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New Hampshire: Support Groups
New England Jewish Homeschoolers
Beth Burnham
Geographic Area Serving: Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont
Description: We welcome people who are interested in participating (and helping to organize) some of the many activities we have. We have a variety of religious and secular activities for children of all ages. On our e-list (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nejhs/), we are privileged to have Orthodox Jews, Conservative Jews, Reform Jews, Reconstructionist Jews, secular Jews. The primary goal of NEJHS is to allow our children (and us!) to get together with other Jewish homeschoolers.
Requirements: We do not allow so-called Messianic Jews (Jews for Jesus). There is no proselytizing allowed on our e-list or at our gatherings. This list is NOT for discussing religious politics or "how" to be a Jew. Note: Non-Jews married to Jews and raising their children as Jews or with Jewish traditions are also welcome.
Benefits: We have field trips planned at least once per month. For example, in the last few months, we have explored historic houses in New England, visited the Museum of Science, and had a wonderful Sukkah party.
Cost: None

Raymond Area Homeschool Cooperative Network
Karen Garbenis
Michele Henderson
Geographic Area Serving: Raymond and surrounding communities, New Hampshire
Description: The Raymond Area Homeschool Cooperative Network (RAHCN) is a social and support network for homeschooling families, and those interested in learning more about homeschooling who reside in the town of Raymond and surrounding communities. RAHCN is open to ALL families. RAHCN is an inclusive group which seeks to embrace the diversity found in our community and welcomes everyone interested in homeschooling.
Requirements: We hope that all members will embrace diversity and leave prejudice and hate at the door when they participate in events and meetings. We ask that all members take as much of an active role in the group as they can reasonably afford. We are all busy, and we all need a strong and beneficial support group.
Benefits: RAHCN holds regular meetings and events so that you and your children will find information, support, friendship, the opportunity to learn from the experiences of other families, and a chance to share questions and concerns.
Cost: None

Seacoast Homeschooling Cooperative
Pamela Broido
Denny and Aimee Perrin
Geographic Area Serving: Seacoast area of Maine/New Hampshire
Description: This is a twenty year old coop of families of many ages, shapes and styles of homeschooling with no particular affiliation other than a respect and love of family, homeschooling, community and support. We have weekly support meetings, a newsletter, and many off-shoot group activities. Pamela Broido also conducts annual homeschooling assessments and is open to unschooling styles of homeschooling.
Requirements: None
Benefits: We have weekly support meetings, a newsletter, and many off-shoot group activities too numerous and varied to list.
Cost: None