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Goal Setting : Where Do You Think Most People Get Stuck?

by Amanda van der Gulik

Most of us are great at setting goals, it's the rest of the steps that can be our falling point.

But of all the steps that it takes to finally reach our goals, there are two points that get most people stuck. If you look online, you'll find any number of 'experts' who will only focus on the first failing point but I want to prepare you for both so that you will actually have a chance to finally reach your goals!

So which ones are they?

Why Exactly Is It Good To Give?

by Amanda van der Gulik

We are always told that 'giving' is a good thing to do but we are not really ever given a reason why it is. Why should we help others, especially when they will most likely never help us?

And what on Earth has 'giving' got to do with Teaching Children About Money?

I'm going to answer those very questions right here, in just a moment, but first I have a very special gift for you....

Your Happiness Is Valuable - Are You Making The Most Of That?

by Amanda van der Gulik

You are aware that we only have so much time in this gift called Life right?

Are you wasting your time not being happy, only worrying about making others happy instead?

...Or are you making the most of your own happiness?

Click Here

Raising Role Models

by Amanda van der Gulik

Are you raising a good role model?

Are you a good role model?

Don't be too hard on yourself, I would bet you are a much better role model to your child than you give yourself credit for!

We love our children and want to do the best we can for them but we are ALWAYS second guessing ourselves...but we really don't have to!

10 Signs That You Might Have a Kid-Preneur In The Making!

by Amanda van der Gulik

Do You Have A Kidpreneur?

And if you do…how would you know it?

Is your child like Laura? Talking about what they will do AFTER they retire, BEFORE even thinking about getting their own job first? That’s what I want to help you find out today.

How good is your child with money? Do they save it or spend it?

Knowing how money savvy our kids are will help us to better understand whether we have a kid entrepreneur on our hands or a kid who will just empty our own pockets instead!

The 6 Magical Piggy Banks

by Amanda van der Gulik

So you want to teach your child about money and want to find a way to bring across the money concepts of saving in a fun animated way for children right?

Should We Pay Our Kids For Doing Chores?

by Amanda van der Gulik

Do you believe in children doing household work for money?

I mean how else are children going to learn where money comes from right?

Do you think children doing household work for money is a good idea? Even if you want to use chores as a way to teach your kid about where money comes from?

I didn't used to!

Summer Jobs For Teens

by Amanda van der Gulik

It's that time of year again, our teens are almost finished their exams and looking for some fun summer jobs for teens to help them earn some cash to have some fun this summer...and maybe save some for later (if they've been lucky enough to have someone teach them about money!)

3 Steps for Improving Your Conversation with Your Kid

by Amanda van der Gulik

Any time that you speak with your kid you can convey the message in a affirmative or a pessimistic way.

Guess which way is more likely to gain your kid’s cooperation, bring them closer to you and raise their self-respect?

The affirmative way, of course. Yet, too often mothers and fathers draw attention to pessimistic behaviors while affirmative steps go unnoticed.

What opportunities are there in your home that you could give to your kid?

by Amanda van der Gulik

Give them once-in-a-life-time opportunities

Is there a home task that needs doing but you don't have the time to do it and it's not one of the kids regular home tasks? Would you be willing to pay someone else to do it?