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Arkansas: Support Groups
Geographic Area Serving: Western Central Arkansas & Eastern Oklahoma
Description: BELIEVERS (Building Each Life In Everlasting Values Eternally Relying (upon our)Savior) is a support group for western central Arkansas as well as eastern Oklahoma. Membership consists of approx. 80 families with children of all ages (from newborn to seniors in high school) We are governed by an Executive Council composed of 7 couples. The Council has quarterly business meetings in which all activities are planned or discussed. The success of these activities hinges on member participation.
Requirements: Must attend a one time orientation meeting. To join must sign a Christian statement of faith.
Benefits: Monthly newsletter, Planned field trips, Coop classes, Fall dads' and lads' campout, Dads' winter retreat, RENEW (a monthly support group meeting for moms), Nationally known outside speaker brought in once a year, Special days such as science fair, history fair, spelling bee etc.
Cost: $30 yearly

Central AR Homeschoolers
Christa Darr
Geographic Area Serving: Central AR and surrounding areas
Description: The Central Arkansas Homeschoolers group (CARH) was established to provide activities and a close-knit community for homeschooling families in the central Arkansas area. The group, which started with five moms, has quickly expanded to a couple hundred families. Most of our membership resides in the towns along Hwy 67/167, but we are not limited to that area.
Requirements: Fill out application and join yahoo group (both linked from the website).
Benefits: Activities and support
Cost: None

CHEF (Christian Home Educators Fellowship)
Rachele Shea
Geographic Area Serving: West Memphis/Crittenden County, Arkansas
Description: We have about 30 families in our group that come from all over Crittenden County. We meet every Tuesday for P.E., game, and craft time. We schedule field trips, outings, (like nursing home visits), and parties for our group. We participate in the St. Jude math-a-thon and the Pizza Hut reading program (Book-it). We also have a commencement for Seniors and every child participates. This is a nice time for our families to share , display talents, and give thanks to God for the freedom to homeschool.
Requirements: We ask for a $10 membership fee which covers the expense of our parties and commencement. Also, to work on a rotating basis in the equipment room in the church where we have P.E.
Benefits: think our greatest resource is the loving, Christian, support from the parents in our group. They are a valuable resource when you have questions about curriculum, daily planning, etc.
Cost: $10 Membership Fee

Shandra Maxwell
Jennifer Fox
Geographic Area Serving: Northwest Arkansas & Northeast Oklahoma
Description: Christian Homeschool Educators of Siloam Springs.
Requirements: You need to be a homeschooling family. There is a $25.00 a year fee to join CHESS
Benefits: Elementary, Middle School, & High School activities. Educational and fun field trips, Co-Op opportunities, plus many more.
Cost: $25 yearly

CHEW - Christian Home Educators of White County
Kathryn Iandoli
Geographic Area Serving: White County, Arkansas
Description: CHEW is for Christian home educators in White County, Arkansas. This is the place for posting upcoming meetings, field trips, classes offered, books for sale or wanted, prayer requests and anything related to home education in White County.
Requirements: This is not the place to send forwards, spam, or money making opportunities. Please be kind to one another; e.i., no name calling or unkind remarks.
Benefits: Monthly newspaper is available at a cost of $18 but is not a requirement. A member directory is available for $3. Homeschool packets are available at the Searcy Public Library for any homeschooler.
Cost: None

Crossgate Homeschool Ministry
DeAnn Utley
Geographic Area Serving: Hot Springs, Arkansas
Description: We provide support for homeschool families through field trips, holiday parties, moms night out, and graduations.
Requirements: Must sign statement of faith
Benefits: We have field trips for younger and older students. We also have a church library which is open to our homeschool families. We strive to support and encourage the moms as they homeschool their families.
Cost: $15 yearly

Forrest City Christian Homeschool Assoc
Jane Hartley
Geographic Area Serving: Forrest City, East Central Arkansas
Description: We meet on the second Thursday of the month at 1:00 at various locations in Forrest City. Main focus is support, fellowship and Field trips. Attendees are mainly 10th grade and below.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Meeting Notices, field trips
Cost: $10 yearly

