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New Jersey: Support Groups
Atlantic Learning Network
Julia Corson
Geographic Area Serving: Atlantic County, New Jersey
Description: The Atlantic Learning Network, based in Atlantic County, New Jersey, gathers home schoolers in this area for regular activities and support meetings. Our network family stays connected through the use of Yahoo! Groups. This is NOT a group based on religion, it is a HOME SCHOOL GROUP, a group based on the common desire to home school our children. All are welcomed, and respected, with the expectation of respecting!
Requirements: None
Benefits: There are several benefits to becoming a member of our organization. Our members are close friends and we have a great time when we get together. Of course we also have a common interest, and we hope to further our cause.
Cost: None

Burlington County Homeschoolers Together
Geographic Area Serving: Burlington County, New Jersey
Description: A group of Homeschoolers or those considering homeschooling in Burlington County!! There will be many trips planned play dates and Educational Get Togethers!! Time for Mom's and Dad's!! The group will be open to ideas and suggestions and should be as personal as possible!! If you are looking for involvement for your children and have trouble finding activities that include all of your children regardless of age differences look no further. This group will focus on making sure that your pre-schooler or High School student will be included in all activities!! This is not to condone the idea that "homeschooler's are unsocialized"!!! Just the opposite to address the fact that they are a group of great kids with as many interests and personalities!! Please only join if you are looking for a Home school Group that is tight knit and will respect all members. I hope that all will understand that there will be many different personalities and that is what makes the world beautiful. Each person has good to contribute and it will be a great place to make your mark. I believe that as a group we can help our children learn to make meaningful relationships and have a place where their interests will be recognized and respected, but more importantly addressed!!! Everyone needs friends they can count on at anytime and this will be the place to find them!!!
Requirements: None
Benefits: We offer field trips, playdates and Mom Time. New Group Join now and take part in helping us Grow!!
Cost: None

Central NJ Children Science Circle
Geographic Area Serving: Mercer County, Middlesex County
Description: We bring our children (mostly mid-school ages), to study scientific topics with them. Scientific presentations and activities are organized by parents and by children (which helps them to develop research and public speaking skills). Presentations are followed by questions/answers and discussions. Also kids play science-bowl and team brainstorming competitions, solve puzzles etc. All families are welcome. Any children present at a meeting must be supervised by a parent or guardian. All our meetings are free. We, parents, just prepare something for children to make our meetings interesting. New ideas welcomed.
Requirements: Best for ages 9-14.
Benefits: Scientific presentations and activities
Cost: None

CHAPLET Representative
Geographic Area Serving: Burlington/Camden Counties, New Jersey
Description: CHAPLET is a group of 55 Roman Catholic home educators.There are over 200 children, of all ages, spread throughout Camden and Burlington Counties.
Requirements: All current home educators, as well as those considering home education, are welcome. You need not be Roman Catholic, but must understand that most activities will be distinctly Catholic.
Benefits: We sponsor the annual statewide Catholic homeschool conference. Activities include Little Flowers, Knights of Our Lady, Pilgrims of the Holy Family, monthly parents' meetings, monthly Mass and picnic, and more. We communicate via a Yahoo! group and the directory of families and monthly newsletter are distributed through the Yahoo! group.
Cost: $7 yearly

Cornerstone Home Educators
Karen May
Geographic Area Serving: Camden/Gloucester Counties, New Jersey
Description: Cornerstone Home Educators is a Christian support group consisting of approximately 35 families. We are based in Gloucester County but open to all South Jersey homeschoolers. All are welcome!!
Requirements: None
Benefits: We offer field trips, sports, monthly support group meetings, young men's club for boys 10 and older, monthly newsletter, classes, community service projects and other social activities.
Cost: $15 yearly

Deutsche Spielgruppe/German Playgroup
Evelyn Preuss
Geographic Area Serving: Rockland and Bergen Counties, New York/New Jersey
Description: The primary goal of the group is to give the children the opportunity to interact with their peers in German. We either do outings or half-day fieldtrips or otherwise alternate meeting at members' homes.Moms and Dads with children aged 0 to ten welcome.
Requirements: requirement is that the parent speaks German with his or her child and interacts with the other parents in German also. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it should be understandable.
Benefits: Past outings included the Storm King Arts Center, New York Botanical Garden, Bear Mountain Zoo, Van Saun Park. Activities included reading stories, baking cookies, singing songs, making music and seeding plants. New ideas are always welcome!
Cost: None

