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Arizona: Support Groups
Arizona Families for Home Education
Geographic Area Serving: Arizona
Description: Arizona Families for Home Education (AFHE) is the statewide organization, dedicated to inspiring, promoting, and preserving home education in Arizona. AFHE is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has been serving the Arizona homeschool community since 1983.
Requirements: AFHE membership is open to Arizona homeschool families.
Benefits: We host an annual convention, junior high and senior high graduation ceremonies, publish a quarterly magazine, watch legislation that may affect the freedom to homeschool, publish a list of Arizona homeschool support groups, answer questions about homeschooling, and much more.
Cost: $25 yearly

Arizona Homeschool Current
Geographic Area Serving: Verde Valley (Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Camp Verde, Cornville, Rimrock, Sedona, Lake Montezuma, Jerome)
Description: Our goal is to build a dynamic network of homeschooling families in the Verde Valley. By welcoming the talents of local parents - and providing a platform for them to create the activities that reflect their family's interests and needs - we will create a community worthy of our children. Authentic, intellectually challenging, creative, and fun! Our group serves as a network for the homeschool community of the Verde Valley.
Requirements: You must commit to contribute once to the group during the school year.
Benefits: Network and activities
Cost: None

Arizona Homeschoolers/Youth For Change (AZHFC/Youth)
Jaala Jensen
Geographic Area Serving: Arizona
Description: AZHFC/Youth is more of a movement than a group. This movement was created to unite compassionate and idealistic youth and families in the valley. This movement is open to all who want to empower our youth and make a difference in the lives of others. AZHFC/Youth was not designed to take the place of any existing groups, but to be the one that could tie us all together. AZHFC/Youth is intended to be a valley wide movement. There will be many different members, from various groups participating here, as well as other youth and families who also believe in our causes. Some members of this movement may never meet, while others may get together often, it is up those individuals. AZHFC/Youth will coordinate group events, but only one every other month. Planning and forming of interest groups and other field trips within AZHFC will be scheduled to best accommodate everyone. Participation in any event or cause is at the discretion of each individual member. We will continually post volunteer opportunities and community events on the site, and all are welcome to join in. Service stones will be awarded to members who participate in ANY cause benefiting others, animals, or the environment. Service stones are markers to represent each hour/item given to any cause by a member. Awards and recognition are given to members as they accumulate service stones. Members can participate actively and earn service stones regardless of their location. At the end of our first year, AZHFC/Youth is planning to celebrate with a huge balloon release. We are looking forward to a great first year!
Requirements: AZHFC/Youth was designed to be as hassle free as possible. We only require that members act respectfully toward each other and validate the efforts of all who venture along with us.
Benefits: We believe that our youth are capable of thinking and doing big things. It is our vision to foster idealism and character, while helping build a foundation from which they can grow into strong, independent future leaders.
Cost: None

Buckeye Home School Connection
DeAnna Ahart
Geographic Area Serving: Buckeye, Tonopah, Palo Verde, and surrounding areas, Arizona
Description: We are a group that provides the Far West Valley an opportunity to be a part of a home education community that supports one another in your family's home education. We have weekly park days, where we share information, ideas, and the opportunity to "play". We offer pe (SportzKidsAZ), activities, classes, reading and other academic clubs, and field trips. We are a Christian group but we welcome all to try us out and join.
Requirements: You must be teaching your children/grandchildren at home and have a desire to share your ideas, information, and encouragement with others in the group. Membership is exclusive to those that have tried us out and plan to be active in Park Days and/or field trips. We use a Yahoo message board for communication. For privacy and security reasons, only members are allowed to join.
Benefits: Field trips, co-op classes, workshops, P.E., Box Tops 4 Education, and book programs are encouraged for anyone that wants to plan
Cost: None

