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New York: Support Groups
Geographic Area Serving: New York City
Description: Welcome to 5BoroHSchooling! We are a group of Homeschool families that enjoy the simplicities of home-instruction. About us: Learn through exploring the wealth of knowledge within the 5Boro make-up of Greater New York. Come join us:-) Everyone Is An Important Member! Thank you!, 5Boro Psalm 23:1
Requirements: Friendliness to ALL Screening process prior to approval
Benefits: Comfort
Cost: Care

Geographic Area Serving: Serving the 5 Boroughs and Long Island
Description: AHEAD-NY is a group for Homeschooling Teens and their families. Homeschooling teens face challenges and concerns that are unique to their age groups. Having a group of their own with others who share their concerns and joys gives them a community that makes them feel secure. The teens are afforded a chance to bond and grow, and parents have an equally wonderful oportunity to exchange info and assist each other in this journey we are all sharing.
Requirements: Must be a homeschooling parent/caretaker with a teenager(s).
Benefits: We share resources, information about classes, trips, curriculum, etc. AHEAD-NY has a Clubhouse where we meet for activities for the teens, co-ops, social time, educational programs, etc. We also run a 4-H program.
Cost: None

CHAMP - Chautauqua Homeschooling & Mentoring Program
Dawn Bennink
Geographic Area Serving: Southwestern New York
Description: CHAMP is a secular and inclusive group welcoming all homeschoolers in Southwestern New York and the surrounding area. All types of homeschoolers, from school-at-homers to unschoolers, all religions and all ethnicities are encouraged to participate. Recent and planned activities include field trips, Homeschooling 101 workshops, resource sharing and more. We are here to support homeschooling families across our region. Please check out our website or email us for further information.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Field trips, group activities, website and e-group communication, support with regulation issues and paperwork, and more
Cost: None

Charity Homeschool
Jeff and Michele Boyer
Geographic Area Serving: Rochester, New York
Description: Charity Homeschool is a local homeschool support group of approximately 70 families which is located in Rochester, NY. We are a non-denominational, Christian support group, and we welcome homeschoolers of all faiths to join us. It is our desire to support, encourage, and help guide all homeschoolers that seek us out, while at the same time being living examples of the love of Jesus Christ.
Requirements: We require parents to help clean up one time during group classes if they take a class or participate in testing. Parents are not required to teach a class. We do ask parents to be responsible for their own children at all times.
Benefits: Charity Homeschool offers group classes which meet at Calvary Chapel of Rochester in the fall and the spring, field trips at a variety of locations, access to ice hockey and figure skating programs, and other special activities, along with the support and encouragement of other local homeschoolers. We have a private Facebook group and helpful information on our website as well as offering various free seminars throughout the year.
Cost: $28 per family for a full-year

Community Loving Education
Maureen Gonzalez
Geographic Area Serving: Westchester, New York
Description: Christian Homeschool Support Group in Lower Westchester area. We meet regularly for field trips.
Requirements: Family has a desire to serve God and have a personal relationship with Jesus.
Benefits: Fun, friendship and fellowship
Cost: None

D.R.E.A.M.--Discovery, Resources, Education and More
Lauren Scott
Geographic Area Serving: Long Island and the Five Boroughs of New York City
Description: DREAM is a secular group that is ethnically and religiously diverse. We welcome families of all homeschooling philosophies, and offer the group as an opportunity to share resources, provide support, and plan activities and learning co-ops.
Requirements: Open to families who are currently homeschooling one or more children of any age. Also open to families who are seriously interested in homeschooling and would like more information.
Benefits: Opportunity to meet like-minded people and to participate in group activities and social events.
Cost: No cost to join; fee for some activities.

