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California: Support Groups
Adventures In Learning Homeschool Group
Susan Hammond
Geographic Area Serving: Sacramento, California
Description: We meet every Wed., our first class starts @ 11:00am., lunch @ 12:00pm, then a 2nd class @ 1:00pm. We have different classes depending on the week and what family is in charge that week. Currently we have art and ancient history the first week of the month, science and sign language the 2nd week, health and ... that depends on who wants to take that week, any volunteers? The last week is usually reserved for a field trip. We always have some sort of craft to go along with what we are doing each week so the kids can not only learn but have something to take home! We start and end each Wed. group with a prayer. After our last class we also have a very short "Story Time", 15 minutes tops. The kids are told a story, usually from the Book of Virtues, but not always, and then asked to write a sentence up to a paragraph about the story, depending on age and maturity, and to draw a picture depicting their favorite part of the story. The next week the kids show off their picture and get a sticker. If they earn 10 stickers then they get a small prize. We love to get together, not only for the children but for the support and friendship we give each other. It's always a lot of fun as we go on our "Adventures in Learning" together. We have a wonderful multi-racial group of kids from newborn to 13 years, though all ages are welcome. We currently meet in my home with about 15 kids and 5 families participating.
Requirements: Each family must prepare a lesson to be taught to our group for one class each month. Each family may choose whatever topic they feel comfortable in teaching, from crafts to the sciences, and so on. This is very low key, don't be nervous, have fun with it!
Benefits: Weekly classes and monthly fieldtrips
Cost: None

Apples of Gold
Mrs. Linda Paddock
Geographic Area Serving: Nevada County-Grass Valley, Nevada City, Penn Valley, Colfaxs,California
Description: Our group exists to provide Christian, loving home education encouragement to families, assist home educating parents with information, counseling and networking contacts. We serve families who have children from newborns through college age young adults obtaining their upper-education online.
Requirements: Our only requirement is that our families be Christian, private home educators committed to Biblical instruction. Members cannot be under the jurisdiction of a public school in the education of their children at home.
Benefits: We provide a bi-monthly newsletter, Mom's Night Out, Co-op classes, field trips, community outreach opportunity to a local rest home and various activities such as choir & Keepers at Home.
Cost: $10 yearly

Bay Area Homeschool Field Trips (BAHFT)
Katherine Ingram
Geographic Area Serving: San Francisco Bay Area, California
Description: BAHFT is a field trip group for homeschooling families in the SF Bay Area. Members organize and post field trips, classes and outings. We are an inclusive group, representing a diversity of homeschooling philosophies, practices, and demographics. Everyone who identifies themselves as a local SF Bay area homeschooler is welcome.
Requirements: Access to internet, as all communication is done via the yahoo group.
Benefits: This is a large and busy group with many activities per month to choose from, including classes, factory tours, concerts, plays, museum trips, sports outings, and other learning experiences out in the larger community.
Cost: None

Bay Area Schools in Christ (BASIC)
Aimee McNally
Sheri Trovinger
Geographic Area Serving: Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Campbell, San Jose, Santa Clara, Mt. View, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Menlo Park
Description: Bay Area Schools in Christ (BASIC) is a Christian homeschoolers' support group serving private, independent home schooling families in the vicinity of mid-Peninsula/South Bay, CA. BASIC has two foundational activities that are central to its mission. They are Teachers Night Out (TNO) and Park Day. We also offer sports day, park days, nature play dates, math club, KidLead youth leadership program, summer bible studies, family activities, field trips, and much more.
Requirements: Application
Benefits: Teachers Night Out (TNO) and Park Day. TNO is a time for all instructors, both moms and dads, to reflect and share on their strengths and challenges, and to listen to speakers on specific topics for homeschoolers. Park Day is for parents and children to gather in an outdoor setting, share fun and fellowship, growing and games, trials and trust, without the structure of a classroom. BASIC runs a Yahoo Group, basiccommunique, for members only, where we share field trips, classes, co-ops, prayer support, and curriculum support. We also publish a monthly electronic newsletter. BASIC also publishes an annual membership directory. In all this we embolden our members to hold Christ as their standard. Acts 2:44 "And all that believed were together, and had all things common."
Cost: $10

Bayside Homeschool Network
Marisa Chaffey
Geographic Area Serving: Placer County
Description: BHN is a Christ centered ministry sponsored by the women’s ministry at Bayside Church in Granite Bay. Our purpose is to support, encourage, and enable women to joyfully fulfill their calling to educate their children at home. We endeavor to provide a place for women to grow in Christ and be replenished. The needs are unique to women who educate their own children and we nurture relationships among homeschooling mothers, alongside their children, while being a witness for Christ.
Requirements: Since this is a women's ministry, the monthly meeting is for the mother's. All other events, (except mom's night out), is open to the whole family.
Benefits: Monthly Meeting/ Weekly Park Day/ Holiday Parties/Field Trips/Service Projects/Yearbook/Open House
Cost: $25 yearly

California Christian Homeschoolers (CCH)
Marion Curtis
Geographic Area Serving: State of California
Description: We are an E-Mail support group of Christian Homeschoolers throughout the state of California. We exist to encouarge and empower Christians to train their children up in the way of the Lord through E Mail Group. Members are free to post as they are led. To date we have over 165 member families. In His Arms, Marion (Moderator)
Requirements: A working E Mail address. WE are also Christian based so if you are looking for a secular only group, this is not for you.
Benefits: We have a yearly camping trip and hopefully more to come.
Cost: None

Central Valley Homeschool Scholars (CVHS)
Leah Ramirez
Geographic Area Serving: Los Banos (Central Valley), California
Description: Central Valley Homeschool Scholars is a homeschool co-op in the Central Valley CA. We have weekly co-op meetings that include science and art as well as field trips and monthly Parent Support Meetings. We are open to all homeschoolers in Los Banos and the surrounding areas of Central CA and the Bay area. You do not have to attend the weekly meetings to participate in the field trips or any of our other special events, all are welcome!
Requirements: None
Benefits: See above.
Cost: None