Garland County Home Education
Laura Larimore
Geographic Area Serving: Greater Hot Springs, Arkansas
Description: Garland County Home Education (GCHE) is a network of home school families in the greater Hot Springs, Arkansas area. At GCHE, we are dedicated to serving the growing local home school community regardless of race, religious affiliation, or political leanings. As we continue to build and expand, we request your input as to how you, as a part of our community, would like to see the site grow, what you would like us to include, and how we might best serve you.
Requirements: Membership is open to all families interested in homeschooling.
Benefits: At this time we offer classes, field trips, parties, and play dates. We also keep our members informed of other local classes and activities that are of interest or targeted to homeschool families.
Cost: Free at this time. Each family pays fees for activities they wish to participate in.

Garland County Homeschool Athletic Team
Tammy Scheer
Geographic Area Serving: Garland County, Hot Springs, Arkansas
Description: Garland County Cougars are committed to providing competitive sports for athletes educated at home. At this time our focus is on girls age 16 and under to compete in basketball and track.
Requirements: To participate in the current team players must reside in Garland County and: *be 16 or under as of September 1st, 2010 (Parent to provide copy of birth certificate.) *maintain a 2.0 GPA during season (Parent responsible to notify coach of violation.) *home school at least 51% of their education with Letter of Intent to Home school on file at the local school district by parent (Parent to provide copy of submitted Letter of Intent.)
Benefits: This team's goal is to provide the opportunity for homeschooled children to be involved in competitive athletics at local, state and national levels. This team not only desires to develop the fundamentals of each sport, but also foster lifetime Christian character goals,
Cost: Costs split among members

Haven Homeschool Group
Lorra Taylor
Geographic Area Serving: Arkansas River Valley, Southeast Oklahoma........Fort Smith, Van Buren, Alma, Greenwood, Booneville, Mansfield, Roland, Muldrow, Poteau, Sallisaw
Description: Haven is an organization formed to provide support for homeschooling families in the Arkansas/Oklahoma River Valley community. We are families with a wide variety of ideologies regarding education, parenting, culture, and religion. Membership in Haven indicates a respect for other individuals, regardless of race, age, gender identity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, or family composition. Membership in Haven indicates a willingness to be respectful of other members’ beliefs or lifestyles that may not reflect your own. We endeavor to provide a safe, welcoming environment for varied student activities, both group-wide and age-specific, from toddlers to teens, and for all levels of abilities and ranges of needs. We come together to support each other on the homeschooling path and thus choose to be an organization with a single focus - homeschooling.
Requirements: One child being educated at home. Volunteer participation required.
Benefits: Support and activities
Cost: $10

Homestyle Christian Educators
Geographic Area Serving: North Central Arkansas serving Baxter, Marion, and surrounding counties.
Description: HCE is a Biblically-based co-op whose purpose is to generally support and promote the cause of homeschooling in the Twin Lakes area; to provide a forum for parents to exchange ideas on various aspects of homeschooling; to provide homeschoolers and their parents with supplemental opportunities for group physical recreation, fellowship, skills, education, and field trips.
Requirements: HCE members are required to fill out a membership application each year and pay yearly dues. HCE co-op classes cost extra. HCE members must agree to abide by the HCE Guidelines and policies and agree to abide by their states homeschool laws.
Benefits: Support and activities
Cost: $20 yearly per family

Hot Springs Homeschoolers
Bridget Cabibi-Wilkin
Geographic Area Serving: Hot Springs, Arkansas
Description: This is an inclusive group for homeschooling families in the Hot Springs, AR area.Everyone who learns outside of "schools with walls" is welcome, regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation, homeschool method, or parenting style. All matters relating to homeschool life are up for discussion, but no proselytizing, flaming, or other hurtful communications are allowed. Please join us and use this list to make area homeschooling connections, share stories, ideas and information, plan field trips & get togethers, learn from & support each other.
Requirements: All homeschoolers are welcome!
Benefits: Please join us and use this list to make area homeschooling connections, share stories, ideas and information, plan field trips & get togethers, learn from & support each other.
Cost: None