Deutsche Spielgruppe/German Playgroup
Evelyn Preuss
Geographic Area Serving: Rockland and Bergen Counties, New York/New Jersey
Description: The primary goal of the group is to give the children the opportunity to interact with their peers in German. We either do outings or half-day fieldtrips or otherwise alternate meeting at members' homes.Moms and Dads with children aged 0 to ten welcome
Requirements: A requirement is that the parent speaks German with his or her child and interacts with the other parents in German also. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it should be understandable.
Benefits: Past outings included the Storm King Arts Center, New York Botanical Garden, Bear Mountain Zoo, Van Saun Park. Activities included reading stories, baking cookies, singing songs, making music and seeding plants. New ideas are always welcome!
Cost: None

Empire Home School Group
Geordie Stanley
Geographic Area Serving: Western New York - Erie, Wyoming, Genesee Counties
Description: We are a co-op of home school families offering Art, Music and Gym for 1st-12th grade. We also have classes for Toddlers and PreK/Kind as well as a nursery so that one parent from each family can help in the co-op. We meet on Friday mornings from End-September through Early May. We also offer programs for the families to participate in. Including: Book-It, Field trips, Scholastic Orders, A concert for a local nursing home, Creative Fair, etc.....Email for more information.
Requirements: Each family must have at least one parent come on Friday's and participate in some way in the group. This may include, teaching occasionally, assisting teachers, planning of activities or set-up/clean-up for events.
Benefits: We are also members of LEAH (Loving Education At Home), which is an optional $15 to join. This is not a requirement to participate in the co-op but does offer many additional benefits.
Cost: $20/child/year for Toddlers and $45/child/year for PreK - 12th Grade; Costs subject to change from year to year.

FERN - Family Educators Resource Network
Beth Lawton
Geographic Area Serving: Upstate New York & The Berkshires
Description: FERN is an informal networking group for home educators in the areas of Columbia, Rensselaer, and Albany counties in New York and in Berkshire county in Massachusetts. FERN operates as a computer-based "newsletter" for activities, resources, and information to support homeschooling families and those interested in home education.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Recent activities include field trips, monthly Teen Trips, and 8-week family theater workshop, resources (including some local farm goods, recycling home education, materials) group trips to theater performances.
Cost: None

Go & Learn Homeschool
Michelle Derival
Geographic Area Serving: Nationwide
Description: Go & Learn Homeschool! We are interested in the benefits of a well-rounded educational experience. This group is created strictly for the pleasure of learning on the go... Here, at Go & Learn Homeschool, happenings,and doings such as trips, events, outings, classes, and adventures are the only subject matters. All homeschool families are Welcome:-) We are a nationwide group. Let us share our talents and Go & Learn!! Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice! Philippians 4:4.
Requirements: Please stay on topic. Please remain respectful at all times. Do feel free to contribute your event(s) that pertains to the purpose of this group’s goal.
Benefits: A well-rounded educational experience through multiple unique activities.
Cost: None

Higherrock Ministries
Joann Shapiro
Geographic Area Serving: Holbrook, Suffolk county, New York
Description: Please e-mail for the lastest things that we do. Our primary concern is to develop a meeting place for children of special needs to play, and we have an excellent support group on a monthly basis.
Requirements: We do not hold any sought of requirements to those who choose to come on a monthly basis, or to those who come one time every two months. We are here to give support and encouragement to all parents who are raising children with special needs.
Benefits: As a group we as members plan our trips according to the needs which means as a team we as a whole plan our outings, playgroups, field trips and mom's night out.
Cost: One time fee

Home Education Group of Schoharie (HEGS)
Eileen Knott
(518) 234-1577
Geographic Area Serving: Schoharie County, NY
Description: Home Educators Group of Schoharie (HEGS) is a group of homeschooling families with a wide variety of backgrounds, approaches to education, and religious affiliations. We exist to provide support for homeschooling families, information of homeschooling, and to allow for sharing of educational opportunities. We hope to increase public awareness, acceptance, and support of home education in Schoharie County.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Support
Cost: None

Home Education Network of the Albany Area (HENAA)
Sandy Malloy
Geographic Area Serving: Albany Region, New York
Description: Secular, inclusive homeschool cooperative
Requirements: Actively participate, attend gatherings and meetings
Benefits: Weekly gatherings, social time, field trips, support
Cost: Yearly dues