Chico Homeschoolers
Chico Homeschoolers
Geographic Area Serving: Chico, CA and surrounding areas in Butte County, CA
Description: We are an unschooling and homeschooling playgroup and support network. Independent and Inclusive. All Homeschoolers are welcome.
Requirements: None
Benefits: We offer weekly park days, weekly teen get togethers, occasional fieldtrips, and fun outings. All ages are welcome.
Cost: None

Cathie Parrish
Geographic Area Serving: Lodi and surrounding areas, California
Description: We are a support group of about 80 families that started 5 years ago in Lodi, Calif. and surrounding areas. We are a group that welcomes any style of homeschooling; we believe the Lord leads each individual family the path of how to homeschool. We are a Christian group with a Statement of Faith and Mission Statement that is based on Bible Doctrine. We welcome anyone that shares our Christian World View. We meet once a month for the moms to fellowship, share and pray. We offer many activities that you may choose to participate in or not; we encourage you to do what is good for you and your family. We offer a co-op with core classes as well as "interactive fun". We have a yearbook, yearend party (which includes food, a "works" display, graduation, and a talent show); a back to school swim party; craft days; moms/dads activities; science camp; too much to list! Our fee covers a monthly newsletter and mailing. We have a board and are an independent ministry of First Baptist Church in Lodi.
Requirements: We are a Christian group with a Statement of Faith and Mission Statement that is based on Bible Doctrine. We welcome anyone that shares our Christian World View.
Benefits: We offer a co-op with core classes as well as "interactive fun". We have a yearbook, yearend party (which includes food, a "works" display, graduation, and a talent show); a back to school swim party; craft days; moms/dads activities; science camp; too much to list! We put out a monthly newsletter, that is either mailed or picked up at the meeting.
Cost: $25 yearly

Christian Homeschoolers of Ripon
Carlene Thurman
Geographic Area Serving: Ripon, Salida, Manteca, Lathrop, Escalon, Riverbank, Oakdale, Linden, Modesto, and surrounding communities.
Description: Hi! We are a Christian homeschooling co-op located in Ripon, CA. It is our desire to get our children connected with each other in a fun, educational, and constructive atmosphere. We get together bi-weekly, usually on Fridays, for field trips, co-op classes, community service projects, holiday parties, PE, local events (e.g. plays) and other activities. The goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart based on Deut. 6:5-8 "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your might. These words I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children and talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up."
Requirements: All of our field trips, classes, and events are organized by parent volunteers which requires every family lead a class, an event, or coordinate a field trip or other co-op related activity. Additionally, you must join our Yahoo group as this is the method we use to notify all members of activities.
Benefits: See Description above
Cost: None

Classical Homeschoolers of the Silicon Valley
Robert Arne
Geographic Area Serving: San Jose, California
Description: Classical Homeschoolers of the Silicon Valley is an all-inclusive support group for those following the classical homeschooling education model of "The Well Trained Mind" (Jessie Wise and Susan Bauer) or similar methods (e.g. Hirsch, Bennett, Mason). This is an open, courteous, exchange of ideas which must not become commercialized or dominated by any one perspective, excepting the common denominator of an interest in classical education.
Requirements: Participate in discussions and work to build a stronger park day group.
Benefits: We are the only group in the South Bay dedicated to expanding inclusive Classical homeschooling. Join us and let's build a large group capable of supporting the classical methods.
Cost: None

Educating By His Grace
Mandy Avila
Denise Graham
Geographic Area Serving: Tracy, Manteca, Modesto, Lathrop, Ripon, Livermore, Banta
Description: We provide: MNO PE and Park day Field trips Pictures Graduation Parties
Requirements: Christian Private Homeschool
Benefits: Fellowship, mentoring, helping new homeschoolers feel comfortable raising our child in the way they should go, Christ centered atmosphere building great friendships, growing in love
Cost: $10. and $5 for a PE shirt

Family Centered Education of Los Angeles (FaCE-LA)
Colleen Paeff
Geographic Area Serving: Los Angeles, California
Description: We are an inclusive, loosely organized support group for families who homeschool in any of the various ways and methods. FaCE-LA currently includes over 100 families who live throughout Greater Los Angeles and beyond. The children range in age from babes-in-arms through 21+ years old, and we recently had a second-generation family become members. We have park days on the first and third Thursday of every month in Burbank. Other activities include several book clubs, science classes, nature classes, lots of other kinds of classes, a movie-making group, field trips, physical education, Moms' night out, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, craft fairs, curriculum fairs, and potlucks. We also work together to produce a yearbook, as well as a talent show that the kids put on every year. There are several festivals, a formal dance in the springtime, and an opportunity to order student IDs and "non-school" pictures. At Halloween time, there is a costume parade.
Requirements: $25 annual fee covers subscription to a monthly newsletter and our Yahoo announcement group.
Benefits: Monthly newsletter, organized field trips, park days, book clubs, yearbook, "non-school" pictures and student/teacher IDs, other clubs and activities, Moms' Night Out, potlucks and special events.
Cost: $25 yearly

Family Homeschool Adventures
Trisha Vais
Geographic Area Serving: Lompoc, California
Description: Our group is an active, activity-based group. Our children range in age from toddlers to junior high. Currently, the majority of our group is elementary age. We meet for a park play day every week on Tuesdays and have at least 1 other field trip or group activity a month. We also do art and science projects about once a month during our park days.
Requirements: Our group is open to all homeschoolers. Our only requirement is that everyone treats each other respectfully and that each parent is responsible for teaching their child respectful behavior at our group events.
Benefits: Park days, field trips ,class series (archery, dance),art and science projects
Cost: None

Freedom Valley Home Learners
Kris Dalton
Geographic Area Serving: Temecula & Murrieta and surrounding areas, California
Description: Freedom Valley Home Learners (FVHL) Yahoo Group is an all-inclusive (non-faith based) group of homeschooling families in the Temecula Valley area. The purpose of the group is to provide information and support to homeschooling families in the Temecula Valley Area. In addition to the yahoo email group, this group offers regular parkdays throughout the valley and fieldtrips throughout So. Cal, Tween & Teen groups & access to coop classes & news from the homeschool community. Members of this group are respectful of other families’ homeschooling choices, whether they utilize a public charter or private school and whether they follow a traditional, classical, or unschooling educational philosophy. Most of the members of this group reside in Southwest Riverside County (Lake Elsinore, Murrieta, Canyon Lake, Wildomar, Menifee, South Corona, and Temecula and outlying areas)
Requirements: No requirements. The group is what the parents make of it, so the more you can contribute the better the experience.
Benefits: Fieldtrips, tween group, teen group, news from local homeschool groups, resources support notice of co-op & vendor classes, friendship
Cost: None

