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Therapeutic Art for Children

by Nicole White

If a child is inclined towards art, I cannot stress enough the importance of allowing them artistic freedom.

Some children learn to wait and follow instructions, others, just run wild with their innocence and endless imagination.

I believe that if a child is interested in or inclined towards any art process that this can be a therapeutic way of expressing themselves and should be encouraged and nurtured.

Everyday Art - Departure Lounge

by Jennifer Barrett -Sculptor/Educator/Professional Tinkerer

Dear Everyday Art Readers-

Everyday Art - Diwali Rangolis

by Jennifer Barrett -Sculptor/Educator/Professional Tinkerer
Inspiration sometimes comes in the oddest ways. I was inspired by a suspension of alternate side parking yesterday. As I pulled up to double park, a common practice on NYC streets, I realized cars were parked along both sides of the road. I checked my app, and sure enough alternate side parking was suspended for Diwali. Very excited that I had an instant parking space, I used the time I saved to research this Indian festival of lights, and various crafts associated with it.

Arts Education for Home School Students

by Yolanda (Yo’EL) D’Oyen

Home Schooling, though challenging, can be a dynamic adventure for you and your child(ren). As a Home School Parent, you are granted the opportunity to explore and provide a creative learning experience for them. They can develop an understanding of different subjects through a wide array of outlets. Like, the ARTS! 

Everyday Art - Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

by Jennifer Barrett -Sculptor/Educator/Professional Tinkerer

Last October, I posted an article exploring Halloween, and all the fun things that parents can create with their children during this spooky-fun time of year. Although Halloween is so much a part of American culture, there is another holiday that begins at midnight on October 31st every year. This national Mexican holiday celebrates death as something that should not be feared. Rather, Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, welcomes the departed spirits back home on this night.

Everyday Art - Washi Your World (Part 3)

by Jennifer Barrett -Sculptor/Educator/Professional Tinkerer 

This is the third installment of my Washi Your World series. Here, I will explain how to Washi your Journal. For those just joining us, washi tape is a decorative tape that originated in Japan. It has the look and feel of masking tape with beautiful colors and prints. You can apply it to almost any surface, and it does not leave a residue once removed.


Back to school is my inspiration for this project.

Everyday Art - Washi Your World (Part 2)

by Jennifer Barrett -Sculptor/Educator/Professional Tinkerer 

This is a follow-up piece for those who read Washi Your World from April 2017. It seems there is no end to things we can make with washi tape, an amazing material.

Everyday Art - Create a Fireworks Show!

by Jennifer Barrett

With Independence Day quickly approaching, here is a tried and true art project to ring in the holiday. We all anticipate staying up late to watch explosions of bright colors and shapes fill the night sky, and now we can create our own fireworks show to display long after the festivities end.

The night sky on the 4th of July is the inspiration for this project. Using everyday materials and a festive subject matter, kids of all ages can create fireworks shows with the night sky as the backdrop.

Everyday Art - Ice Cream Art

by Jennifer Barrett

I was having the worst day. I mean, it was the absolute worst. Nothing was going right with anything. On top of everything, the ice cream truck pulled up outside our building and kept blasting the same grating song over, and over again during, you guessed it, nap time. The nap. The holy grail of parenting. And now, this ice cream truck was responsible for robbing me of the one thing that could have gone right that day, an hour of me time.

Everyday Art - Faux Stained Glass Window Art

by Jennifer Barrett

Stained glass has been around for ages, with the first works dating back to the 7th Century in England. As it developed as an art form, more colors and detailed subject matter became available. The colored glass is held together with lead.

Since lead and glass are not ideal materials with which to work with children, here are some ideas for creating a stained glass window effect.