Jewish Home Educators of NYC and Vicinity
Rhona Rose
Geographic Area Serving: New York, Long Island, New Jersey
Description: The purpose of this group is to provide a medium for local Jewish homeschoolers to meet as well as an opportunity for the parents to exchange ideas and offer suggestions to support homeschooling among this segment of the population.
Requirements: We require that members are of the Jewish faith and that they live in the NY, LI or NJ area.
Benefits: Activities are planned at the suggestion of members and our membership is informed by e-mail.
Cost: None

Jr. Explorers Club for Homeschoolers
Grace Ciszkoski
Geographic Area Serving: Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York
Description: The Jr. Explorers Club is a parent-sponsored, free activity club for homeschooled kids ages 4-18. We go on fun, educational field trips each month to locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York. The Philadelphia Chapter is currently the largest in the nation with over 750 children as members.
Requirements: Must attend one trip per year
Benefits: Fun and educational programs, classes, concerts and tours; Free gym day each month at a local recreation center; Reading incentive program that earns free books for children; Community service opportunities
Cost: None

Geographic Area Serving: NYS, NYC, NJ ,CT, PA ...more
Description: Our goal is to Build Friendships Through Homeschool Activities. Our kids do this in New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut..., so get out your maps, refill your Metro Cards, turn on your GPS and participate!!! Highlight: Family Collaboration:-)About Us: All Grades Boys, Girls, Fun, Play, Learn, Share, Create, Laugh, Surprise, Engage, Support, Grow & much more...Childhood timeline focus..."When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me." 1 Corinthians 13:11
Requirements: Requirements: Homeschoolers Only! Screening Process! Families willing to travel some distance! Group Introduction within 3 days of Membership! Everyone is an IMPORTANT Member!
Benefits: A Well-rounded Homeschool Experience!
Cost: Participation

LEAP Co-Op - LEAH Education Activities Program
Elisabeth Tissiere
Geographic Area Serving: Otsego, Schoharie, and Delaware Counties, New York
Description: This Christian learning cooperative for grades K-12 meets Tuesday mornings in the Cooperstown area, and offers some core course instruction as well as enrichment classes. Please check our website for more information on how LEAP can enhance your homeschool experience!
Requirements: Members must already belong to a local LEAH group and be willing to sign and abide by a statement of faith and code of conduct.
Benefits: Our group provides an electronic newsletter through yahoogroups.
Cost: $35 tuition & $5 materials fee

LIGHT- Long Islanders Growing at Home Together
Devorah Weinmann
Geographic Area Serving: Queens, Nassau & Suffolk Counties, New York
Description: L.I.G.H.T. is a nonprofit organization that welcomes members of all denominations. The common interest of our members is home-education. The purpose of this organization is to offer information, organize activities for member children and their families, hold meetings that support members in their home education choice and help members to introduce themselves to one another. All services are provided through the unpaid volunteer efforts of members. All members are invited to attend business meetings or send written opinions. Those present will have a vote in the issues presented.
Requirements: Adult members must be parents or grandparents of home-educated children.
Benefits: Newsletter, resource center, trips, parent meetings, yahoo group
Cost: $28 yearly

Living Room Learners
Geographic Area Serving: Commuting distance to the border of Greene, Albany, and Schoharie counties
Description: Living Room Learners is an active group for children and teens that embraces all races, religions, and styles of learning. Our primary purpose is socialization - both for children and for parents (!) - and to that end we meet twice per month at a local community hall which has an adjacent playground, basketball court, and playing field. This location is also ideal for our secondary purpose, which is to offer classes in subject areas which may be difficult for some parents. Our yahoo!group site - LivingRoomLearners@yahoogroups.com - offers parents the opportunity to ask and answer questions, to find and individually contact home-schoolers in their area, and to organize or sign up for interesting field trips.
Requirements: Children must be able to socialize in a friendly, age-appropriate manner.
Benefits: There are no "formal" benefits... only the benefits of friendship, support, and something to do when you and the kids are finished with lessons and bored! We are always on the lookout for educational programs offered to the home-schooling community, and organize group outings to attend such programs. These may include (but are not limited to) stage shows, science workshops, arts & crafts workshops, musical concerts, and physical education offerings.
Cost: None; A few of the optional classes and field trips have fees.