Doorposts Christian Homeschoolers of South Jersey
Doorposts Representative
Geographic Area Serving: Williamstown, New Jersey
Description: Doorposts Christian Homeschoolers of South Jersey meets the first Friday of each month in the CDC building at St. Matthew's Baptist Church from 6:30-8:30pm. We are a Christian group with a multicultural focus open to homeschoolers throughout South Jersey.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Doorposts Christian Homeschoolers offers planned field trips, monthly activities, resource listings, encouragement, support and more! We actively explore homeschooling from a Christian as well as uniquely African American, multicultural perspective.
Cost: $20 yearly

Educators Network of Christian Homeschoolers of NJ
Richard Millward, President
Geographic Area Serving: State of New Jersey
Description: ENOCH of NJ is a non-profit volunteer organization whose goals are: to PROVIDE aid in the creation & growth of Christian support groups & a network to support group leaders, to PROCLAIM the advantages of home education to the general public, to PROTECT the future freedoms of home education in the state of NJ, and to PROMOTE home education programs and events that are vital to homeschoolers. It is a state-wide organization designed to support group leaders. You can subscribe to our free newsletter. This list is used to notify the home schooling community of changes to the website, of important news, and of our monthly newsletter.
Requirements: None
Benefits: ENOCH of NJ runs a state-wide convention each year, keeps an eye on the legislative environment in NJ, maintains a frequently updated website, and disseminates a monthly e-newsletter.
Cost: None

Gloucester County Christian Home Schoolers Association
Geographic Area Serving: New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware
Description: The Gloucester County Christian Home Schoolers Association (GCCHSA) is a non-profit Christian home school support group serving families in Southern New Jersey. The GCCHSA provides member families with support and activities to enhance home school education, as well as opportunities to develop valuable connections with other home school families. The GCCHSA also provides information, support, and encouragement to those in the general public who are seeking information on home schooling.
Requirements: Many of our activities are run by parents and/or students. Therefore, all members are required to volunteer to serve in two areas.
Benefits: Field Trips, Academic testing, game nights, craft parties, Mom's Meetings, Jr/Sr high activities, ministry opportunities and more.
Cost: $35 Yearly Membership

Holy Family Catholic Homeschool Group
Lori Howard
Geographic Area Serving: Ocean County, Monmouth County - Based in the Toms River area
Description: Come and meet other Catholic Christians who are living their vocation by homeschooling their children! A group dedicated to fun, family and sharing the joys and difficulties of Catholic homeschooling. Where families seek to grow in holiness together! Meetings are generally held the third Friday of the month.
Requirements: Friendly Homeschoolers or those looking into homeschooling *Completely Faithful to the Holy Father and the precepts of the Catholic Church*
Benefits: Socializing with other like minded individuals that are living an authentic Catholic life while HOMESCHOOLING! Field Trips, Playdate and more to be scheduled
Cost: A can or package of food for the local food pantry, unless required for a field trip

Homeschoolers of Central NJ
Dawn Hugg
Geographic Area Serving: Burlington, Mercer, Monmouth and Somerset counties, New Jersey
Description: This group is email based through Yahoo Groups. This group meets once a week at Mercer County Park to offer support to homeschooling families in Central New Jersey. We are not affiliated with any religious denomination. We are open to all homeschoolers.
Requirements: You must be approved by the moderator before posting (this is done through the website).We do not accept spam or politically motivated posts.
Benefits: Through emails, members post about trips, events, ongoing activities, resources, discussion topics and provide general support.
Cost: None

Homeschoolers of Middletown
Homeschool Middleton Representative
Geographic Area Serving: Middletown, New Jersey
Description: This group is entirely devoted to Social Activities for Homeschoolers in Middletown NJ and the surrounding areas. If you want to form a club, plan an event or just meet other homeschoolers, this is a great place to meet up or just chat.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Active online yahoo group, 4H, field trips, resources, playground days
Cost: None

Jersey Shore Parents of Dyslexic Children Meetup
Mary Beth D'Antoni
Mary Beth D'Antoni
Geographic Area Serving: Manasquan, NJ
Description: Gather together to share ideas and experiences. Register for insightful workshops on Dyslexia given by noted experts in the field.
Requirements: Join us for insight, understanding, and sharing of ideas and experiences.
Benefits: Learn about your child's strengths,the way your child learns and ways your child needs to be taught to be a successful life-long reader. Share your ideas and learn from others who have a dyslexic child.
Cost: None

Kids' Homeschool Network
Mary Beth Agnello
Geographic Area Serving: Hunterdon and surrounding counties. Flemington, Raritan, Clinton, and surrounding areas.
Description: The Kids' Homeschool Network meets weekly on Thursdays and Fridays and offers a variety of opportunities for homeschoolers to learn and grow educationally and socially. Recent activities include: classes and clubs in accounting, writing, history, geography, Chinese, Shakespeare, karate, sign language, engineering, web design, robotics, and more. Annual activities include: Field Day, a Talent Show, Archaeological Dig, holiday parties, and family dances. We are all-inclusive and parent-run.
Requirements: Membership fee and parent participation.
Benefits: Support and activities
Cost: Varies according to class choices

