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5 Fun & Easy Ways to Teach Very Young Children

by Sarah Major M.Ed.

Prepare for it!
I believe that the most successful learning takes place when an environment is prepared with such careful thought that when a child enters that environment, he automatically begins to absorb concepts without anyone instructing him and without even realizing that he’s learning. This kind of learning environment is perfect for any child but most of all for the very young.

Happy and Successful Kids Lifeskill 1: Focus and Self Control

by Jan Pierce, M.Ed

Lifeskills must be modeled and taught. While some children seem to learn them more easily than others, they don’t just “happen.” Children who learn them are better adjusted and more successful in all areas of life, but especially in a learning setting.

Methodology for Teaching Values

by Lisa McKenzie

The methodology for teaching values in education includes several methods.  One method is the ‘Direct Method’.  With this method a values lesson plan is taught to children as part of a dedicated class in character development.  These lessons may also be under the topics of Personal, Social and/or Health education.  Although very simple, they have a profound influence when practiced following this particular integrated methodology. There are five teaching methods included within the ‘Direct Method’. 

Do Today. Know Tomorrow: Exploring a Bottom-Up Approach to learning Math

by Lacie Taylor

Repetition, especially of the “rote” memorization ilk, gets a bad rap in academia. This is with good reason.  As teachers, we don’t want you blindly memorizing something without understanding the REASON and MEANING behind it.  However, being able to DO something through repeated practice even without immediately getting the “Why,” actually helps you achieve that all-important understanding. 

How to Spot the Most Effective Learning Activities

by Sarah Major, M.Ed

All learning materials are not created equal! Some exercises can be done with minimal brain activity going on. On the other hand, there are some learning activities that engage the whole brain and make for a memorable learning experience for children. Below are some simple questions to ask as you evaluate activities that will help you select what is best for your kids. Hint: The most basic question to answer is "Who is working harder in school? My child or me?"

Questions to ask and things to note: