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CleverWitz Mobile App
Self-Directed Learning Using
The Power of Puzzles

If you are Homeschooled, then CleverWitz can help you become Better-Schooled in a fun and entertaining way.
Download the FREE app today and give it a try!
Or visit www.cleverwitz.com to learn more.
The CleverWitz Mobile App was created to help people gain knowledge in a highly entertaining manner by using Puzzles. This App takes information and fits it into a set of Squares that are randomly displayed on the screen of a Mobile Device. The user is then challenged to arrange the Squares in the correct order. This collection of Squares is called a Puzzle. CleverWitz uses the Power of Puzzles to educate and entertain users. With over 435 Puzzles and counting, CleverWitz gets smarter every day. Those who use the CleverWitz Mobile App to solve their favorite Puzzles also get smarter each time they do.

Home School groups in the US now have access to Esri’s ArcGIS Online Subscriptions for K-12 at no charge! 

Visit http://connected.esri.com to learn how incorporating Geographic Information System (GIS) technology into home school curriculum and activities will introduce your student to 21st century mapping and analytical technology used by millions of governments and business organizations around the world.

Free Job Readiness and Career Exploration e-Book:

This e-book is written for teens – and their parents, mentors, and advisers – as an in-depth learning course on job readiness, workplace success, career exploration, and career planning. It is free for homeschools and parents. All necessary instructions and resources are included.

www.etap.org provides tutorial with interactive books and videos

Included are Math, English, Science, and History for grades 1-12 plus College Prep. courses for the HSEE, GED, SAT, ACT, ASVAB, etc. Students succeed by select resources that meet their individual learning styles.

Sign up for 10 day trial and email request to info@etap.org to extend free use for 30 days

My-GED.com offers FREE GED online test preparation
including courses for adults and teens who would like to further their education from home.

Free Online Peak Vision Life Purpose Course:

With this in-depth, real-life wake-up call, teens will create a detailed scenario of their successful, independent adult life and discover in detail who they are and how they can make a real contribution to the world. They’ll see vividly the value of education, they’ll learn the real cost of adult life, and how much they’ll need to earn. They discover the importance of taking responsibility for their choices, owning their future, and growing up. Everything is FREE, online, and passwords never expire.

How to Teach a Child to Read
ReadingTeacher.com uses interactive, animated videos to teach children how to read using synthetic phonics. The program includes step-by-step lessons and resources to help you teach the phonemes.

www.etap.org provides tutorial with interactive books and videos. Included are Math, English, Science, and History for grades 1-12 plus College Prep. courses for the HSEE, GED, SAT, ACT, ASVAB, etc. Students succeed by select resources that meet their individual learning styles

Sign up for 10 day trial and email request to info@etap.org to extend free use for 30 days

www.mathinee.com provides a database of original problems and theory targeted at preparing for mathematical competitions AMC-8, AMC-10, AMC-12, AIME, Math Kangaroo. Problems have full solutions. The database is searchable by grade level, topic, contest, exam and difficulty level.

Free Online Life Skill Lessons in Your Email:

Get free lessons and bi-weekly modules and resources, emailed to you, to help you prepare your homeschool teens for LIFE. Plus, you’ll get two additional free programs as a bonus.  Free user accounts keep track of which problems were solved and of the student's progress.

Free Guide to the Writing of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Veteran science fiction author Jeffrey A. Carver has distilled years of teaching experience into a FREE online course, Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy. The self-paced course covers all the fundamentals of storytelling, from world building to the creation of believable characters to plot and conflict to rewriting.

Designed for middle school and up, but great for all ages. www.writesf.com

GAMEPUZZLES for the joy of thinking

has created a unique collection of online, pencil-and-paper, and hands-on games and puzzles that combine learning and fun. Develop math, language and logic skills, creativity and artistry. 

Dozens of mind tools free for your use.

Math Freebies



This is an excellent resource for homeschoolers packed with lots of MATH FREEBIES at all times. It currently has,

  • Hundreds of printable worksheets for each grade levelMultimedia Lessons and Interactive
  • Quizzes for each lesson with instant feedback and step-by-step problem solving instructions
  • Printable exams
  • Math Placements Tests
  • Software Downloads and much more...


 includes a database that is divided by grade and subject and contains over 1000 lesson plans on how to teach poetry.  You can also subscribe to the newsletter with tips on teaching poetry.