Jonesboro Area Home Educators
Kimberly McKay
Kimberly Davis
Geographic Area Serving: The Jonesboro Area in Northeast Arkansas is so accessible and we have members as far as Smithville, Mountain Home, Blythville, Piggot, Corning, Paragould, Leachville, Monette, Manila, etc.
Description: We evolved from a webpage group to a local group with mini classes, a running club, parent's support group/meetings, annual Winter Family Formal, 4H opportunities, Shooting sports, webchats, technology challenges for kids/kids at heart, a resource for home educators and those interested in home education, etc. Please check out our website!
Requirements: We need names and addresses of parents, 2 references, contact phone number, and please note that we do check the sexual predators lists nationwide, state wide and locally for the protection of your children. References must be verifiable and reputable.
Benefits: Multiple opportunities to enhance your home education program with low commitment. Use us to enhance your program. Anytime you can volunteer to help is great but we recognize that there are different seasons in your life and you can't always volunteer. We are not a drop off service but we will help you and your kids have lots of opportunities for enrichment. Pick and choose activities as they fit into your lifestyle.
Cost: Per activity fee, generally under $5

Legacy Christian Homeschool
Kara Fouraker
Geographic Area Serving: Marion, Baxter, Boone, and Searcy Counties
Description: Legacy Christian Homeschool Group is a start-up community for the 2017-2018 school year that exists to empower and encourage homeschool families through faith, unity, and community. This is a parent-led group of like-minded homeschool families that meets weekly with the idea that by coming together, we are able to encourage each other in friendship, accountability, and support. Because each parent has a role in the community, the work and successes of the group are shared by all, with the kids benefiting the most by the parents' example. All families all use the same curriculum during our morning session and our time as a group is used to reinforce what the children have learned at home through activities, science projects, art, etc. Our afternoon sessions are extracurricular classes led by different parents in our group and change yearly. Families may choose to join either our morning session or afternoon session. However, to foster the community and enjoy completely what our group has to offer, we prefer our families to join both!
Requirements: Each homeschool family is required to fill out a yearly application, statement of faith, and pay small yearly fees to maintain the group. Parents are required to have some roll in the group so the burden doesn't fall to a few families.
Benefits: Weekly meetings, activities, science and art projects, public speaking opportunities, enrichment classes, and field trips. Online support through Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/legacychristianhomeschool/
Cost: Costs split between families

Montgomery County Homeschool Group
Bobbi Lenard
Geographic Area Serving: Montgomery County, Arkansas
Description: We try to meet once a month for outings for the kids. Our group is small right now, but is continually growing as more home educators become aware of the group that is forming. We mostly have elementary kids, although, there are a few high school age children.
Requirements: The main requirement is that children are not dropped off at the meetings while the parents go do something else. All children must be supervised by their parents.
Benefits: We provide whatever information is available through resources such as the Education Alliance, HSLDA, various curriculums that each are using or plan to use, planned field trips are usually our agenda and we take turns doing newsletters.
Cost: None

Northeast Arkansas Christian Home Educators (CHE)
Robbie Johnson
Geographic Area Serving: Northeast Arkansas
Description: The Northeast Arkansas Christian Home Educators (CHE) exists to support and encourage families who have chosen to educate their children at home from a distinctly Christian perspective. We do so in part by providing student activities, corporate educational opportunities and forums designed to encourage those facing the practical challenges of home education. Additionally, we seek to raise awareness of legal and political issues affecting home educators. Our hope is that as iron sharpens iron, we will sharpen one another for the task of raising and educating our children to live for the glory of God.
Requirements: The membership of CHE is comprised of home schooling parents who are committed followers of Jesus Christ and active participants in a local church. Applicants for membership must provide the Board of Directors a completed CHE application (found on our website) and a letter of recommendation from their Pastor or other person approved by the Board.
Benefits: Support and activities
Cost: $65 yearly

