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Don’t Let Inflation Keep You from Homeschooling

by Barbara Frank   

A lot of popular items from the 70s have come back into style over the past several years: fondue pots, platform shoes and wrap dresses come to mind. But now, one of the worst features of the 70s is back, and it can hurt a lot more than falling off your platform shoes. It’s inflation.

A Practical Tip: Healthy Fundraising

by Pennie Sempell JD CMT

Is your group looking for news ways to raise funds for school supplies, enrichment activities and perhaps even operational expenses? Just having returned from presenting at parent/teacher meetings in Florida, Tennessee, California and Texas, I had the opportunity to digest the diversity of offerings and talk with a number of parent groups about healthier options for raising funds. 

Here is what parents and educators said:

1.    They want kids to benefit from the fundraiser.

Hard Questions About Homeschooling (Part One) – NO MONEY, NO TIME!

by Steven David Horwich

I often am asked if every family should homeschool.  There are families that appear ill-equipped to homeschool.  There are many reasons why a family might struggle to homeschool, or even find it nearly impossible.  Some of the more obvious reasons include:

- There’s no parent at home to work with the child, and no money to hire anyone to do so.
- The parent or parents may themselves feel undereducated, and hence, not adequate to the job of educating their children.