Central Phoenix Home Educators
Tami Lopez
Geographic Area Serving: Central Phoenix, Arizona
Description: Central Phoenix area, Open to all, Christian, Park Days are every Friday. Limit to 50 families
Requirements: Each member volunteers for a one or two jobs. Attend at least one event a month.
Benefits: Small group so we can get to know everyone. Lots of time to fellowship, learn and share. Newsletters, Field trips. Park Days, Mom Night Out, Spelling Bees
Cost: $20 yearly

Geographic Area Serving: Cochise County, Arizona
Description: This is CHECCsupport a yahoo based support group exclusively for CHECC members. The purpose is to suppport one another in the daily victories and challenges of homeschooling. If you are interested in finding out more info about CHECC (Christian Home Educators of Cochise County) you can contact me at the listed email or go directly to our site: http://www.checc.info/.
Requirements: Member of CHECC
Benefits: CHECC member receive newsletters, field trips and many other resources. This yahoo group helps in the daily support and sends out reminders of scheduled CHECC events.
Cost: None

CHET-NW (Christian Home Educators of Tucson - NW)
CHET Chairman
Geographic Area Serving: Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley, Catalina, Arizona
Description: Christian Homeschool support group of 180 families. www.homeschool-life.com/az/chetnw
Requirements: Agree with the Statement of Faith and standards of behavior set forth in the Conditions For Membership. Both can be found on the website.
Benefits: Fellowship; Weekly PE program; Mom's In Touch Prayer; Mini Muster; Stanford Testing; Sister-to-Sister Group; Mom's Night Out; Website; 4-H; Yearbook; Newsletter; Graduations: K, 8th & Senior; Prom; Science Fair; Spelling Bee; Geography Bee; Talent Show; Drama Club; Little Womens Club; Boys Science/Math Club; Lending Library; Used Curriculum Sale; Field Trips; Directory; Monthly Bowling Parties; Teen Group; School Pictures; Mentor Program; Secret Sisters; Monthly Devotionals; Veteran's Day Parade; Member Care; Fine Arts; Ladies Tea; Co-op classes; Vendor's Day; and MORE!
Cost: $25 yearly

Christ's Family Homeschool Ministries
Lisa Kilroy
Geographic Area Serving: We primarily minister to families who reside in the NW Valley of Maricopa County.
Description: We develop Christ-centered relationships by providing support, resources, activities, and fellowship opportunities for families who independently educate their children at home. For information about homeschooling in AZ, please see A.R.S. 15-802.
Requirements: Each family must complete a registration form along with their payment. Registrations are open from 8/1 through 4/30 of the following year. Membership covers 8/1 through 7/31 of the following year.
Benefits: Weekly Park Day Activities & PE Classes at Paseo Highlands and Surprise Community Parks; Mom's Support Activities; Whole Family Activities; Student Activities; Service Projects; Mentoring Program for Moms; Missionary Projects; Prayer & Care Teams.
Cost: $25 yearly/family

East Valley Home Educators
Geographic Area Serving: East valley of Phoenix, Arizona
Description: East Valley Educators is a support group for families educating their children at home in the East Valley of Phoenix, AZ. We are open and welcoming to all people. We support one another by sharing experiences, information, ideas and books. We believe in the importance of family and our right to educate our children in the way we feel is best. Our structure is informal. We have monthly park days and field trips planned by anyone with an interest.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Monthly park days and field trips planned by anyone with an interest.
Cost: None

East Valley Homeschooled Teens
Kim Williams
Geographic Area Serving: Greater Phoenix Area, Arizona
Description: A group for homeschooled teens and pre-teens and their families
Requirements: None
Benefits: Park days, field trips, social get togethers
Cost: None

East Valley Homeschoolers
Micki Oliphant
Mary Dewald
Geographic Area Serving: Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Arizona
Description: We are a small group of about 6 families. We meet twice a month on Wednesdays at 10:00 am. This year we are doing book discussions and member planned field trips. We have occasional park days and sports activities during the winter months. Children range in age from newborn to 12 or 13. We are LDS but welcome anyone who wants to join.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Friends and support!
Cost: None