FREE Ebook - A Brief History of the English Language

FREE resources from Cyberkidz

Cyberkidz is the place on the internet for kids, to practice their skills on elementary school subjects: math, literacy, geography, science, arts and music.

The educational games are helping the kids to repeat the lesson learned:
Automation by practicing. Practicing by playing


Homeschool Share (HSS) is a on-line cooperative effort of several homeschooling moms to provide FREE but quality literature-based unit studies and resources.   There are literally hundreds of unit studies, many with lapbooks and/or notebooking pages, that are all free for the printing.  No registration required.  There are units available for toddler/preschool age to about 6th or 7th grade.

FREE Online logic/puzzle games: www.mathnook.com

Whether you're an Academic Coach, a Current Events, Journalism or Geography Teacher or a Homeschool Parent, you'll find FOCUS on the NEWS™ weekly quiz game, MAPmaster and crossword puzzle a complete weekly current events curriculum resource. Request a FREE pdf sample today to try in your classroom.

K-4 faith/science lessons are available to all for free downloading at www.creationlens.org, Pre-K and new K-4 faith/science lessons in both Christian and Catholic versions will be added in December and January. FREE faith/science teaching modules which are teacher-friendly, practical, and provide excellence in faith and science instruction.

  A complimentary copy of Gifted Education Press Quarterly.  email  directly to receive our FALL 2010 issue. gifted@giftededpress.com

FREE Science Experiments curriculum from the Edison Fund

Laguna Art Museum is FREE to the public the first Thursday of every month from 5:00-9:00 p.m. Laguna, California 

FREE Math Assessements from Rocket Math
Free Addition Facts.pdf
Free Subtraction Fact.pdf
Free Multiplication Facts.pdf
Free Division Facts.pdf

FREE School Group Tours of di Rosa - Napa Valley

Considered the most significant collection of Bay Area art in the world, di Rosa provides opportunities for creative enrichment and enjoyment of art and the environment year-round. The di Rosa houses approximately 2,000 works of art by more than 800 artists.

di Rosa offers FREE discussion-based, interactive tours led by experienced guides and docents are available to homeschool groups. Students develop their critical thinking skills through active conversations and activities centered on observation and analysis of the art and natural surroundings. Each tour will be tailored to your students' ages and abilities.
Wednesday - Thursday -10:15 am only
All tours are 1.5 hours and can include sketching activity.
Advance reservations are required:707.226.5991 x 25 or tours@dirosaart.org.

America's Heritage: An Adventure in Liberty is a curriculum project designed and written by teachers with AHEF and HISD and is available in Texas and National Editions with correlating standards and objectives. The initial phase of the project included development of material designed for middle school students, published in 1996. The curriculum was later expanded to include lessons for K-12 and was published as a first complete edition in the spring of 2001. It is available free of charge as a download, in hard binder format, or in CD format via mail.

The EXPLORING THE WORLD, DISCOVERING GOD project for Grades 5 to 8 offers you a unique FREE opportunity. 

We can give you the golden opportunity to PILOT TEACH Faith/Science lessons this coming year. These lessons will enable you to enhance your teaching ability to interface subjects. We will give you FREE access to our Grade 5-8 Faith/Science lessons via our website beginning in August, 2010.  To get this FREE Pilot Teaching opportunity contact Evelyn Tucker, Project Manager at Evelyntucker@archstl.org as soon as possible.

Get your copy of Allowance Secrets now... Click Here for your Free copy!

  Pulse of the Planet FREE science lesson plans- http://www.pulseplanet.com/educatorresources/

FREE Teacher Account www.tikatok.com/classroom - Award -winning site endorsed by educators where children write, illustrate and publish their own books.

Show your support for ending childhood hunger in America by downloading a

FREE Bread Art Project Educational Kit.

Created by the Grain Foods Foundation to help increase awareness of the growing hunger problem in America, last year the Bread Art Project raised over $25,000 for Feeding America. And this year, the Grain Foods Foundation expects to raise even more for Share Our Strength,the leading national organization working to end childhood hunger in America.

Create Bread Art. We'll donate $1 to Share Our Strength.

SAS Curriculum Pathways now FREE to all home-educators, and their students in the US.

Science for Kids Intended as a 37-week full school year course, this is an introductory science homeschool curriculum that will cover biology, human anatomy, physics, and astronomy.

FREE faith/science lessons in Catholic and Christian Formats for Grades Pre-K to Grade 8. Free download http://www.creationlens.org/lernmat.html