Loving Education at Home-LEAH Region 10
Rudy Hugo
Geographic Area Serving: New York City/ Long Island, New York
Description: Christian Homeschool Support group. Various groups all over New York City and Long Island. Contact us for information and locations.
Requirements: LEAH is a Christian homeschool support group and, as such, adheres to Christian principles and precepts. We ask all our leaders to sign the statement of faith.
Benefits: NYSnewsletter, NYC/ LI Convention, NYS Convention, support and networking among support groups, and so much more!
Cost: None

NOBHA- Niagara County North of Buffalo Homeschool Association
Angela Gelyon
Geographic Area Serving: Niagara County, New York
Description: NOBHA is an inclusive group with children of all ages and was founded for all homeschoolers regardless of their homeschooling philosophy or religious beliefs. From unschoolers to eclectics and everyone in between, you are welcome here! We hope to provide information, support, resources, and lasting friendships along our wonderful adventure in Homeschooling. We meet the third Friday of the month from 10am-12pm.
Requirements: There are no requirements, mandatory meetings or dues to join our group.
Benefits: Our group was orginally founded for support to other homeschoolers in our area. We also offer resources, information and friendships.
Cost: None

NYHEN - New York Home Educators Network
NYHEN Representative
Geographic Area Serving: State of New York
Description: We are here to support the freedom of families to educate their children at home; improve and strengthen connections and communication among home educating families; advocate for freedom from restrictions and for increased opportunities for home educating families; increase public awareness, acceptance and support of home education; provide an association that takes no position on religion, partisan politics, and non-homeschooling issues; and protect from accidental or deliberate infringement by government parents' rights to teach their own children.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Statewide information, support, networking for all home educators through several email lists on yahoogroups
Cost: None

RAIHN (Rome Area Inclusive Homeschooler Network)
RAIHN Representative
Geographic Area Serving: Utica/Rome area, New York
Description: This is an online group that meets for field trips and provides online support for local families. This is a SECULAR inclusive homeschooling group and is open to christians and non-christians alike.
Requirements: Their are no requirements to membership, except the need to be respectful to others differing beliefs, and ways of teaching.
Benefits: Online support, inclusion in group activities and field trips
Cost: None

Suffolk County Homeschoolers
SCH Representative
Geographic Area Serving: Suffolk County, New York
Description: We are a homeschooling group that serves current homeschoolers living on Long Island in Suffolk County. We have a wide range of field trips and events for all ages.
Requirements: We require all new members to pick up their membership application in person. We do this for the safety and security of all our members.
Benefits: We offer a wide range of activities for all ages.
Cost: None

Syracuse-area Homeschoolers' Association (SaHA)
Lisa Jensen
Geographic Area Serving: Syracuse, New York
Description: We are a diverse group of families who have a common interest in teaching our children at home. We are a secular group, and membership is open and not limited to those with particular religious or political beliefs. We do encourage tolerance and respect among members. Learn more about our group by joining SaHA's email list at Yahoo Groups: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Syracuse_Homeschoolers/
Requirements: None
Benefits: Some of us meet weekly for group classes in music and science. Many of our members participate in a weekly school-age read aloud at the Soule Branch Library. We also have an activity day for younger children.
Cost: None

Michelle D.
Geographic Area Serving: Nationwide..based in New York
Description: Welcome to TEENWORK HomeSchool Support! This is a nationwide support group. TEENWORK is a support group designed for homeschool families raising teenagers between 12-18 years of age. All races, religions, beliefs, and philosophies are welcome! TEENWORK is a place where families can share thoughts, concerns, ideas, experiences, curricula , activities etc…..pertaining to teen homeschoolers. Please feel free to make use of the tools on this list…attachments, files, photos, links, database,and polls to maxiumize TEENWORK. Please remain respectful and supportive at all times. Kindly introduce yourself to let us know that you are here. I hope this group find you well through TEENWORK!
Requirements: Must be homeschool family raising teenagers between 12-18 years of age.
Benefits: Relationship through understanding!!
Cost: None