Gentle Christian Homelearners
Therese Franklin
Jenny Therien
Geographic Area Serving: Chino Hills, San Dimas, California
Description: Gentle Christian Homelearners is a support group for unschooling and homeschooling (or soon to be homeschooling) Christian mothers in Southern California who believe in gentle and Grace-Based Discipline philosophies and value the principals of the Attachment Parenting lifestyle. Homeschooling comes naturally to many as an extension of Attachment parenting! Some of our past and present parenting choices include (but certainly you do not need to do these!) family bed, peaceful birth, homebirth, breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, non-vaccinating or selective vaccinations, natural health, homeopathic and holistic health care, healthy eating, and natural living practices. Above all we value listening and respecting our children as individuals with different God-given gifts and individual learning styles. We support families of *all* home learning styles; from unschooling to classical, curriculum-based to eclectic and all in between. This group has grown out of a need for Christian fellowship with other alternative homeschooling mamas. We plan to meet locally for play dates, park days, bible study, children’s bible study and field trips. Our group is mostly made up of young children, but we welcome all ages! We are located in Southern CA; San Gabriel Valley, Inland Empire; San Dimas, Chino Hills, Rancho Cucamonga to Norco. We plan to have park days in Chino Hills, and field trips in various Southern CA locations.
Requirements: There are no required meetings or required regular attendance, just a calendar of events that you can attend for support.
Benefits: We offer park days, field trips and preschool bible study co-op in various southern California locations.
Cost: None

H.E.A.R.T. Homeschool Group
Lisa Selvidge
Geographic Area Serving: Yuba City, California
Description: Inclusive homeschool group serving all interested homeschoolers in the Yuba Sutter area. Twice monthly park days, field trips and other fun family activities.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Park days, field trips, group outings, seasonal celebrations, etc.
Cost: None

Hearth Foundation
Jacqueline Kramer
707 293-7268
Geographic Area Serving: State of California
Description: We offer online support and classes on Buddhism and spirituality for parents and homemakers. We pair lessons for parents on Buddhism with lessons for children.
Requirements: All our classes are online so we can offer these classes wherever you are. The classes take place on a discussion board rather than real time so you come to class as suits your schedule. The commitment you make is to post at least once a week on the assignment given. There are four series of classes each about 6 to 8 weeks long. In keeping with the Buddhist tradition these classes are offered freely. Donations are welcome.
Benefits: We provide: *a monthly newsletter *online lay Buddhist practice classes *a chat room for discussion of spiritual parenting issues *spiritual parenting and homemaking resource links
Cost: None

Hearthstone Educators
Cheryl Kliewer
Geographic Area Serving: Santa Maria Santa Barbara County
Description: Hearthstone Educators is an interdenominational Christian-based home school support group, whose mission is to provide parents with encouragement, exhortation for excellence and information about homeschooling with a Christ-centered, parent-directed focus. We also provide our families with educational and social opportunities to supplement their home studies such as monthly parents' meetings, field trips, Apologia co-ops, and bimonthly newsletter. Annual events include Fine Arts Festival, History/Science Fair, & graduation. Visit us: sites.google.com/site/santamariahomeschoolgroup/home
Requirements: None
Benefits: See Description
Cost: $45

Chritie Hegle
Geographic Area Serving: Tehachapi, California
Description: We are a Christian Support Group that meets once a month to uplift and encourage one another in the Spirit of love and fellowship. We as parents should have our children's HEARTS in mind in our educational choice with the realization that educating the mind is great but not enough.
Requirements: We encourage independent homeschoolers as well as charter school homeschoolers. No other requirements.
Benefits: We offer a network of information through the use of our yahoo groups via internet, phone calls and monthly meetings for things to do and see and encourage social or political involvement in our community throughout Kern County and anywhere else the Lord would have us respond.
Cost: None

Camille Smith
Geographic Area Serving: West San Gabriel Valley/NE Los Angeles, California
Description: We are an inclusive homeschool support group serving Northeast Los Angeles/West San Gabriel community. Some members share information and ideas online only. Others use our calendar, which shows many homeschool activities and groups' meetings in the area, including ours. And some meet weekly for friendship between children and parents alike. Our focus is on bringing homeschooling children together, so that they can form strong friendships.
Requirements: None. Regular attendence of twice a month recommended for the purposes of the group, but all are welcome in whatever capacity they choose to join.
Benefits: Organized field trips and regular park days
Cost: None

Homegrown Kids
Geographic Area Serving: El Sobrante to Oakland - California
Description: We meet every Monday on a rotating schedule of five parks located in Berkeley, El Sobrante, Oakland, and Orinda. Please check out our website for more information.
Requirements: We are an all-inclusive group with no requirements other than you are a homeschooler or are seriously considering homeschooling.
Benefits: We are a very friendly and supportive group. Group members organize field trips, classes, summer swim days, tween/teen activity days, smaller teaching coops, and other events according to their family's interests and schedules. We are currently developing a very active teen program. We also have a YahooGroup, quarterly potlucks and parents’ meetings. Come visit our friendly group and see if it is the right fit for your family.
Cost: None

Homeschool Explorers
Jodie Dale
Geographic Area Serving: Discovery Bay, Brentwood, Antioch, Oakley, California
Description: Our group's goal is to offer activities for kids, and support for moms, with the commonality being homeschooling. You will find families from all different backgrounds and religions.
Requirements: The only requirement is that you are open to being with families of different backgrounds and cultures.
Benefits: We have a calendar of events sent out that includes field trips, activities such as public speaking, book clubs, writing classes, science classes, playgroups, and holiday parties.
Cost: None