Geographic Area Serving: East Valley, Arizona
Description: This is a P.E. co-op, and a support group for homeschoolers.
Requirements: You are required to teach P.E. to children at least one month per year.
Benefits: Your children are taught P.E. by other caring homeschool moms.
Cost: None

Gila Valley Home Educators
Jody Mezzell
Geographic Area Serving: Safford, Arizona
Description: Gila Valley Home Educators exists to support and encourage each other in homeschooling our children, to provide a safe environment for our children to participate in group activities and field trips, and to promote homeschooling as a legitimate means of education. We are a diverse group with different teaching styles and a wide range of children with ages from pre-school to college, all with different abilities and learning styles. We meet twice a month, 1st Wed. and 3rd Fri. We are, primarily, a Christian group but we welcome all home educating families and those who are interested in home educating their children.
Requirements: That you homeschool your children or are interested in homeschooling.
Benefits: Some of the activities we provide are field trips, annual spelling bee and science fair, park days, historical re-enactments and anything else we can come up with! We also encourage each other and attend the annual state (Az Families for Home Education-AFHE) organized convention together.
Cost: None

Geographic Area Serving: Northwest Valley, EL Mirage, Arizona
Description: Weekly park days, field trips, monthly Mom and Dad Fellowship Nights.
Requirements: Membership fee
Benefits: Monthly newsletters, monthly field trips sometimes 2 a month.
Cost: $15 yearly

Grace Christian Homeschoolers
Dawn Horney, Coordinator
Geographic Area Serving: North Phoenix, Glendale, and Peoria, Arizona
Description: We are a Christian Homeschool Support Group who meet on Thursdays in the Northwest Valley. Our goal is to provide educational and social activities for homeschooling moms and students (all ages) in a Christian atmostphere. We seek to do this in a flexible, cooperative way that complements rather than overburdens families with limited time and resources.
Requirements: Personally, I think the best thing about our group is THE PEOPLE. Lovely moms have friendly kids. We have a group of genuinely considerate, dedicated and talented moms who care most about the kids and being supportive of one another. If that describes you, come join us!
Benefits: Weekly Park Day; Monthly Thematic, multi-age Co op; Monthly Field Trips; Holiday Parties; Moms Fellowships; Private Email Lists & Website Access; Yearbook.
Cost: $20 yearly

Happy Homeschoolers
Geographic Area Serving: Casa Grande and surrounding cities
Description: Happy Homeschoolers has an online discussion forum, park days, field trips, and other activities.
Requirements: This is a secular, open-to-all group.  However, it's a group where we protect our children from society's inappropriate influences and therefore certain standards of behavior are upheld within the group.
Benefits: Support and socialization
Cost: None

Home Education Network of Arizona (HENA)
Geographic Area Serving: State of Arizona
Description: HENA is an inclusive statewide homeschooling organization. Our mission is to create an environment in which all home educating families in Arizona can share resources, find support, and build community.
Requirements: Our statement of Principles: We are an inclusive group that respects, values, and finds strength in diversity. We respect each other's educational choices. We advocate peaceful interaction and conflict resolution. We encourage open communication. We are neutral in matters of religion and partisan politics. The governing body operates by consensus.
Benefits: Laminated educator and student ID cards; Conference discount; Newsletter; Members only yahoogroup; Attendance and input welcome at monthly meetings of the HENA Governing Board; $5 off coupon for purchase from Covenant Home School Resource Center
Cost: $10 yearly

