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A Chance To Grow
1800 Second St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
United States

Erica Dickerson, Director of Clinics and Home Based Services

9 brain-centered programs and services offer a uniquely comprehensive approach to helping children with developmental and learning challenges reach their highest potential. And they’re all under one roof! From Speech Therapy to Auditory Services to Neurotechnology Services to a three-week intensive program that addresses children’s underlying fundamental skills, A Chance To Grow offers a variety of interventions that will help your child excel in learning and beyond.

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Serving: Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area

Zane Education

Zane Education provides a highly effective online visual learning solution for students children of school age with Dyslexia. It provides the use of subtitled educational video, quizzes, video study tools and free lesson plans for more than 260+ K-12 curriculum topics, with more material being added all the time. A library of over 1,000 educational videos enables the Dyslexic child to study the same curriculum material used by their peers at school without being limited to reading to learn. The use of closed captioned video provides the option to watch, listen to, or read each presentation thereby accommodating the widest range of Learning Styles, and allows each child to progress at their own speed thereby enabling them to achieve their greatest individual potential.

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Serving: Worldwide