Homeschool Garden
Erica Orosco
Geographic Area Serving: Los Angeles, California
Description: Families have the opportunity to participate in classes, field trips, park days, and festivals. The Homeschool Garden Cooperative is a homeschooling group committed to an imaginative, artistic approach to teaching, and is inspired by the educational insights of Waldorf Education. The Co-op brings together a community of parent educators and supportive teachers with philosophies dedicated to the emotional, intellectual, and physical development of children. The Co-op meets weekly on Thursdays in Studio City from 9:15 am - 12:30 pm. We have time to play, socialize and eat lunch. Park Days and Field Trips are once a month. Festivals are held seasonally.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Seasonal Newsletters, lending library and supportive meetings available
Cost: None

Homeschool LA
Heather Bradford
Geographic Area Serving: Los Angeles and surrounding areas, California
Description: An online gathering place facilitating the communication of events and resources to homeschoolers in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Use the interactive calendar to find out when and where events are taking place in the Los Angeles area. Extensive list of local and online resources for homeschoolers. Articles written by homeschooling families in LA. Product, curriculum, and book reviews.
Cost: None

Homeschoolers of the Central Coast
Jen or Anna
Geographic Area Serving: San Luis Obispo County, California
Description: We are an inclusive group of homeschoolers for San Luis Obispo County, meeting together on a regular basis for interaction and scheduled field trips. We meet to talk about issues and to allow the children to play together. We keep a relaxed and casual atmosphere amongst us.
Requirements: You are welcome to join in virtually, but we hope to see you IRL too.
Benefits: Enjoy our field trips, shared resources, and camaraderie.
Cost: None

Homeschooling FUN!
Sandra Baca
Geographic Area Serving: East Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley
Description: A support group based in southwest area of San Gabriel Valley for families choosing to take charge of their children's education. Visit with us every Thursday for Park Day at Whittier Narrows park. Classes, field trips & home to Frontier Girls/Boys Troop #166.
Requirements: All families choosing alternative education paths welcome.
Benefits: Support and activities
Cost: None

Geographic Area Serving: Santa Clarita ~ Valencia ~ Newhall ~ Canyon Country, California
Description: We are inclusive of all. We offer support, local information, Field Trips (field trips are once a WEEK!), Parkdays, group classes - various subjects, Boys Club, Girls Club, Book Club, Sports, links to homeschool information, Mom's Night's out, an occasional camping trip and more! We have over 300 families and children of all ages! Each family chooses how they homeschool - most use curriculum of some sort. This is a Homeschool support group based in the Santa Clarita Valley-- California! (near Six Flags Magic Mountain).It is FREE to join! Learn about homeschooling! Talk about homeschooling!
Requirements: You can choose to attend whatever interests you. We do have cancellation policies on some class, clubs and field trips. Common courtesy is asked!
Benefits: We have at least 20-30 scheduled events per week (classes, clubs, events, parkday every week, sports, field trips every week and more). We have an active group of families that are helpful when getting started in your homeschooling adventure and for support as you continue the journey!
Cost: None

Homeschooling TnT
Geographic Area Serving: Orange County and Southern California
Description: We're a group of homeschooled teens, tweens, and their parents; who gather in and around Orange County, CA; for beach parties, regional dances, pizza nights, campouts, Disneyland trips and other events. We welcome all homeschoolers, regardless of race, religion, homeschool method, or lifestyle.
Requirements: MUST be the parent of (or be) a homeschooled teen or tween (aged 10 or older).
Benefits: Fun, socialization, group activities
Cost: Optional cost of activities

KidsROCK Academy
Cindy Kalbach
Carla Dollar
Geographic Area Serving: Susanville, CA area
Description: We offer homeschool support and enrichment with classes, clubs, Club PALS, field trips, consulting and community.
Requirements: We ask that families attend a minimum of one event per quarter and either attend the Quarterly Planning Meeting or make arrangements to have all pertinent information in to the council before the meeting.
Benefits: Families are free to choose which activities to attend from the wide variety of events scheduled through the year. Families get to offer/request classes and events that would be of interest to them—all activities are tailored to the needs and interests of our members. Online community offers instant access to the resources of decades of pooled experience in all aspects of homeschooling. Opportunities for leadership for the kids that will begin a lifelong pattern that reaches beyond the good looking college application! There is a lot of diversity in our group, which provides healthy interaction and education for everyone!
Cost: $50 one time registration fee or $5 for 12 months

Lambpen Homeschool Ministries
JulieBeth Lamb
Geographic Area Serving: Central Valley, Stanislaus & San Joaquin counties and vicinity
Description: Veteran Christian homeschooling mom since 1992 will help families get started homeschooling, find local support, and be encouraged. Free curriculum counseling and informational classes.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Support and guidance
Cost: None

LDS Home Education Network
Terrie Runolfson
Geographic Area Serving: Cottonwood, California
Description: There is no need to re-invent the wheel. Share what you know and others will share what they know. Successes, triumphs and yes, even failures will be shared. Curriculum ideas, free worksheets, great web sites, parenting tips, travel opportunities and group field trips. News on education and current events will also be shared to help you. Let's all share what we know!
Requirements: Membership requires approval
Benefits: Our goal is to strengthen the family and create a gospel centered environment. Parents are naturally the child's best teachers, they understand their children better than anyone else, their personality, their interests, their strengths and weaknesses. God is being wiped out of their little lives one step at a time. For those parents who feel strongly about a Christ centered education, educating at home can be very rewarding for both the child and for family unity.
Cost: None

LDS Homeschooling in California
Michele Everett
Geographic Area Serving: State of California
Description: Information for Latter-day Saint homeschoolers including quotes from LDS leaders, home school support group help, education articles, virtual field trips and educational links, homeschool news, and education news.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Information for Latter-day Saint homeschoolers including quotes from LDS leaders, home school support group help, education articles, virtual field trips and educational links, homeschool news, and education news.
Cost: None

Lompoc Christian Educators
Geographic Area Serving: North Santa Barbara County
Description: We are a Christian homeschooling support group located in Lompoc, CA. Our purpose is to support and encourage homeschooling families of all ages.
Requirements: Families must be homeschooling and not enrolled in a public school ISP.
Benefits: We provide monthly support group meetings for the parents as well as numerous activities, classes, and field trips for the students. Please visit our website for more information. www.lcehome.bravehost.com
Cost: $50 yearly