Home Educators of Surprise
Rebecca Hutchison
Geographic Area Serving: NW Valley - Surprise, El Mirage, Waddell, Wittmann, Peoria, Glendale
Description: Our goal is to work together to offer support and fellowship for home schooling families in the Surprise area. HEofS is not affiliated with a particular denomination although our group is primarily made up of Christian families. We have been established since 1999 and provide interaction through different activities, field trips and P.E. We hold weekly park days Monday mornings from 9:00-11:00 AM at the Surprise park located on Bullard Avenue south of Bell Road. Join us on a park day, to experience the fun, excitement, and support needed in your home schooling journey. If you have any questions please email us at HEofS1999@cox.net.
Requirements: Please visit our site for details on how to become a member.
Benefits: Support and fellowship.
Cost: $20

Home Educators of Yuma - H.E.Y.
Amy Ball
928-651-YUMA (9862)
Geographic Area Serving: Yuma, Arizona
Description: H.E.Y. is the largest support group in Yuma County. We are a Christian support group. We get together regularly (Sept-May) for fellowship, fun and educational opportunities. We have Park Days twice a month which begin with a meeting at 10am. After the meeting we break for Physical Activity Classes ($30 per child, per year, ages 6-18) and then conclude our day with a bring your own lunch. There are many other opportunities throughout the year to participate in extracurricular and educational activities.
Requirements: Membership is FREE! You can register at http://www.homeschool-life.com/az/hey
Benefits: Annual Kick-Off, Park Days, fairs, field trips, small interest groups, invitation to our private fb group, Family BBQs, Field and Fun Day, discount to HSLDA, and a wealth of encouragement and love from our members.
Cost: No Membership Fee

Homeschool Family Theater
Chandra Wood
Geographic Area Serving: Scottsdale/Tempe/Chandler/Mesa, Arizona
Description: Homeschool Family Theater rehearses & performs one show per year. Location varies. Free to participate. All who audition will be cast. All ages welcome. Volunteers welcome for sets, props, costumes, etc... Free Performances. Open to touring ideas. We welcome creative input from local & long-distance homeschool families - original scripts, scenes, characters, jokes, poems, songs, & artwork.
Requirements: We require that each family supports their own family members who have chosen to volunteer or perform. Everyone who has chosen to volunteer or perform will be asked to focus and work to the best of their abilities.
Benefits: We provide a wonderfully fun and educational theater experience. We have a very supportive environment and an opportunity for all ages to participate. Our theater Director, Chandra Wood, is highly experienced and enthusiastic and is also a homeschool Mom. We provide an ongoing theater company with consistency and a family atmosphere.We also provide an opportunity for possible touring performances.
Cost: $30 per production, per family

Homeschoolers of Tucson Arizona Area
Anisa Reynolds
Geographic Area Serving: Tucson: South(east, west), East(North, South), West(North, South), Central, Marana, Green Valley, Oro Valley, Three points.
Description: Small Group of parents that chose to homeschool. We meet once a month during the school year for park days and every 3 months for field trips as a group. We also have an online meeting every 6 months in the school year. We are a support group to share ideas, tips, resources and to socialize the kiddos and parents.
Requirements: We have none at this time, all age groups and religions are welcome.
Benefits: For some educational fun and to find other homeschool friends and families to share it with
Cost: None

Homeward Bound Homeschoolers
Geographic Area Serving: Mesa, Apache Junction, Chandler, Gilbert
Description: Homeward Bound Homeschoolers is a collection of many homeschool families, from all walks of life, uniting together to give each other support, and friendship. We provide socialization, curriculum swapping, parent support, helpful information, and of course lots of fun and new experiences. We welcome all home school families and respect, and value those with different views. Please join this group if you’re looking for fun, support, and lasting friendships for your family.
Requirements: Potential members must be a homeschooler/homeschooling family to join. Potential members must be respectful to everyone in the group.
Benefits: Socialization, curriculum swapping, parent support, and resources/information
Cost: None

HUB (homeschool, unite, befriend)
Geographic Area Serving: Northwest Arkansas
Description: This is a great group for homeschool families seeking friendship for themselves and their children with other omeschool families. We organize field trips, educational ctivities, play days, and holiday events. e welcome all homeschoolers regardless of race, religion, or omeschool philosophy. And we can't wait to meet you and make new friends!!
Requirements: This is an active group.
Benefits: We plan field trips, regular play days, educational activities, and holiday events, but most importantly, you and your children will make new friends in a positive environment.
Cost: None

