats, and weekly e-mail updates. Our online forums serve as both a community for building friendships and a source of information on local events of interest to homeschoolers.
Requirements: We do not have any requirements of our members except that they treat each other respectfully on the forums.
Benefits: Being free and having no requirements are major benefits! Money and time are both valuable commodities for homeschoolers and we respect that. Our hope is that our members would feel compelled on their own to plan events and post on the forums to express their appreciation.
Cost: None