Long Beach Homeschoolers
Geographic Area Serving: Long Beach, California
Description: Welcome Long Beach, California Homeschoolers! Our Yahoo Group site is intended as a forum for parents of young children to explore homeschooling, share ideas, form play groups and support one another through this wonderful journey. This is a new group, and its intent is to create a network of parents in the Long Beach and surrounding areas with young children, who will grow together through the grades.
Requirements: Long Beach Homeschoolers is secular, but inclusive of all beliefs and homeschooling philosophies. All we ask is that members be respectful of one another at all times, on the group site and in person at events. Those who are disrespectful, judgmental or use foul language will be banned from the group.
Benefits: Support, guidance, friendship and fun!
Cost: None

M.O.M Homeschool Support Group
Geographic Area Serving: Murrieta, California
Description: M.O.M (Moms of Murrieta) Homeschool Support Group, is for parents who believe home education is what is best for our children. Whether you use an R4, ISP, or charter school we encourage you to join us. We have created a place where you can come for tips, advice and questions about your home school journey.It is our goal to have monthly meetings, park days, holiday parties, Field Trips, Library Days, and Mom Movie Nights. We are here to form lasting friendships for our children and us Moms!
Requirements: Our only requirement is that you must be a member to receive invitations to our events. We do this to respect the privacy of our homeschooling families and create a stable environment.
Benefits: Have you found it hard to connect with a group of women? You are a mom, with little ones, attempting to conquer the hurdles of home education for the first time. Most homeschooling families are not made of money. Through local community resources and creative ideas we have found a way to enrich our kids lives with local field trips and lasting friendships. Which is why M.O.M was started. There are a lot of moms out there that need a place to meet with other moms! We are homeschooling our children, often with babies or siblings in tow. We want to connect with a group and not just be a part of one. Consider joining us. With park days, fun field trips, and mom outings, we are dedicated to making this a homeschool group that is fun for not only our kids, but us as well. Here, you do not need to hire a babysitter to participate, all of our activities are family friendly for the entire family!
Cost: $10 yearly

Marin Homeschool Families
Tamara Markwick
Lisa Doering
Geographic Area Serving: Marin County, CA and surrounding areas of the Bay.
Description: Marin Homeschool Families is an organization of families throughout Marin County, California who have chosen to educate our children outside school settings. Families from all walks of life are included; a reflection of Marin itself. The value we all share is the commitment to our children.
Requirements: Anyone who is homeschooling, supports homeschooling or has an interest in homeschooling is welcome to join the group. Prospective members fill out a membership form and once that is processed they are group members and can gain access too our yahoo group.
Benefits: Marin Homeschool Families is a social group, a support group, and a homeschool resource. We get together for field trips, park days, and other events; share ideas and curriculum; and make many new friends along the way.
Cost: None

Modesto Area Home Schooling
Cindae Hull
Geographic Area Serving: Modesto, California
Description: This is a Christian email loop for Modesto area homeschoolers. This group was designed to inform and support homeschoolers in Stanislaus and surrounding counties. We welcome the discussion of the many and varied forms of home schooling ideas prevalent in our society today. This group is to be used to meet and support fellow homeschoolers, post home school events, field trips, prayer requests, conventions, ministry opportunities, co-ops, park days or anything else going on in this area that would be of interest to the homeschooling community. It is designed to be instructional for those wishing information on beginning homeschooling and getting the support that they need to begin. This information will come from the experience of our members. It will also serve as a posting place for legal and political issues that arise within our government concerning home schooling. It is our desire to have a forum of peaceful, useful discussion where various ideas and topics of interest to homeschooling families will take place. People of all creeds are welcome here, but as this is a Christian list, the behavior of this group will be governed by the principles as stated in Ephesians 4:29 – 5:3, and I Corinthians 14:26
Requirements: To join our group, click on the "Join this group" link on the front page. You will then receive an email from the site with our loop rules. Upon agreement of the rules, you will email the loop again, and will be admitted to the group.
Benefits: As of the spring ~ 2006, our group has about 325 families. Our families range in age from new moms and dads with just one newborn at home, who are already committed to home schooling, to Moms and dads who are already grandparents and have been at this home schooling thing longer than they care to admit! We are blessed to have the wisdom in our group of some home school pioneers in the Central Valley.
Cost: None

Morongo Basin Fun-schooling
Renee W.
Geographic Area Serving: Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley, 29Palms
Description: Inclusive, secular group that strives to be sensitive to the many different views of our members. We meet Tuesdays in and around Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley for fun educational activities, field trips and community service projects. We tend to be progressive, Waldorf inspired unschoolers but have a variety of methods and beliefs. We have a variety of ages from 2 to 15.
Requirements: We ask that you leave all toy guns and electronic devices at home on park days. We expect you to participate in the activities with your children and save discussion for the play-time after the activities have ended.
Benefits: We offer: fun activities, science projects, field trips, crafts (especially nature crafts,) teen nights, night out for mom and holiday/seasonal celebrations. We try to be very active in the greater community with community service projects at least twice a year.
Cost: None

Nevada County Homeschool Network
Julie Poulton
Geographic Area Serving: Western Nevada County, California
Description: NCHN was started in the May of 2004. We are open to all families in western Nevada County: whether you are currently homeschooling or considering homeschooling, whether you are using a charter school or are independent, whether your children are toddlers, teens, or in between.
Requirements: None
Benefits: We offer park days, field trips, small group classes, parent’s night out, and general support.
Cost: None

NoCal Unschoolers
Geographic Area Serving: Northern California
Description: It seems that there are small pockets of unschoolers here and there throughout Northern California, but there hasn't been an easy way to connect with each other. This group is for unschoolers and anyone else interested in the very simple, but very radical idea that life is learning and learning is life! This list is not meant to be primarily a philosophic or theoretical discussion group. NoCalUnschoolers is a place for sharing ideas and planning get-togethers with other like-minded families.
Requirements: Unschooling is a term that is associated with interest driven, child-led, natural, organic, eclectic, or self-directed learning. Lately, the term has also come to be associated with the type of homeschooling that doesn't use a fixed curriculum. All membership requests must be approved by the moderator.
Benefits: List members are welcome to organize field trips, park days or any other outings they desire.
Cost: None