Kokopelli Life Learners
Geographic Area Serving: West Valley Phoenix
Description: Kokopelli Life Learners is a secular group for unschoolers and very relaxed homeschoolers, with the goal of creating a community of like-minded families. We meet regularly in the West Phoenix area to play, for support, to make friends, to have fun, and to learn from each other.
Requirements: We encourage members to participate on the online group, and to attend as many events as they can! This group is for unschoolers and very relaxed homeschoolers.
Benefits: We offer regular park days. We envision the group naturally branching out into activities, as each member will bring their own strenths/interests.
Cost: None

Learning is Fun
Geographic Area Serving: The area of Laveen and west valley.
Description: Year round home school group. Offering weekly meet ups, field trips, moms night out and more
Requirements: Homeschoolers
Benefits: Activities
Cost: None

Learning Together
Geographic Area Serving: Casa Grande, Arizona
Description: Casa Grande's first year round Homeschool group. We offer bi-weekly park days, field trips, moms night, family nights and more
Requirements: None
Benefits: Newsletter, field trip, Book it! and more
Cost: $25 yearly

Manga/Anime/Cosplay Club (M.A.C.C.)
Tamara Hartley Hunt
Geographic Area Serving: Phoenix and surrounding area
Description: MACC meets twice per month on Fridays to provide homeschooled teens, ages 14 and up, with the opportunity to make friends and find creative ways to explore the wonderfully fun genre of Manga, Anime, Cosplay and RP Gaming. Meetings are held at various locations throughout the valley.
Requirements: Members must be homeschooled and 14 years old or older.
Benefits: Teens will enjoy planned events and meetings throughout the homeschool year.
Cost: None

Maricopa Christian Homeschool Support Group
Sandra Koleber
Geographic Area Serving: City of Maricopa (Pinal County) and surrounding areas
Description: Maricopa Christian Home Schoolers exists to serve Christian home schooling* families who live in the city of Maricopa and the local surrounding areas. MCHS desires to encourage and support parents in their decision to home school their children, including preschool age children, while also raising them in the Christian faith. We further desire to enable new and veteran home schooling families opportunities to pray together, share ideas and collaborate resources, and to fellowship in educational and social settings that glorify the Lord and provides a witness to the world of His saving grace.
Requirements: Fill out membership application and be home schooling in accordance with AZ Law (A.R.S 15-802)
Benefits: Please visit our website for more info and application information.
Cost: $10 yearly/family

Mi C.A.S.A. Homeschoolers
Robin Foote
Geographic Area Serving: Casa Grande and surrounding areas, Arizona
Description: Our group's focus is to provide support to homeschoolers in Casa Grande and surrounding areas. We are a Christian-based homeschool support group but open to all homeschoolers. Our regular format includes: P.E., Art class, Child's Play Theatre outings, Park Days, Field Trips, Mom's Night Out.
Requirements: Our evening "Open House" Meetings are scheduled three times a year, which is a time we discuss in detail various topics and events for our group. We also have monthly Park Day meetings the 3rd Fridays of each month from Sept. - May. (10am-Noon)
Benefits: newsletters, members-only field trips, workshops & activities, online community forum, member directory, and access to Mi CASA's lending library
Cost: $20.00/family + insurance fees per child (yearly)

Northside Home Educators
Wendy Ayala
Geographic Area Serving: Anthem, New River, Desert Hills, Black Canyon City, Arizona
Description: Northside Home Educators is a co-operative support group, open to homeschooling families who are looking for a wide variety of educational opportunities and activities. It is designed to provide support and practical assistance to home educators of all backgrounds.
Requirements: All members are asked to become involved in an area of interest so that we may all work together to give our children the benefit of diverse experiences.
Benefits: Support includes field trips, co-op classes, PE, workshops, a teen group and other activities.
Cost: None