Living Water Home Educators
Geographic Area Serving: Burlington County and surrounding areas...
Description: Living Water Home Educators is a non profit NJ corporation. Our mission is to support member homeschool families (with children from K to 12th grade) in the Burlington County and other nearby counties in New Jersey by establishing a community of home educators who can share experiences and assist one another in home education. LWHE is a support group; it is not a school or a substitute for a homeschool.
Requirements: None
Benefits: LWHE sponsors many activities including: Living Water Enrichment Co-Op: Standardized Testing; 8th Grade and 12th Grade Graduations; Monthly social events for variety of age groups including: 7-11 yr old girls (Water Lillies) and boys (Typhoons); Middle School (H2O) and High School students (Tsunami); parental activities including: Annual Mom's Retreat and Ladies Tea; various support group meetings including: Newbies, Homeschooling Through High School, outreach ministries, spelling bee, science fair, field trips and park days throughout the year that not only educate and enrich our children, but also provide member families with ample opportunities to find support and develop valuable connections with fellow homeschoolers. LWHE members also participate in external events such as geography bees, spelling bees, science fairs, organized sports, etc. Please refer to our Calendar of Events page for this year's planned events so far!
Cost: $35 annual membership fee

New Egypt Homeschoolers
Staci D'Amore
Geographic Area Serving: New Egypt and surrounding areas, New Jersey
Description: Our group is located in New Egypt, NJ. Homeschoolers that are in our group are from New Egypt, Jackson, Browns Mills, Wrightstown, North Hanover, East Windsor and many other areas. We meet once a month and sometimes more times. We do trips, monthly meetings and activities, Mom nights out, park days and more. We have kids of all ages and homeschool families from all backgrounds. Please email for more info on the group.
Requirements: There are no fees, unless stated for a monthly activity or for a trip.
Benefits: Some benefits are we have over 125 families in the group. There will always be someone who can help you out with something and provide you with some info on homeschool. It is a great way to network with some good homeschool families and make life long friends for you and your children.
Cost: None

New Jersey Homeschoolers
Geographic Area Serving: State of New Jersey
Description: Open to all New Jersey homeschoolers, we are an eclectic group who embrace diversity. All people, regardless of religion, race or creed, are welcome to join. This is an unmoderated list and debate will not be censored. We ask that all members be sensitive to the diversity of the group when considering whether a topic is appropriate for posting.
Requirements: Members should be homeschoolers or considering homeschooling and live in New Jersey or one of its border states or be considering a move to New Jersey.
Benefits: We are a large, active, inclusive email list. Members are free post announcements of activities in their area or plan group field trips via the list.
Cost: None

NJ Homeschool Hangout
Geographic Area Serving: Northern NJ
Description: This group is open to all Homeschoolers and those who are considering doing so in the future. We are an eclectic group who embrace diversity! All people, regardless of religion, race, or beliefs are welcome to join. We are an all inclusive group and enjoy the diversity of ideas, events, and experiences for our children. We are committed to providing FUN, interesting, social, and informational opportunities for all home-schooling parents and their children in and around Northern New Jersey. Most of our events are in Morris, Passaic, and Bergen Counties although we do sometimes have events throughout NJ, NY, PA, and CT. Through our numerous events and activities, home-schooling parents are given the opportunities to share news, information, and resources available to families here in our area. As a group we create opportunities for projects, field trips, community service, park days, family gatherings, discussion groups and sharing of resources. Everyone is welcome to join in any or all of the activities. We have many wonderful families aboard who offer encouragement and support, along with fun and educational activities.
Requirements: •Members and their children must be respectful of others at all events. •We would love to see members host at least one meetup a year although this isn't a requirement •Members need to RSVP to all events they are attending and update all RSVP's if plans change. •If any problems/questions occur, please contact any one of the organizers. Keep in mind we can't fix a problem if we aren't aware of it.
Benefits: • Invitations to our many social meetups and automatic notification of events • Friendships for both parents and children • Moms Nights Out and New Member Meet and Greets • Full access to the online calendar which is packed with things to do (includes Homeschool Events and FYI Family Events) • Member-only discounts & coupons to local attractions and businesses • Member-only business section which allows members to post and advertise their home business • Surprise raffles of items generously donated by our Sponsors • Group is private so peace of mind that any events, pictures, personal information posted will be kept private. Organizers do their best to ensure the privacy and safety of this group.
Cost: $2.50 monthly; $30 yearly