North OC Homeschoolers
Amy McCamly
Geographic Area Serving: Orange County and surrounding areas
Description: Designed to help homeschooling/unschooling families in North Orange County connect, build community, and share resources. We welcome all families: from unschoolers to charterschoolers, whether you stay at home or work full time... or even if you're just curious about this whole homeschooling "thing" ... join and share with each other your homeschooling experience! We have regular park days and schedule field trips throughout the year to various locations around southern California.
Requirements: None; we are open to everyone!
Benefits: We support homeschooling/unschooling families and those thinking of homeschooling/unschooling by building community through our frequent meetups and events.
Cost: $5 donation (optional)

Peninsula Christian Homeschool Group
Sandy Kathey
Geographic Area Serving: Monterey Bay and surrounding areas
Description: PCHG is a homeschool support group in which membership is free and open to all homeschooling families. We meet the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month from 1-3:00 at Hayes Park on Monterey and Buna Road in Seaside.
Requirements: You will be required to sign a liability release waiver upon joining PCHG.
Benefits: We have monthly field trips, mom's night out, teen group activities, holiday parties and more.
Cost: None

Red Dragons Girls Club
Geographic Area Serving: Tarzana SFV, California/LA
Description: The Red Dragons Girls club is for ages 11-14. We meet every Wednesday Sep-May about 1:00 p.m. Some of our activities are: Book cub, newsletter, share day, parties, craft, movies appreciation, bowling days, pool parties.
Requirements: Girls require to be nice to each other and to the volunteer moms. Family will be asked to offer ideas for activities of there choice.
Benefits: Social activities, newsletter, an opportunity to offer activities of your choice. Field trips, workshops...
Cost: None

Redding HomeSchool Network
Erin Friedman
Geographic Area Serving: Redding, California
Description: A member-driven, inclusive support group for Redding-area families of all faiths and all homeschooling styles.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Email loop, park days, activities
Cost: None

Rural Christian Home Educators
Juanita Williams
Geographic Area Serving: Monterey and San Benito Counties, California
Description: We are a group of Christian homeschool families providing support for new and existing homeschoolers as well as information for those considering homeschooling. The purpose of our group is to provide support, fellowship, and elective activities for homeschool families.
Requirements: The only requirement is that you join our Yahoo! group listed as our web page. This is the method we use to notify all members of activities.
Benefits: Our group offers planned field trips, park play days, and information on upcoming community events of interest to homeschoolers.
Cost: None

Sacramento Area Homeschool Information & Chat
Geographic Area Serving: Sacramento, California
Description: This is an informational jump point for local information, support and connection to local families currently homeschooling or supportive there of. It is also a networking site to links to information and services that we utilize. The List as it is called currently has over 230 families, is largely unmoderatated, and allows the planning and formation of park days, field trips, classes, play dates, and whatever else desired among the group.
Requirements: One post via the web site as way of introduction and to validate your email account
Benefits: We are a great resource, you have questions we have answers and a large archive to search through.It is a soft place to fall after hitting wall after wall with school or members of society who don't understand what you are trying to do by home educating your children or mistakenly assume you don't have the right. Friendly people with kids of all ages from the varied areas of the 916 530 209 and beyond.
Cost: None

SAFTI Sacramento Area Field Trips and Info
Rachel or Deanna
Geographic Area Serving: Greater Sacramento Area, including Roseville, Auburn, Placerville, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Fair Oaks, Orangevale, Carmichael, Natomas, Yuba City, Marysville, and Chico
Description: This is the place to find out what field trips, classes, activities are going on in the area. There is no chit chat here just info. All messages are approved.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Be able to socialize, go on field trips, find classes and activities with the homeschooler in mind
Cost: None

San Francisco Backyard Neighborhood and Learning Center
Kelly Simpson
Geographic Area Serving: San Francisco Bay Area, California
Description: We are trying to help single-parent and two-income families be able to homeschool, by creating a place where homeschooling childcare co-ops can meet regularly, rain or shine, and share resources. This will also be a place where families can live and share their unfenced backyards and other resources with each other. After establishing such a place in San Francisco, we intend to help other groups create similar places in other neighborhoods.
Requirements: Founding members will buy property and jointly determine basic rules for use of property by residents and guests. Guest co-op(s) may create additional rules for co-op members.
Benefits: Resident and guest children will be able to use backyard(s) and some indoor areas with learning resources.
Cost: Supply costs for co-op(s)

SGV HomeSchool Christian Connection
Geographic Area Serving: San Gabriel Valley, California
Description: The purpose of this group is to promote networking among Christian Homeschooling groups and individual families within the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California. Whether you are, considering homeschooling, new to homeschooling or a "pro", feel free to share information regarding homeschooling and homeschooling events, add to the website (links/photos/docs), plan support meetings, field trips, or play dates. This is a member driven group so don't be shy!!! Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work...
Requirements: This is and will remain a Christian based and Christian led homeschool support group, although we welcome any families who would like to participate. We only require respect for the group's Christian values and leadership.
Benefits: Website provides information about local groups and online support. Field trips, park days and play dates are planned as desired by individual group members.
Cost: None

SHARE Homeschool Group
Heather Anderson
Geographic Area Serving: Yuba City; Marysville, Live Oak, Gridley and further outlying areas: Browns Valley, Colusa, Sutter, Woodland, Roseville, Natomas, and Grass Valley
Description: The purpose of SHARE Homeschool Group is to combine our resources to have educational and enrichment classes for our children. Together.... we provide affordable, quality, fun-filled academic homeschooling enrichment classes for our children. In addition we want to create a higher level of support and unity for homechooling moms in our community. We have consistent meet days and we also are striving to have additional opportunities for outside educators to provide our kids with classes in one location. Please contact Heather Anderson at heatheranderson@sharehomeschool.org or visit www.sharehomeschool.org
Requirements: Semester fee. Some classes have additional charges. Moms SHARE jobs in teaching, clean-up, supplies, etc. Some classes have hired teachers that parents will need to pay.
Benefits: Classes include ART, music, science experiments, history, cooking, cake decorating, Lego Club, Physical education, Boy Scout Skills, PE, etc. Social time and support for moms and kids in our homeschooling community.
Cost: $25-$150