Peoria Christian Homeschoolers
Geographic Area Serving: Peoria and Glendale
Description: Are you looking for a home school group where you can meet and spend time with other homeschooling families, take field trips and journey through homeschooling together? My name is Erin and I am a homeschooling mom of three great kiddos, 11, 7 and 5 and we are starting a new Home School group in the South end of Peoria, AZ, (location for park day is not determined as of yet)! We will officially kick the group off on January 11, 2013 with a family night! At the kickoff we will have an official calendar with field trips, park days and various other fun, Home School information. I would like to start getting a list together of those interested in being a part of this new group!
Requirements: Christ following, traditional, homeschooling families
Benefits: Support and activities
Cost: $10

Phoenix Homeschoolers
Danna Lockerby
Tina Bennett
Geographic Area Serving: Our membership is primarily located in the West Phoenix Valley but we welcome members from across the valley. Members are encouraged to post about additional events, classes or clubs that would be of interest to them. Any member can post events to the calendar.
Description: Phoenix Homeschoolers is a support group for families in the homeschool community. We offer weekly park playdates, field trips, holiday parties, friendships and support. We welcome members of all homeschool methods and religious beliefs. We therefore require our members to be respectful of the beliefs and teaching methods of other members. Our goal is to provide support for homeschooling families through activities and sharing of knowledge
Requirements: The Phoenix Homeschoolers group Membership is open to all families currently homeschooling at least one child. Homeschooling for the purposes of this group is in accordance with A.R.S. 15-802. In addition parents (or legal guardians) must personally do at least 50% of the home schooling at the primary level (K-8). At the secondary level, parents must exercise exclusive control of the high school program but need not personally provide 50% of the instruction. However, they must do some of the home schooling. Note: Enrollment in a public charter school, including virtual academies, is not home schooling in accordance with A.R.S. 15-802
Benefits: Friendships and support for both parents and kids!
Cost: None

Precious Heart Homeschool Group
Geographic Area Serving: Yuma, Arizona
Description: Currently our group consists of families homeschooling children in grades K-8. We meet weekly for fun, educational activities. We are fond of unit studies, especially in the area of history and science
Requirements: Parent participation is required at all meetings.
Benefits: We provide an opportunity for children (and parents) to explore topics with a variety of age groups, abilities and viewpoints. We have a lot of fun!
Cost: None

Resources for Health Roots & Shoots
Anne Goldfeld
Geographic Area Serving: Valley Wide, Arizona
Description: Roots & Shoots is Jane Goodall's global program inspiring youth of all ages to make a difference by becoming involved in their communities. The program's mission is to foster respect and compassion for all living things, to promote understanding of all cultures and beliefs and to inspire each individual to take action to make the world a better place for animals, the environment, and the human community. See our website for more details, and contact us for info about meeting times and locations.
Requirements: There are no requirements for membership. In order to receive an invite to the yahoogroup, you need only to show up to one meeting first, so we are able to meet you in person.
Benefits: Service learning projects, field trips, community outreach events, yahoogroup, global networking with other R&S groups, and more
Cost: None

S.I.G.H.T. Soaring Into Growth at Home Together
Jenny Radigan
Geographic Area Serving: Maricopa, Arizona
Description: This list is meant to provide a forum where homeschooling families can connect with other homeschoolers located (but not limited to) south of Phoenix. This list is open to homeschoolers from all backgrounds, religious beliefs, orientation and homeschooling methodologies.
Requirements: We do meet with potential members before we sign them onto our yahoo group site. This is to keep our information protected on the site.
Benefits: We meet once a week at a park. We do this all year, without a summer break. We have field trips and Mom's Night Out as well.
Cost: None

