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5 Driving Myths Your Teen Believes

by Ruth Ann Monti

Parents of teens who are learning to drive may be surprised to learn about driving myths out there. Regardless of where you live in, you're legally required to supervise your teen driver, according to DMV.org. Take advantage of this time to educate your son or daughter about driving myths.

Myth: Hands-free technology makes it safe to talk on the phone while driving.

Financial Education for Teens: Making It Real, Making It Matter, Making It Last

Parental Issues that Interfere with Financial Education -Two Lessons for Teens
by Jill Suskind

When young adults mismanage their money, they suffer AND so does everyone else!  We cannot afford to marginalize financial education any longer.  As individuals and as a country, it’s no longer acceptable to say “I will let my children learn about finances later.”  We have learned that this attitude breeds generations of adults who don’t know how to manage their money. 

Financial Education for Teens: Making It Real, Making It Matter, Making It Last

by Jill Suskind

Teaching teenagers about money is one of the most important things a parent can do to prepare them for their future.  Barbara McRae, MCC, Bestselling author of Coach Your Teen To Success says, “As a nationally known parent-teen expert, I believe financial literacy is one of the primary responsibilities of a parent to offer their children in preparation for adulthood.” 

How Can We Raise Our Teens to Become Wealthy Adults?

By Jill Suskind, WealthQuest for Teens

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a 100% Guaranteed Method for helping the teenagers in our lives grow into wealthy, fulfilled, confident and contributing adults?  Unfortunately, there is no such parenting guide, but if there WAS, here is what an excerpt might look like:

Financial Literacy for Teens: Lesson 1

by Jill Suskind

We all want our children to be prepared to meet the financial realities of adulthood with confidence and competence.  We know that our quality of life is largely determined by our ability to think about and organize our money so it works and grows.  As a financial educator, I am committed to supporting families to succeed in this mission. 

Financial Education for Teens: Making It Real, Making It Matter, Making It Last

Allowance for Teens:  A Callout to My Teammates
by Jill Suskind, WealthQuest for Teens, Ltd.

Money skills profoundly affect the quality of our lives AND our ability to make a difference in the world in ways that are important to us.  That’s why we are all looking for ways to offer these skills to the teens in our lives, and an allowance is one tool that can be very a very effective teaching tool.  At the same time, an allowance can be disastrous.

Preparing Students for a 21st century workforce

– Our nation’s Governors speak up.
by Bruce Friend

Education, and more specifically the topic of preparing our students for 21st century jobs, was key committee discussion at the Annual Meeting of National Governors Association in July.  Chaired by Nebraska Dave Governor Heineman, the education committee discussed the critical need in our country to retrain workers for 21st century jobs as well as a need for our K12 schools to produce graduates who are college ready and workforce ready.

Homeschool High School’s Most Essential Subject

by Barbara Frank

What subjects should you include when homeschooling your teen through high school? Answering this question can and does fill entire books. Personally, I think at least some of the subjects should be related to your teen’s interests as much as anything else. But there’s one subject that should be mandatory: personal finance.

Time to Choose A College

by Shelley Tzorfas

Question: How do I assist my homeschooler/teenager select the right college and/or career?

Answer: Pay attention to smaller factors, such as weather, time, and how they affect your child.