Shooting Stars 4-H
Cheryl Westberg
Geographic Area Serving: Modesto, California
Description: H Club catering to homeschool families. Members age 5-19 and activities for the pre-schoolers as well. Co-op format. families all help lead activities. Meetings held once or twice monthly on Fridays...all day. Daytime club. Projects depend on adult and teen leaders but usually include Cooking, Arts & Crafts, Sports, and Science for all age groups.
Requirements: Req'd to attend 80% of all meetings to be a member in good standing with the club. Attendance is key!Animal projects are not required to be a member of 4-H.
Benefits: 4-H promotes member growth in Life Skills, Leadership, and Citizenship/Community Service. 9& up members serve as Officers in their club and run the club's business meeting. Presentation skills are promoted in 4-H in various ways..from short project reports to formal judged Presentation Days.
Cost: $10 per family + $8 per child

Sierra Lighthouse Christian Homeschool Fellowship
Mary Britton
Geographic Area Serving: We welcome members from all over; however our central meeting locations are primarily based around the Foothill communities (Auburn, Loomis, Newcastle, Alta Sierra, Meadow Vista, Colfax, Weimar, Grass Valley, Foresthill, Nevada City, Penryn, Applegate, Cool, etc.)
Description: We have regular Family Fellowship, Mom's Bible studies, academic and enrichment classes, clubs, field trips, and outdoor fun through hiking, biking, etc., to name a few of our activities. Further, our group offers mutually beneficial services such as a library, a prayer forum, shared childcare and community service opportunities. We will also be very happy to provide information to those who are considering homeschooling. In the private Forums, our members share information about homeschooling, curriculum choices, educational and social opportunities as well as providing encouragement and support.
Requirements: Our group is rooted in Christian love and relationship between families. Any Christian homeschool family committed to these values is welcome to join us. Please review our Statement of Faith to further understand our values.
Benefits: Activities and support
Cost: $7 yearly

SMILe - Santa Maria Inclusive Learners
Geographic Area Serving: Santa Maria, California
Description: Inclusive homeschool support and co-op for families in and around the Santa Maria Valley.
Requirements: Courtesy, tolerance and participation, this is a hands-on learning co-op.
Benefits: We have an e-group at yahoo for communication.Co-operative learning: Currently, French club,Science club and Game days, we also have park days and special field trips and co-operatively run classes from a vast area of collective experience!
Cost: None

SoCal Homeschool Enrichment
Geographic Area Serving: Southern California
Description: This group is for homeschooling families in Greater Los Angeles and surrounding Southern California communities, who are interested in getting together for specialized classes and other interesting activities. Often we stumble upon a great class that is offered in a way that is convenient to regular school kids. This group will facilitate the organization of groups of interested kids and the negotiation of special conditions and pricing to meet the needs of homeschoolers.There are many homeschool groups with a local focus or a state-wide focus, this one is intended to be for all SoCal residents who value the opportunity to take part in a unique or interesting event, even if it requires a longer drive.
Requirements: All membership requests must be approved by the moderator.
Benefits: This list provides information about a wide range of interesting enrichment activities in Southern California.
Cost: None

SoCal Unschoolers
Geographic Area Serving: Southern California
Description: It seems that there are small pockets of unschoolers here and there throughout Southern California, but there hasn't been an easy way to connect with each other. This group is for unschoolers and anyone else interested in the very simple, but very radical idea that life is learning and learning is life! This list is not meant to be primarily a philosophic or theoretical discussion group. SoCalUnschoolers is a place for sharing ideas and planning get-togethers with other like-minded families.
Requirements: Unschooling is a term that is associated with interest driven, child-led, natural, organic, eclectic, or self-directed learning. Lately, the term has also come to be associated with the type of homeschooling that doesn't use a fixed curriculum. All membership requests must be approved by the moderator.
Benefits: List members are welcome to organize field trips, park days or any other outings they desire.
Cost: None

South Bay Homeschool Network
T. Kushner
Geographic Area Serving: LA/South Bay, California
Description: South Bay Homeschool Network is an inclusive support group offering park days every Wednesday, field trips and networking loops.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Newsletter, field trips, classes, email lists, web site
Cost: None

South Coast Christian Home Educators
Tasha Richardson
Geographic Area Serving: Orange County, California
Description: We are a Christian homeschooling support group located in south Orange County. Our purpose is to support and encourage homeschooling families of all ages.
Requirements: No requirements other than to be homeschooling.
Benefits: We have monthly assemblies and park days, and a members-only website for discussions and for planning field trips and other member-led activities. Please see our website for more information.
Cost: $37 yearly

Teens Homeschooling Epically Group of Sacramento (THE group)
Tracy Burmester
Tracy Tootle
Geographic Area Serving: Sacramento Area
Description: This is a group for Sacramento Area Teen Home-schoolers and their Parents. T-H-E Group aims to provide fun and safe opportunities for older home-schoolers to spend time with there peers. All youth in T-H-E Group are invited to be a part of T-H-E Youth Advisor Council otherwise known as T-H-E YAC which will meet regularly and will be the driving force behind T-H-E Group. All members in good standing that have attended at least one meet-up will have the facility to organize a meet-up. Join us on this adventure.
Requirements: Age requirements are basically:teen or "nearly teen", middle school (6 grade and up.) Firm. Remember parents are the "signing members", not the teens, as meet-up members must be over 18. For Group Safety all new members must attend an initial "meet and greet" before being given access T-H-E Group website. Members are expected to participate and attend regularly (at least once per month)
Benefits: The main benefit is to be a member of an awesome teen group. To have a voice in the group is another. To make friends with some really cool homeschooling teens. To learn some new life skills.
Cost: $10 yearly/family

The Learning Circle
Stacy Lakin
Geographic Area Serving: Hollister/San Juan/Tres Pinos, California
Description: We are a parent driven inclusive social group for all homeschooling families (charter school, R-4, ISP) in the South Valley area. We offer park days , fun arts and craft get togethers, events, parties, and field trips.
Requirements: The only requirement we have is to help plan our calendar. Give suggestions for field trips or crafts. We are group focused on giving our kids a fun social atmosphere.
Benefits: We have a yahoo group site full of resources.
Cost: None