Summit View Homeschoolers
Tracey Amino
Gretchen Palagano
Geographic Area Serving: Phoenix's East Valley Suburbs, Arizona
Description: Summit View is an inclusive group serving the East Valley since 1999. We have a variety of activities and events geared for children of all ages. Our group events include a family barbeque, park days, an "Introduction to Homeschooling" workshop, a spelling bee, a science fair, dances, co-op classes, school pictures, monthly Moms Night Out, end-of-the-year recognition ceremony, and more.
Requirements: (1) Must reside in the East Valley; (2) Must be homeschooling a child at least 4 years of age; (3) Must plan one event or activity per year; (4) Must be current on membership dues; and (5) Must be kind and respectful of other members.
Benefits: Monthly newsletter, many field trips and other activities, & discussion list for support & questions.
Cost: $20 yearly

TGIF Homeschoolers
LaDonna Harvey
Cari Morris
Geographic Area Serving: North Phoenix, Arizona
Description: We meet at the Telephone Pioneer Park (19th Ave & Morningside) for Park Day on every other Friday, which allows all ages to play together, moms to visit with each other and once a month a special Kids Time for birthdays led by the teen group (LOL) and sometimes something special (art show, show & tell, talent show). There are approximately 20 families, kids' ages range from tots to 17 years old. We have groups setup for Tweens and another for Teens (LOL: Live Out Loud) to learn planning, community service importance and student council skills.
Requirements: We love to have active participation, but it's not required. Our Christian faith is of utmost importance and we do want each family to be like-minded. We help our children in working our their problems with others during play.
Benefits: We plan field trips monthly for those who choose to use this method in their teaching. There are other events planned to celebrate specific holidays. We are open to others helping by planning extra events that others might be interested in doing.
Cost: $10 yearly

West Side Home Educators
WSHE Representative
Geographic Area Serving: West Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Avondale, Goodyear, El Mirage, Arizona
Description: Supporting homeschooling families in Peoria, Glendale, North Phoenix, Surprise and other West Valley communities. We are a mostly Christian group, however we are not affiliated with a particular denomination. Our main focus is to provide opportunities for home schooling families to interact with each other through educational and social activities, field trips, and sports. We meet weekly (every Wednesday noon-2) in Sweetwater Park, 75th Ave. and Sweetwater, 1/2 mile north of Cactus from September through May. Other activities are planned on a monthly basis. The type of events and number of activities are directly related to membership involvement. In this group, if you would like to see something happen, it's up to you to make it happen.
Requirements: None
Benefits: Monthly newsletters (9 issues/year), Directory of members, We hope you will help with at least one activity this year. Here are some choices: Thanksgiving Celebration Team, Christmas Party Team, Valentine Party Pool Party Team, Mom's Night Out , Spelling Bee Team, Science Fair Team, History Fair Team, Art Fair Team, Music Recital Team, School Pictures Team, Yearbook Team, Poetry Contest Team, Cookie Company Theater Team, Childsplay Team, Shakespeare Theater Team, Toothpick Bridge Contest Team, Standardized Testing Team, Field trips - throughout the year.
Cost: $20 yearly

West Valley Christian Homeschoolers
West Valley Christian Homeschoolers Leader
Geographic Area Serving: Litchfield, Avondale, Goodyear, Buckeye, and Tonpah, AZ
Description: The goal of this group is to support and encourage homeschooling families in the west valley by providing enriching and fun opportunities for the children to learn and develop friendships in the security of shared Christian values. We have families homeschooling their children from birth through high school.
Requirements: We are a member-led group. This means that everyone in the group is responsible for making it work. Each member is required to have a Service Position as described in our Handbook. New members may have up to three months to decide on a place of service.
Benefits: We meet on Fridays for academic co-op classes, park day, and a PE co-op. We offer monthly field trips and community service opportunities, yearbook, Recognition Night, and many holiday parties. We communicate through an e-mail newsletter and e-mail group.
Cost: $25 yearly