The Grape Belt Homeschoolers
Cathryn Millin
Geographic Area Serving: Chautauqua County - Fredonia/Dunkirk and surrounding area
Description: We are an all inclusive group of homeschoolers in the Dunkirk/Fredonia and surrounding areas. We are an active group who meet on Wednesdays at the Boys and Girls Club of Dunkirk where we have a room to use. This is also where the lending library is kept for our group. We have various classes depending on what our members want. These have included Music, art, science, history, foreign cultures, fire safety, careers and occupations, biography and book report skills, to name a few. We also meet Thursdays at the Barker Library in Fredonia for story time/research hour (depending on age)for the kids. Planning time and socializing for the adults. Various field trips are taken throughout the year and in class presentations arranged occasionally. Most of the kids range in age from pre-k to 6th grade.
Requirements: Our biggest requirement is consistant participation by members. Everyone is expected to help out in some way. This could be planning a field trip, helping to teach a class, assisting with clean-up, assisting with fundraisers, as long as it's something.
Benefits: *Group member lending library *Twice weekly scheduled group events. Sometimes more *Relaxed group of families *Many interesting planned field trips *Weekly Arts and Craft *Various unit classes *Group web site for keeping up to date on group news and events *Invites to other area homeschool group events
Cost: None

The Learning Community (TLC) of Bergen NJ and Rockland
Geographic Area Serving: Bergen County, Rockland County, and the surrounding areas, New Jersey, New York
Description: We are a diverse group of homeschoolers, including unschoolers, that provides gatherings and support for children of preschool through high school ages.
Requirements: 1. Attachment Parent 2. Striving to practice respectful parenting (but realizing that we are all human) 3. Committed to homeschooling
Benefits: Currently a *minimum* of 5 monthly gatherings: 1. Monthly Gathering 2. Monthly Field Trip - museum, zoo, aquarium, theatre amusement park. 3. Monthly Park Day - Indoor or Outdoor facility 4. Monthly Book Club - For adults and children 5. Monthly Weekend Event - to ensure that working parents can also benefit from support and friendship. We usually have much, much more planned than the above. Parents will plan classes for their child's age group, including pottery, art and cooking for all age groups.
Cost: None

Tri-State Homeschoolers
Sylvia Diaz
Geographic Area Serving: Tri-State NYC area: Orange, Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland, Ulster, Sullivan & Westchester Counties in NY, Bergen County in NJ, and Fairfield County in CT
Description: A secular, inclusive support group for homeschoolers, We offer events, activities, newsletter, and more.
Requirements: Modest annual membership fee
Benefits: Monthly newsletter, private Yahoo group
Cost: $14 yearly

Wellsville Area Homeschoolers
Shari Ternes
Deborah DeJonge
Geographic Area Serving: Wellsville, NY and the Southern Tier (Allegany, Steuben, & Cattaraugus counties plus Potter County of PA)
Description: Our group was founded in the spring of 2001 and has steadily increased its members. Today (2010), our mailing list has expanded to over 40 committed family participants within the southern tier (including Potter County in PA). We are an eclectic mix of home educators; diverse in our methods, curriculum and ideology, but united in our purpose of educating our children at home. Although primarily a Christian group, all families flexible in respectfully observing group policy and Mission Statement are welcome and encouraged. Our group is overseen and structured by a Core Group Leadership Panel of 3-5 appointed group members.
Requirements: Adherence to written Mission Statement and Group Policy Guidelines and payment of annual dues
Benefits: Group members benefit from monthly roller skates, newsletter, and parent support meetings plus field trips, weekly homeschool info email notifications, co-op classes, and an annual Mom's retreat.
Cost: $5 yearly