Northwest Arkansas Secular Homeschoolers (NWASH)
Message group owner via: https://www.facebook.com/groups/175433715831775/
Geographic Area Serving: Northwest Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas Springdale, Arkansas Rogers, Arkansas Bentonville, Arkansas West Fork, Arkansas Winslow, Arkansas Bella Vista, Arkansas
Description: Northwest Arkansas Secular Homeschoolers (NWASH) is an online and in-person, inclusive support group for parents homeschooling for primarily nonreligious (secular) reasons.
Requirements: NWASH members agree to: - Keep our group forum and in-person activities fully secular and non-political. - Act in a spirit of welcome and inclusion, avoiding excluding behaviors based on religious or political beliefs (such as anti-LGBT discrimination), as well as racism, classism, etc. - Practice respectful and careful conflict resolution. Trolling, bullying, or inflammatory behaviors may result in cancellation of membership at the discretion of group admins. - Respect privacy. - Keep activity commitments and considerate responsiveness to best of our ability.
Benefits: Online social media forum (Facebook group) for social networking, related resource sharing/recommendations, and organizing in-person activities. In-person activities and events - as parents volunteer to suggest and organize according to their interests. Info sharing and invitations to meetup at public events (library, museum, and state park programming, local festivals, university events, etc). Annual "Arts Partner" group discount order for Walton Arts Center's "Colgate Classroom Series."
Cost: None (fees apply for optional field trips or tickets.

Saline County Christian Home Educators Alliance
Geographic Area Serving: Saline County and surrounding areas
Description: We are a group of families who have chosen to home school our children, teaching them reading, 'riting, 'rithmetic and, more importantly, the fourth "r" - righteousness and the basics of the Christian faith.
Requirements: Be able to sign our statement of faith.
Benefits: Fellowship
Cost: $30 yearly

Saline County Christian Home Educators Association
Beth Windom
Geographic Area Serving: Saline County, Arkansas
Description: We are a group of Christian families whose children are educated @ home excluding State Virtual School education. We have August & March group meetings. There are various educational & social activities within the group. We have a monthly newsletter. Basketball, baseball & softball are our sports. We currently have approximately a 60 family membership.
Requirements: Children are educated @ home by an adult relative, or their education is supervised @ home by said adult. We exclude students educated by AR State Virtual School and anyone who has been previously expelled from a public or private school. They must submit a current Letter of Intent to Homeschool to their local Public School Superintendent & be committed to a Christian education. Members must accept the SCCHEA Statement of Faith & abide by current SCCHEA by-laws, plus pay 15.00 annual dues.
Benefits: We provide a monthly newsletter. There are various planned social & educational activities through out the school year, such as: play group, Mom's night out, skate day, bowling day, Jr. Master Gardner, 4-H, field trips, etc. Basketball, softball & baseball for sports.
Cost: $15 yearly

St. Michael's Home Schoolers
Anne Kootz
Lorri Sonnier
Geographic Area Serving: Cherokee Village, Northeast Arkansas, Southeast Missouri
Description: We are joyfully Catholic home educators, with members from North-east Arkansas and South-east Missouri. We usually meet at Ave Maria Hall, located at Star of the Sea Village, about 5 miles from St. Michael's Catholic Church.Contact Anne or Lorri for directions to Church and to our meeting location.
Requirements: All home educators, young and old, are welcome to benefit from our activities and experience. Be aware, worship of Our Lord Jesus Christ, adherence to authentic Catholic teachings, and loyalty to the Magisterium and our pope, Benedict XVI, is assumed at all times.
Benefits: Family/group meetings with opportunities for children to participate in public speaking; once a month 'Mom's Meeting' for planning group activities, and interesting field trips at odd intervals.
Cost: None

The Education Alliance
Melissa Savary
Geographic Area Serving: State of Arkansas
Description: We network about 75 local support groups together, organized Home School Day at the Capitol, monitor legislative meetings at the state capitol and keep all of our members informed about what laws/bills may effect home schooling.
Requirements: Just a name and address. We also have an e-mail network and a Facebook page if you are interested.
Benefits: We issue a monthly newsletter keeping our members up to date with what is going on in the world of home schooling in Arkansas, issue a regular email update, provide educator cards/student ID cards, provide two graduations, issue diplomas, construct transcripts for students who need it and provide information packets to new or potential homeschoolers.
Cost: None