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Give the Gift That Keeps Giving Back:

Ten Reasons Why You Should Give Junior the Gift of Learning a New Language
by Beth Butler

The sooner you begin introducing a second language into the lives of your children, the sooner these children begin to acquire a lifetime of language skills. Did you know that the most recent research suggests that the ability to learn a second language is highest between birth and age five?

Language of Choice, Making the Right Moves To Communicate with the Masses

by Beth Butler 

Have you ever pondered over which language you should put your mind to learning? Or perhaps which new language you should advise your middle school child to register for next school year?

Is It Ever Too Soon to Begin a Second Language Journey?

by Beth Butler

We all recognize the necessity of being bilingual or even trilingual in this very global economy.  Now let us explore when the best age is to begin the introduction of more than a native language.

Top Five Ways to Raise a Bilingual Baby

by Beth Butler

Every expecting parent I meet and have the pleasure of speaking with as I travel our country seem truly interested in raising their new baby to be bilingual. I want to share with you the top five ways to raise a bilingual baby. They are fun, easy and affordable. 

Three Simple Steps for Adding Spanish to Your Summer Fun

by Beth Butler

The summer is upon us all! In this article you will discover three simple steps you can take immediately with your family to start some Spanish fun learning. Bilingual Educator and recording artist Beth Butler sheds a realistic light on the sometimes overwhelming task of raising bilingual children.

Educators Report Immersion is Making our Children ill

by Beth Butler

No parent would deliberately place their child in a situation that was certain to make them ill.  Yet, in the fall of 2008, the Boston Globe reported via an article titled English period that many children entering a thirty day English only classroom were experiencing negative physical and mental symptoms.  Allow us to explore together the better way to help all children become bilingual.

We Will Take Our Languages Together Please

By Beth Butler

The debate between the immersion approach and the bilingual approach to introducing a second language rages on.  Enjoy this perspective on the topic of which way is best for the majority of the world from a mom, a certified teacher and a business owner all rolled into one person!

My Journey in a Backpack to the White House

by Beth Butler

Never before has this type of journey been documented. A box filled with items for Malia and Sasha Obama makes it way from South Greenwood Avenue in Chicago, Illinois to an undisclosed holding area in Washington, D.C. This box has in it a bilingual puppet that will tell us of this once in a lifetime trek to the White House as a toy for the First Family.

Three Things to Do as You Discover Languages with Young Children

by Beth Butler

Finding fun, affordable and practical things to do with young children is not always that easy. Then throw into the mix trying to incorporate other cultures and languages and the task becomes that more challenging. Uncover three easy and affordable things you can do today with your child to begin a second language journey.

Give the Gift of Languages This Holiday Season

by Beth Butler

We live in an increasingly global society. Our neighbor is from Puerto Rico, our co worker is from South Africa and the teacher in preschool class is from Sweden. We realize as adults how hard it is to learn a new language at this point in our life, but it is not too late for our children.