Tatiana Smith
Geographic Area Serving: Northeast USA - New Jersey - Hudson County - Jersey City
Description: P.L.A.Y. (Parent-Led Activities For Youth) is a FREE homeschool co-op located in Jersey City Heights. Parents and children come together to socialize, learn new things and get active each week. Information is posted on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PLAYJCH/ Visit our website at www.playjerseycity.com
Requirements: Parents must lead an activity of Free Play day
Benefits: Activities and support
Cost: None

Skylands Homeschool Community
Kielynn-Marie Andres
Geographic Area Serving: Warren, Hunterdon, Sussex, Morris counties and surrounding areas.
Description: Skylands Homeschooling Community is a support group for homeschooling families in the NJ Skylands area. Our mission is to give our children and ourselves the opportunity to share ideas, friendships and educational activities. While we do not have a formal meeting time, we generally meet once per month for field trips, playgroups, park days, and educational activities. We are all-inclusive and parent-run.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Support and activities
Cost: None

Somerset County Christian Homeschoolers
Ciara Burdick
Geographic Area Serving: Somerset, Morris, Hunterdon, Warren Counties and the surrounding area
Description: Somerset County Christian Homeschoolers (SCCH) is made up of families who recognize that the education and nurture of their children in all phases of life is the God-given responsibility of the parents. SCCH is a Christian homeschool support group serving the greater Somerset County area. The purpose of SCCH is to provide a ministry of mutual support and encouragement between families in central New Jersey who choose to educate their children in the home, to promote the sharing of information about homeschooling, and to organize educational enrichment opportunities through the co-op. The purpose of SCCH is to provide a ministry of mutual support and encouragement between families in central New Jersey who choose to educate their children in the home, to promote the sharing of information about homeschooling, and to organize educational enrichment opportunities through the co-op.
Requirements: We require that all members subscribe to our Statement of Faith. In order to join and attend co-op, families must be home educating at least one child who will be at least 5 years old by December 31st of the specific school year AND be in kindergarten in that specific school year.
Benefits: SCCH co-op is a group to support moms. While a huge part of our co-op is that our kids get to gather and have fun and learn, we really strive to be a place where moms can get together, enjoy each other, and learn from each other. We hold classes for our students, but these classes are what we consider supplemental. The classes our children take at SCCH co-op are "extra;" with this supplemental model, parents continue to take full responsibility for their children's academics.
Cost: $175/family yearly, Co-Op only is $30/family yearly

Sussex County Christian Home Schoolers
Geographic Area Serving: the Tri-State Area NJ, NY, PA
Description: Sussex County Christian Home Schoolers, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 group of home schoolers who live in Sussex County, NJ and the surrounding areas. We are an open support group with Christian By-Laws and our Advisory Council Members are actively homeschooling. We are parents and guardians who are committed to educating our children in a Christian environment and meet regularly for our mutual support in this endeavor. Collectively, we represent many denominations, but we intend that all of our activities and interactions be clearly consistent with Biblical principles.
Requirements: Families register as a Voting or Non-Voting Member by reading and acknowledging their agreement with the Statement of Faith.
Benefits: While respecting the autonomy of each family school, our purpose is to share ideas, materials, experiences, information, to offer social and comprehensive learning opportunities for our children, and support member families.
Cost: $15 yearly

The Learning Community (TLC) of Bergen NJ and Rockland
Geographic Area Serving: Bergen County, New Jersey, Rockland County, New York and the surrounding areas
Description: We are a diverse group of homeschoolers, including unschoolers, that provides gatherings and support for children of preschool through high school ages.
Requirements: 1.Attachment Parent 2.Striving to practice respectful parenting (but realizing that we are all human) 3.Committed to homeschooling
Benefits: Currently a *minimum* of 5 monthly gatherings: 1. Monthly Gathering 2. Monthly Field Trip - museum, zoo, aquarium, theatre amusement park. 3. Monthly Park Day - Indoor or Outdoor facility 4. Monthly Book Club - For adults and children 5. Monthly Weekend Event - to ensure that working parents can also benefit from support and friendship. We usually have much, much more planned than the above. Parents will plan classes for their child's age group, including pottery, art and cooking for all age groups.
Cost: None

Unschoolers and Others
Unschoolers and Others Representative
Geographic Area Serving: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey & Pennsylvania, centered in Northern Delaware.
Description: An alternative group of home educators. Our email list is to discuss goals and educational directions, share resources, and support each other in a non-religious framework. We offer weekly park days year-round, monthly roller skating and rock-climbing, and various other one-time family activities.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Activities and email list
Cost: None