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by Daniel Greenberg
There is a great deal of talk these days about maintaining, or raising, standards in our schools.

The prevailing notion seems to be that children tend to be slackers, and that the only way to ensure that our culture survives without degradation of its achievements is to force children to measure up to the high standards set by the culture.

Common Core Standards - what does it all mean?

by William Davis

As an educator, parent, and American citizen, I am very concerned that through the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) State Legislators across the country are Selling Control of their State Education System to the Federal Government!

For the promise of Federal Dollars, states all across the country are implementing the Federal Government’s National Curriculum known as CCSS.  What does this mean to you as a taxpayer, parent, homeschooler, board member, teacher, principal, etc.? 

Inconsistencies in State Policies towards Homeschooling and Online Learning

by Bruce Friend

Earlier this month I was contacted by a parent who was exploring online school options for her daughter.  The daughter is not currently capable of attending a traditional “brick and mortar” school due to health issues.  The parent will be officially registering her daughter as a home school student and then plans to enroll her in online courses. 

Homeschooling and the National Standards: Kindergarten

In this series of articles we will shred some light on what the National Standards of Education are as of 2011 and what it all means. Check with your local state laws to see what the state requirements are. Common questions asked by new homeschoolers; “What am I required to teach? What should my child know at a specific age and how do I know they are on track with their peers.” This series will help you answer those questions.  

Kindergarten National Standards

Getting Political

by Suzanne Wielgos

Have you ever wondered why your state has its particular good—or bad—laws pertaining to homeschooling?

If you live in a state which respects your rights as a homeschooling parent, be grateful. And be thankful for the politically-active homeschoolers who helped shape those laws years ago.

If you live in a state with more restrictive homeschooling laws, why accept them passively?