The Learning Collective TLC
Shawna Ginocchio
Geographic Area Serving: Claremont, Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, San Dimas, Montclair, Fontana, Riverside, Glendora
Description: The Learning Collective is a parent-run homeschool co-op operating out of Claremont, CA. We meet once a week on Mondays at a church facility, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. As of September 2009 we are offering Spanish 1, 2, and Conversational Spanish, Math games, Science, Karate, Ancient Civilization-city building, Cooking, Teen activity (building hovercrafts, speaker arrays, zip lines, rock climbing..)Geography, Literature, Art, P.E., Music, Public Speaking and even some younger sibling activities. Some of our instructors teach at local Colleges, others have teaching credentials. Some just have a passion for something and they share it. All in all huge fun and great friends.
Requirements: We are open to all homeschoolers regardless of religious affiliation. All member parents participate either by teaching in our program or assisting teachers or support programs. Two hours per program week is required volunteer participation. This is not a drop-off program. Parents stay and are involved. For ages 5-17, grades K-12.
Benefits: Great social opportunity for parents as well as children. Very warm bunch. Parent instructional support in specialized subjects that may be difficult in a homeschooling setting (ie. Karate, group P.E., Spanish, Public Speaking. Group field trips/tours. Highly affordable when compared to individual costs for 5 classes for ~ 12 classes. All in one place.
Cost: $145.00 per child each semester

Tracy Homeschoolers
Carolyn Navarra
Geographic Area Serving: Tracy, California
Description: Welcome Tracy, CA Homeschoolers! This group is an all inclusive group for homeschoolers in Tracy California and nearby areas. This group is designed to allow us to meet each other, discuss any ideas, inspirations, successes, or concerns we may have as we homeschool our children. All homeschoolers are welcome here. We are currently meeting every Tuesday, from 1-3 PM, at Lincoln Park in Tracy (near the Library). When the weather gets too cold or rainy, we will plan alternate activities and post those on the website.
Requirements: Our groups is open to all homeschoolers in the Tracy area.
Benefits: We provide support and friendship for all homeschooling families.
Cost: None

Tri-City Homeschoolers
Catherine Dorman
Gretchen Mora
Geographic Area Serving: Fremont, Newark, Union City, California
Description: Tri-City Homeschoolers (TCH) is a loosely-structured, all-inclusive group of homeschooling families from the Fremont-Union City-Newark area. The purpose of our group is to offer activities and share resources to enhance and support the homeschooling experience. We are open to new and experienced homeschoolers alike. We welcome all people, regardless of sex, age, race, religion, or homeschooling program, including those families who are still exploring the homeschool option and seek further information about it.
Requirements: Pay yearly dues.
Benefits: You are welcome to visit any of our park days to meet us and ask questions, and find out more about becoming a member. It's easy! Our park days are weekly on Friday afternoons (beginning between 1-2 and lasting until 4-5) and each month we move to a different park. Please contact Catherine or Gretchen for the Park location.
Cost: $5 yearly

TriValley Explorers
Maragaret Noble
Geographic Area Serving: Contra Costa and Alameda Counties, California
Description: Tri-Valley Explorers is an all-inclusive homeschool support group in Northern California. We welcome ALL families, regardless of homeschool method, lifestyle or belief. Most of our members live in eastern Alameda and Contra Costa counties. We welcome all homeschoolers, including those who file R-4s (PSA), use charter schools, or ISPs. Our members use a variety of approaches to homeschooling including unschooling, eclectic, and classical methods.
Requirements: We encourage our members to support TVE in whatever way they can and it is a 100% member driven group.
Benefits: We support and encourage each other through our email list. Our members plan and run our many activities, including park days, classes, field trips, and co-ops -- for toddlers, teens, and everything in between. We also have curriculum swaps, family picnics, and other events.
Cost: None

Waldorf Inspired Sacramento Homeschoolers (WISH)
Sandi Russi
Carrie McGregor
Geographic Area Serving: Sacramento and surrounding Counties
Description: WISH (Waldorf-Inspired Sacramento Homeschoolers) provides support, encouragement, friendship, and a sense of community to Sacramento area home educators who are working with Waldorf methods and ideas. Members include those new to Waldorf ideas as well as ‘veterans.’ All who have a genuine interest in Waldorf ideas and applications are welcome. WISH members create a vibrant community through regular park days, field trips, camping trips and by sharing seasonal festivals. Our weekly meetings are primarily held in natural park settings (rather than playgrounds). WISH is an "in-person" group and all prospective members must contact the group moderator before attending any of our events.
Requirements: There are no specific religious affiliation requirements for our members; members choose their own spiritual paths and respect individual choice in this matter. However, WISH is a “values-based” group that draws interest from those seeking a wholistic environment for their children including healthy food choices and limited media exposure.
Benefits: Community, support, friendship -- for children AND parents!
Cost: None

West Orange County Homeschool Group
West Orange County HS Leader
Geographic Area Serving: Orange County, California
Description: Welcome to the West Orange County Homeschooling Group, located in Southern California. The majority of our members reside in Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, Westminster, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Santa Ana and surrounding cities. West Orange County Homeschooling Group is an inclusive, member directed support group of home schooling families. Please read the information at this site for more information on member-directed support groups (http://www.home-ed-magazine.com/INF/NET/n.ol_ndspg.html). Our families are diverse in their methods and styles of home education and all are welcome to participate. We meet weekly for park days and field trips. If you live in the area and would like to meet other families who homeschool, please join us!
Requirements: None
Benefits: Visit our group's website!
Cost: None

West Valley Homeschoolers
Lisa Jackson
Geographic Area Serving: Los Angeles, California
Description: We are a very large secular group of Homeschooling Families who are inclusive of all. We serve children of all ages and members employ every homeschooling method under every type of legal option. Our website and egroup are a great way to keep up with the various activities available to the Los Angeles, California, homeschooling community. We share information, keep members informed, and act as a liaison to the wider community as a whole.
Requirements: None
WVH offers opportunities for positive socialization, online support group (http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/WValleyHomeschoolers/), fieldtrips, classes, park days and information on various options available for homeschooling children in California. We are welcoming to anyone who is looking for a supportive, respectful, multicultural and creative homeschooling community.
Cost: None