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Teaching Values in Education

by Lisa McKenzie

When young people begin learning about ways of living such as incorporating values at a very young age, and then live from a place of these values during all of the childhood years, the incorporation of these values becomes a way of life.  There are many values that can be integrated into the lives of young people.  These values include Right Conduct, Peace, Truth, Love, and Non-Violence. 

Right Conduct

Raising Gratitude

by Pennie Sempell, JD ACMT

‘Tis the season of giving and receiving. Indeed, throughout our lives we are giving and receiving in abundance, in small ways and large. If you are reading this article, you and your family have much to be thankful for, for you are among only 1% of our planet’s people who have a computer, and among only 30% who can read.  More startling, 80% of our brothers and sisters live in poor living conditions.

Move More, Eat Smart

by Pennie Sempell, JD CMT

Obesity and overweight among youth are at a record high, affecting 1 in every 3 children nationally, and 2 in every 3 adults. I participated at the Southern Obesity Summit (“SOS”) this week in Charlotte, NC and was impressed by the tremendous efforts being made in the sixteen southern states to curb the tide and reverse it. It is a complex and challenging goal.  Cornerstones of the efforts at local, county, state and federal levels can be summarized in the catchy phrase “Move more, eat smart”. 

Relaxing Is A Skill - Want to Learn How?

by Pennie Sempell, JD CMT

How many times have you wished the kids or your spouse would just relax, but they don't seem to know how? Bike riding, swimming, cooking up the family meal --- we readily recognize that practice and mistakes lead to skill-building that make these, and so many other, behaviors more or less successful. As parents, how many hours did you spend helping the kids navigate a bike without the training wheels, or figure out things they could do to help in the kitchen?  Quite a few, I wager.

Inactivity Is Pandemic, and Bad for Health

by Pennie Sempell

We all know that children model the adults around them, and form habits that last a lifetime during childhood. Much of the world’s population has become inactive. Worldwide, about a third of adults are not doing enough physical activity. Cars make it too easy to avoid walking the half-mile to the market and back.  Desk jobs, and the lure of computers and electronic gadgets, keep kids and adults glued to the chair.  Sedentary ways are now being linked as the cause of more than 5 million deaths per year.

The Cortisol Connection

by Pennie Sempell
I just returned from PTA National, where I had an opportunity to talk with a number of parent volunteers about kids’ stress. Everyone agreed “Kids today are really stressed out!” The reasons offered varied from “Too much pressure at school”, to “Too much pressure from home”, to “We’re so stressed out as parents, and our kids are learning to be just like us.”

The Dyslexia – ADHD – Allergy Link: George’s Story

by Dr. Phyllis Books, DC

Allergies are not always a temporary problem that occurs for a few weeks every year; for some, being allergic means their entire system is thrown off and needs to be reset. Meet George, a seven-year-old whose allergies caused much more than a minor inconvenience.

7 Easy and Fun Ways to Teach Your Child about Good Nutrition

by Dr. Phyllis Books, DC

We all agree good nutrition is important, and it’s vital for us as parents to create excitement and pleasurable feelings around food for our children. They see healthy attitudes toward food at home first, and what they learn there will stay with them throughout their lives.

One common trap parents fall into is substituting food for love, and children will notice that. Many children who feel isolated and different find comfort in eating, which can cause weight or self-esteem issues later.   

Factors Affecting Happiness

by Pennie Sempell

I visited the Himalayan country of Bhutan quite a few years ago. A progressive step taken in Bhutan decades ago is the measuring of its people’s happiness. They took the lead in what is now a growing interest in studying Gross National Happiness.

Vacations are a Wonderful Thing!

by Pennie Sempell

Vacations are a wonderful thing. On that we can all agree. Summer is a few months away, but it is not to soon to start a conversation in your family about a place where you would like to go to share ‘down time’ and genuine quality time together.  Since my children were young, I took them to many campgrounds in the United States and travels to foreign country.