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Open Educational Resources

by Bruce Friend

Any parent of a school-age student, regardless of whether the student is in elementary school or college, knows firsthand that educational materials, especially textbooks, are expensive. 

Distance Learning Trend: An Economic Model of Risk and Return

by Mark Keys

Motives for education can be fundamentally broken down into students taking an initial investment in hopes of high returns in the future. College students forego working now, and instead pay to educate themselves at traditional universities. This initial cost for investment has historically proven worthwhile to college graduates. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, those with a bachelor degree will earn $900,000 more than a high school graduate on average over the course of a lifetime (the gap widens to $1.3 million for a master’s degree).

“Unregulated” providers of online learning?

by Bruce Friend

A recent policy brief by the National Educational Policy Center entitled, “Online K-12 Schooling in the U.S. – Uncertain Private Ventures in Need of Public Regulation” suggests that private organizations who have entered the space of online learning have benefited from, if not promoted, an unregulated and unaccountable system of educating students. 

Engage Me with Technology for Learning: Listen to the kids!

by Bruce Friend

My job allows me to travel around the country visiting different schools and speaking to teachers and students about their use of technology in the classroom.

What I hear and see concerns me.

Helping Educators Access Digital Content

by Bruce Friend

Accessing digital content has never been easier for educators.  Could it be however that the abundance of digital content may inadvertently be an obstacle unto itself as it relates to the effort to find more engaging materials beyond textbooks for educators and students to use? 

Using Mobile Learning to Connect with Students

by Bruce Friend

Schools across the United States, indeed across the globe, face the challenge of providing access and support to their teachers on how to use current technologies to engage students and deliver instruction; as well as to engage and inform parents. Many home school parents face these same challenges. 

Times of Tragedy and the Underutilization of Online Learning Options

by Bruce Friend

Tornados and floods have wreaked havoc across the United States this spring.  Images of homes and schools destroyed and families uprooted from their communities are reminiscent of scenes from after Hurricane Katrina. 

False Assumptions about Online Learning

by Bruce Friend

Anyone involved in breaking away from the traditional methods of delivering education knows that obstacles and skeptics will emerge, often with the sole intent of preserving a system that they see as superior and meeting the needs of the masses.  Certainly home school parents are well aware of such challenges.  

Recognizing and Preventing Cyberbullying

by Bruce Friend

As an educator and parent of three girls who are of elementary and middle school age,  I know firsthand how exciting and challenging it is to introduce them to new technologies that foster learning, sharing, and collaboration (Perhaps I should say how exciting it is when they introduce such technologies to me!).